Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Picket Charge or Grate Minds Think Alike

Ron Kaufman, a self-described Republican analyst whose claim to fortune is that he married Andy Card's sister, yesterday morning appeared on WBUR with the hard-hitting news-maven Dolores Handy.

During the interview, Kaufman, who is affiliated with the Republican National Committee and who once pushed ephedra - a chemical that has been linked to psychosis, strokes, heart attacks and death - charged that US Sen. John Kerry's statement that he had never and would never cross a picket line was an astonishing admission of foolishness that would come back to haunt the Democratic candidate come November. "You can mark my words," Kaufman said plaintively, seemingly hoping that someone, anyone, would recognize his halting speech, never mind 'mark' his words. (source: WBUR, Morning Edition, 6/29/2004)

Kaufman's thesis was this: imagine that President John Kerry was invited to a G-8 Summit in New York City around which a protest group had erected a picket. If Sen. Kerry's boast could be believed, Kaufman wheedled, President Kerry would not be able to attend the summit.

Handy handily dismissed the suggestion, pointing out that security logistics would prevent Kaufman's fantasy from coming true.

Which prevented us from marking Kaufman's words.

Until we read Dimmy Karras.

Seems the Fraud Governor, who once pledged to forego politics as usual, yesterday morning joined noted Boston racists Dennis and Callahan to talk about John Kerry's refusal to cross a picket line to address the US Conference of Mayors.

Romney's point? "What if there's a picket line at Congress or the G-8?" Would a President Kerry refuse to cross that line, too? (source: DimmyKarras, 6/29/2004)

Vegas bookies are still calculating the odds that Kaufman and Romney would, during the same ratings block, independently ruminate on President Kerry's problems with a picketed G-8 meeting.

Not too long ago, Romney's $150,000-a-year Loathsome Spokesman claimed that no one from the White House or the Republican National Committee is sending instructions to the Fraud Governor. (source: Boston Globe, 2/13/2004)

Guess it all depends on what one's definition of "compulsive liar" is.


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