Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Picket Charge or Grate Minds Think Alike

Ron Kaufman, a self-described Republican analyst whose claim to fortune is that he married Andy Card's sister, yesterday morning appeared on WBUR with the hard-hitting news-maven Dolores Handy.

During the interview, Kaufman, who is affiliated with the Republican National Committee and who once pushed ephedra - a chemical that has been linked to psychosis, strokes, heart attacks and death - charged that US Sen. John Kerry's statement that he had never and would never cross a picket line was an astonishing admission of foolishness that would come back to haunt the Democratic candidate come November. "You can mark my words," Kaufman said plaintively, seemingly hoping that someone, anyone, would recognize his halting speech, never mind 'mark' his words. (source: WBUR, Morning Edition, 6/29/2004)

Kaufman's thesis was this: imagine that President John Kerry was invited to a G-8 Summit in New York City around which a protest group had erected a picket. If Sen. Kerry's boast could be believed, Kaufman wheedled, President Kerry would not be able to attend the summit.

Handy handily dismissed the suggestion, pointing out that security logistics would prevent Kaufman's fantasy from coming true.

Which prevented us from marking Kaufman's words.

Until we read Dimmy Karras.

Seems the Fraud Governor, who once pledged to forego politics as usual, yesterday morning joined noted Boston racists Dennis and Callahan to talk about John Kerry's refusal to cross a picket line to address the US Conference of Mayors.

Romney's point? "What if there's a picket line at Congress or the G-8?" Would a President Kerry refuse to cross that line, too? (source: DimmyKarras, 6/29/2004)

Vegas bookies are still calculating the odds that Kaufman and Romney would, during the same ratings block, independently ruminate on President Kerry's problems with a picketed G-8 meeting.

Not too long ago, Romney's $150,000-a-year Loathsome Spokesman claimed that no one from the White House or the Republican National Committee is sending instructions to the Fraud Governor. (source: Boston Globe, 2/13/2004)

Guess it all depends on what one's definition of "compulsive liar" is.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Romney Flips Off Cops

Willard Mitt, who was endorsed by the Massachusetts Police Association in 2002, yesterday flipped on whether or not to cross a police picket line to address the US Conference of Mayors just two days after refusing to cross a police picket line to address the US Conference of Mayors.

On Saturday, Romney turned down an invitation to address the Conference. Yet on Monday, in a naked effort to show up Sen. John Kerry, Romney flipped on his earlier position and crossed the picket line to address the group. (source: Boston Globe, 6/29/2004)

When endorsed by the Police Association, Romney/Healey Inc claimed "We care about law enforcement in a way that (others) do not." (source: Cape Cod Time, 10/29/2002)

We agree.

Friday, June 18, 2004
Clean-Up Crew

We blame the editor.

Back in September 2002, the Boston Globe alleged that Willard Mitt said “We're dedicated to cleaning up the mess on Beacon Hill." (source: Boston Globe/ 9/18/2002)

But after watching the Mess at the Department of Industrial Accidents, we believe the Globe should run a retraction, admit they transposed Romney's words, and print his actual quote: “The mess on Beacon Hill; we’re dedicated to cleaning up.”

The "acting" commissioner of DIA is a layabout by the name of John Chapman. How did Chapman get his job you ask?

Why, the former White House lackey (under Reagan and Bush I) was a campaign worker for Romney/Healey Inc in 2002. (source: Cape Cod Time, 8/5/2002) He was the volunteer coordinator for the South Shore and Cape Cod.

Chapman allegedly met Romney on the slopes of Utah several years ago. (source: Rat Line)

Gee, a ski bum and a campaign tool. Sounds like "acting commissioner" material to us.

So guess who Chapman recently nominated for an Industrial Accidents Board judgeship?

Why, Matthew Murphy - of the Falmouth Matthew Murphy’s, of course.

And why is Murphy’s qualified to sit as an IAB judge?

Well, he's been a lawyer for at least six 6 years. And he was in-house counsel to Republican Barnstable County Sheriff James Cummings.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot. Murphy also worked as a campaign stooge for Romney/Healey Inc! (source: Cape Cod Times, 11/7/2002)

Where he met John Chapman.

Murphy worked in Romney's Hyannis headquarters.

Rumor has it that Matthew Murphy was the mastermind behind Willard Mitt's infamous fund-raiser at Spanky’s Clamshack.

And now Murphy's on the glide-path to a judgeship.


Now that's what we call cleaning up!

Fraudo Gets Ani-Mitt-ed

There's a new Fraud Governor in town. He loads a wee bit slow, but is worth the wait.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Resigned to the Fraud

Willard Mitt, who campaigned on work time for then Rep. Scott "Beefcake" Brown during a recent election to fill a vacant state senate seat, yesterday asked US Senator John Kerry to resign for campaigning on work time. (source: Boston Herald, 6/15/2004)

(We were unable to verify if Romney also called for President George W. to resign, too, for Bush's insistence on campaigning, rather than focusing on Iraq, or the economy. Bush has just kicked off a two-week campaign drive that will "be spearheaded by Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and first lady Laura Bush" in 19 'battleground' states. (source: cbnnews.com)

In keeping with his long-standing practice to use women to articulate hostile pronouncements of opinion (see RiaF, 10/4/2003), Romney forced Lightweight Lieutenant Governor Sherry Healey to act as his mouthpiece.

It is believed the Fraud Governor’s call was an attempt to subvert a move to democratize the process whereby vacant US senate seats are filled in Massachusetts. Should John Kerry win his campaign for the Presidency, current law would allow Romney to appoint a new senator who would serve until Kerry terms expires. A bill that is making its way through the State House would allow the voters to fill vacant U.S. Senate seats. (source: Boston Herald, 6/15/2004)

An administration flack formerly known as the stout, Reese Witherspoon-wannabe dye-job aide to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman claimed that Fraudo was opposed to popular elections because "the only people who benefit are incumbent congressmen with large war chests. Women, people of color, independent candidates and third parties are shut out of the process."

Which means, we trust, that Romney is ready to name a female fringe party whack-job to replace Kerry?

And they said Barbara Anderson would never amount to anything.

Thursday, June 10, 2004
Monkey Wrench

We remember it like it was April 6, 2002.

Willard Mitt stood in the writhing nest of Massachusetts Republicans that was the 2002 state convention and bellowed that "it's time to get out the wrench of reform. Look at the mess.

"State workers can get nearly six weeks a year in paid leave, and 13 paid holidays, including Bunker Hill Day and Evacauation Day."

Tough talk, eh?

So now that you are Fraud Governor, Fraud Governor, what are you doing with that there wrench of reform?

Other than beating it over the head of the taxpayer?

Because according to a press statement authored by the flack formerly known as the stout, Reese Witherspoon-wannabe dye-job aide to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman, "(Fraud) Governor (Willard) Mitt Romney declared June 11, 2004 a state holiday in honor of former President Ronald Reagan...." (source: Romney declares June 11th day of honor for President Reagan, 6/8/2004)

What? So now state workers can get nearly six weeks a year in paid leave, and 14 paid holidays, including Bunker Hill Day and Evacuation Day, and Ronald Reagan Day?!

Setting aside the notion that it is slightly ironic to "honor" Ronald Reagan (who famously baited public-sector employees) by giving state bureaucrats another paid day off, Romney has decided to "honor" Ronald Reagan (who famously baited public-sector employees) by giving state bureaucrats another paid day off.

Note to George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton: we hate to be greedy, but Massachusetts is still a wee bit shy of an August holiday. If you're planning on packing it in, could you wait a month or two? And put some planning into it, too. We'd love a four-day weekend to "honor" you both.

Thursday, June 03, 2004
India Inc

What's the half-life of a Republican five-syllable pronouncement?

"I am not a crook."

"It's all about jobs."

Because while it may be all about jobs, it's no longer about Massachusetts jobs. According to a local news report, Willard Mitt has moved beyond out-sourcing jobs to outlying states and is now out-sourcing jobs to outlying continents.

WHDH-TV reporter Andy Hiller recently reported that Team Reform is out-sourcing jobs to the subcontinent. Seems that each new Massachusetts welfare card contains a toll-free telephone number that connects to a customer service center in India. (source: WHDH-TV, 5/19/2003)

(No, dude, I don't want a Dell. I have a question about my benefits.")

Similar India-based out-sourcing programs were initiated earlier this year in Oregon, and by the state of Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

The Kansas program was developed by eFunds Corp of Arizona. Is it a coincidence that eFunds and Bain Capital share the same legal firm? Yeah, probably. But sometimes we can't help ourselves.

So here's a question: if the Fraud Governor really wanted to jump-start jobs in the Commonwealth and get people off welfare, why didn't he help create a Massachusetts-based customer service center for welfare questions? He could have staffed the call center with former welfare recipients.

Or failed candidates for the state legislature who ran as Romney 'reformers.'

Wednesday, June 02, 2004
Why Dems Can't Dance

(We interrupt RiaF for a brief dose of reality.)

Think the hep new DNC Convention blog will be a must read?

The DNC has hired Eric Schnure, Al Gore's former speech-writer, as the official Convention blogger.

Schnure plays fantasy golf.

Nuff ced.


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