Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Resigned to the Fraud

Willard Mitt, who campaigned on work time for then Rep. Scott "Beefcake" Brown during a recent election to fill a vacant state senate seat, yesterday asked US Senator John Kerry to resign for campaigning on work time. (source: Boston Herald, 6/15/2004)

(We were unable to verify if Romney also called for President George W. to resign, too, for Bush's insistence on campaigning, rather than focusing on Iraq, or the economy. Bush has just kicked off a two-week campaign drive that will "be spearheaded by Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and first lady Laura Bush" in 19 'battleground' states. (source: cbnnews.com)

In keeping with his long-standing practice to use women to articulate hostile pronouncements of opinion (see RiaF, 10/4/2003), Romney forced Lightweight Lieutenant Governor Sherry Healey to act as his mouthpiece.

It is believed the Fraud Governor’s call was an attempt to subvert a move to democratize the process whereby vacant US senate seats are filled in Massachusetts. Should John Kerry win his campaign for the Presidency, current law would allow Romney to appoint a new senator who would serve until Kerry terms expires. A bill that is making its way through the State House would allow the voters to fill vacant U.S. Senate seats. (source: Boston Herald, 6/15/2004)

An administration flack formerly known as the stout, Reese Witherspoon-wannabe dye-job aide to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman claimed that Fraudo was opposed to popular elections because "the only people who benefit are incumbent congressmen with large war chests. Women, people of color, independent candidates and third parties are shut out of the process."

Which means, we trust, that Romney is ready to name a female fringe party whack-job to replace Kerry?

And they said Barbara Anderson would never amount to anything.


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