Monday, March 31, 2003
And today, Romney flipped on gambling. The Fraud Governor is no longer interested in pursuing 'blocking payments', rather now wants to auction five-year licenses to three 'slot-machine parlors' across the state. He claims that slots would bring in $300 million a year, yet not commit the state to a long-term expansion of casino gambling, which could bring social problems and increased crime.

Happy to hear that three 'slot machine parlors' would not increase social problems in the state. I guess this means the Fraud Governor can continue to try to shut down the Mass. Council on Compulsive Gambling.

The Globe reported today that Romney is trying to declassify a large number of state employees from union positions. Romney is seemingly taking revenge on the unions who supported Shannon O'Brien during the campaign. (Police unions, which supported the Fraud Governor, are being rewarded with a fully-funded Quinn Bill.)

What the Globe failed to report, however, is that Romney's reclassification move will only hurt his people. Most non-union supervisors in State government today are Dukakis hold-overs. Romney could arbitrarily whack them all right now if he wanted to.

Most of the union supervisors that Romney wants to de-classify, however, are Republicans who were hired by Weld, Cellucci or Swift. If Romney wants to take these jobs out of the union and fill them with his own people I say 'go right ahead.' When the Fraud Governor leaves office, his hack hires will be that much easier to whack.

Romney had proposed that the States of Rhode Island and Connecticut pay the Commonwealth $75 million dollars, in exchange for a promise not to expand gambling in Massachusetts. If those States do not fork over the cash, Romney will move to legalize video lottery terminals and auction licenses to the highest bidder.

Romney is essentially asking Rhode Island and Connecticut to pay him tribute, to pay protection for their gambling operations. This is extortion - with a twist. Because while Romney is threatening to expand gambling in Massachusetts, he is also trying to cut State funding to the Mass. Council on Compulsive Gambling. HIs budget axed the $1M that the State sends the Council from unclaimed lottery prizes.

Sunday, March 30, 2003
"For all the talk of rooting out patronage, Ellen Roy Herzfelder's Executive Office of Environmental Affairs has its share of familiar faces. After terminating four press secretaries as part of Romney's downsizing initiative, Ellen Roy Herzfelder hired Katie Cahill, the press secretary during her husband's campaign, as her press secretary, and Felix Browne, a Romney campaign aide, as a deputy press secretary. In addition, Paul Ognibene, who worked in Herzfelder's campaign and founded Clubtools.com, a defunct dot-com financed by the Roy family, is working as a consultant on the budget in Environmental Affairs. Did I miss anyone?"
(Boston Globe, March 12, 2003)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Mitt Romney this week denounced the state's anti-snob zoning statute, Chapter 40B. "40B is not the answer," Romney told the Eagle Tribune during a tour of Lawrence Monday. (Boston Globe, July 27, 2002)

Romney's spokeswoman for the state Department of Housing and Community Development: "The Governor's holding off on any 40B legislation until the taskforce has delivered its findings. 40B is working and since its inception there have been over 30,000 affordable housing units created in this state. We're looking for ways to make it better, but don't believe it needs to be suspended."
(Boston Globe, March 30, 2003)

Saturday, March 29, 2003
Mitt Romney wants to expand the bottle bill to include milk containers, wine bottles, bottled water containers - virtually everything that holds a liquid.

Wonder if the convenience store owners, supermarket executives and liquor store operators who voted for the Fraud Govrenor are happy with this new-found liberalism?

Friday, March 28, 2003
Great photo in the (March 27, 2003) Boston Globe yesterday. Willard Mitt in a National Guard jacket, standing with a guardsman. Romney looks like a damn war-hero. Great photo.

The Globe (and the Wall Street Journal) previously reported that Romney likes his family members to call him "Ike" after WWII hero and former President Ike. (Look it up, kids.)

Oddly enough, the Globe and the Herald also previously reported that, back in the 1960s, when it was Ike Romney's time to fight for his country during Vietnam, the coward fled to FRANCE!


Ike Romney: a Chicken Hawk for all seasons.

Today, Massachusetts Fraud Governor Mitt Romney announced that the Longfellow Bridge (between Boston and Cambridge) would be refurbished, and that the work would be done by MassHighway and the MDC.

However, not too long ago, Romney said that he was abolishing the MDC because it was a haven for waste,fraud and abuse.

So how do you abolish the MDC AND use it to refurbish a bridge?

Unless he is not really abolishing the MDC.

Maybe he just wanted to abolish the MDC Weld/Cellucci/Swift hacks so he could replace them with Romney hacks. Like failed congressional candidate Bill "Unemployable" McKinney.

Which may be why they say: ROMNEY IS A FRAUD.


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