Friday, June 18, 2004
Clean-Up Crew

We blame the editor.

Back in September 2002, the Boston Globe alleged that Willard Mitt said “We're dedicated to cleaning up the mess on Beacon Hill." (source: Boston Globe/ 9/18/2002)

But after watching the Mess at the Department of Industrial Accidents, we believe the Globe should run a retraction, admit they transposed Romney's words, and print his actual quote: “The mess on Beacon Hill; we’re dedicated to cleaning up.”

The "acting" commissioner of DIA is a layabout by the name of John Chapman. How did Chapman get his job you ask?

Why, the former White House lackey (under Reagan and Bush I) was a campaign worker for Romney/Healey Inc in 2002. (source: Cape Cod Time, 8/5/2002) He was the volunteer coordinator for the South Shore and Cape Cod.

Chapman allegedly met Romney on the slopes of Utah several years ago. (source: Rat Line)

Gee, a ski bum and a campaign tool. Sounds like "acting commissioner" material to us.

So guess who Chapman recently nominated for an Industrial Accidents Board judgeship?

Why, Matthew Murphy - of the Falmouth Matthew Murphy’s, of course.

And why is Murphy’s qualified to sit as an IAB judge?

Well, he's been a lawyer for at least six 6 years. And he was in-house counsel to Republican Barnstable County Sheriff James Cummings.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot. Murphy also worked as a campaign stooge for Romney/Healey Inc! (source: Cape Cod Times, 11/7/2002)

Where he met John Chapman.

Murphy worked in Romney's Hyannis headquarters.

Rumor has it that Matthew Murphy was the mastermind behind Willard Mitt's infamous fund-raiser at Spanky’s Clamshack.

And now Murphy's on the glide-path to a judgeship.


Now that's what we call cleaning up!

Fraudo Gets Ani-Mitt-ed

There's a new Fraud Governor in town. He loads a wee bit slow, but is worth the wait.


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