Thursday, July 31, 2003
Fiscal Crisis? Humbug! Romney Readies Raises

Despite Eric “the Good Eric” Kriss’s persistent claim that this is the worst fiscal period since Fabian Gaffke patrolled Fenway for the Crimson Hose (source: Boston Globe, 12/5/2002. Full disclosure, Gaffke is our reference. Kriss reads Inc. mag, not SI) Team Reform last week quietly handed out raises to 2,700 favored state managers (source: Boston Globe, 7/31/2003)

Now how, you may ask, can anyone ‘quietly’ hand out 2,700 raises which could, according to some estimates, total $3.5M? (source: Boston Globe, 7/31/2003) Easy, you do it on a Friday, when the feds are mailing out $400 tax rebates, and you are going on vacation.

And they say Romney hasn’t mastered the Beacon Hill thing.

Not that everyone is up for a raise. No one in the judiciary or the legislature will share the booty. Not that they need it. Some Senate aides reportedly earn upwards of $100 a week! (source: Boston Globe, 7/30/2003)

And no one from the (fraud) Governor’s office will get the raise. Which means that Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman will remain Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman.

Or will he? And aide to said spokesman said Romney’s office staff had not been working long enough to get ‘the additional 2 percent.’ But she didn’t say anything about the 2.7 percent cost-of-living increase that managers received on July 1. (source: Boston Globe, 7/31/2003)

Hmmm, could a title-upgrade be in the offering? Nah. $154,050-a-year spokesman has no rhythm.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled fiscal crisis.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Where Credit is Due

Poor Insurance Commissioner Bowler has been taking hits for proposing that credit scores be used to help set property insurance rates. (source: Boston Globe, 7/12/2003; RiaF, 7/21/2003)

Now it appears that the proposed regulation was actively backed by Willard Mitt Romney himself. (source: Boston Globe, 7/29/2003) Which isn’t necessarily a bad or even new thing. Credit scores may be used by nine of the top ten property and casualty insurance companies in the nation. (source:www.fairisaac.com)

But whether credit scores result in higher insurance costs for lower-income persons is unclear. (source: Boston Herald. 7/12/2003) And the state Division of Insurance has no data to settle the issue. (source: Boston Globe, 7/29/2003)

Which makes another request by the Fraud Governor seem very odd, indeed.

Commissioner Bowler sent an e-mail to her staff on June 6 indicating that the Fraud Governor wanted to issue the credit scoring regulation, and wanted to find out how many insurance consumers would benefit from credit scoring. However, Romney also wanted a written assurance from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that the Commissioners would not be doing a study on the impact of credit scoring on minorities and low-income consumers. (source: Boston Globe, 7/29/2003)

Huh? He wanted the regulation, but did not want to find out if it adversely affected minorities?

This just after recently boasting about creating a new Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity to, in part, “identify and remove barriers so that programs and services are accessible to all the citizens of Massachusetts.” (source: Office of (Fraud) Governor, “Romney Creates Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, 6/17/2003)

The first person the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity should employ is an actuary.

Sunday, July 27, 2003
Nice Pick, Now Return the Ransom Money

O-yea, o-yea, o-yea, the Fraud Governor has done something right.

Willard Mitt Romney recently appointed Paul Foster to the Massport Board of Directors. (source: (fraud) Govs office, ‘Romney appoints Reebok’s Paul Foster to Massport Board, 7/17/03) Foster is a long-time good guy, and has ample experience in international trade.

The only problem is, last year, the Fraud Candidate came out strong against Massport patronage, saying, “while patronage and the employment of unqualified staff is unacceptable in every area of state government, the existence of this kind of activity in positions which directly affect public safety cannot be tolerated. If elected governor, I pledge to hire the most qualified people at Massport and at all of our authorities, agencies and departments.” (source: Boston.com/politics, “Points of View”)

And Foster is a double-dipper. Not only did he give $500 to Romney’s campaign, but his fellow Reebok-ers ponied up almost $4,000 in similar donations, then forked over another $25,000 as a “gift” for Romney’s inaugural hummus-jammed gala event – hold the gala. (source: OCPF; Boston Globe, 7/18/2003)

This ‘looks’ like payback. And while ‘looks’ may be deceiving, in the public-sector perception often becomes reality. The Carter Commission, after all, defined patronage, in part, as lending support for companies and projects that were tied to political friends. (source: Boston Herald, 12/3/2001)

Which is why the Fraud Governor should rebate Reebok’s money now, before the next incoming shipment of Nike’s gets 'lost' at Conley Terminal.

Friday, July 25, 2003
Romney Plan: 'Blue-Light Special on Elder's Drugs'

Willard Mitt Romney was unable to come up with his long-promised cheaper alternative to Prescription Advantage. Instead, the Fraud Governor has decided to reduce expenditures by covering fewer elders. He will limit new enrollment in the state's prescription drug program for seniors to just the month of August. And, yes - he announced his plan in the waning days of July. (source: Boston Globe, 7/24/2003) Right around the same time he killed the Quinn Bill reforms. (source: Boston Globe, 7/25/2003)

(The Romney Administration is now spending more on Quinn Bill enhancements ($100 million) than prescription drug coverage for elders ($96 million).)

Great. What's next - offering free dental care to anyone who can board a Red Line train out of Central Square between 11:27 a.m. and 11:29 a.m. on the third Tuesday of the fourth month of each odd-numbered year? That would keep costs down, and allow Romney to claim that he had developed a cutting edge dental plan.

Remember Team Reform's excuse the last time they were unable to construct a discount drug solution? Ronald Preston said "I’m not Rumplestiltskin. I can’t spin straw into gold." (source: RiaF, 5/13/2003)

No, you're not Rumplestiltskin. You're Sam Walton.

Thursday, July 24, 2003
Romney Makes Bay State Number One!

The non-partisan National Conference of State Legislatures has found that while thirty states raised fees this year, Massachusetts' $501.5 million in fee hikes was more than any other state in the nation. New York, which has a far larger budget, was second, having enacted $367 million in increased fees. (source: Boston Globe, 7/24/2003)

Now, we recall that not to long ago, the Fraud Candidate claimed he would be the good governor when it came to wallet whacking. "Everybody knows that if you are elected, we're going to have another massive tax increase. Your position on taxes is so screaming loud that I can't even hear your voice," Romney yapped at an opponent during one debate. (source: Boston Globe, 10/30/2002)

Typical Romney mis-direction - complain about taxes, then feast on fees.

Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman tried to gloss over the bad news by sneering, "fees did go up, but taxes did not." However, Michael Widmer, of the conservative Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, disagreed, saying "It's disingenuous to say there's no new taxes, in the sense that there's very little connection to the fee increases and the cost of services that the fees are supposed to represent." (source: Boston Globe, 7/24/2003)

Please note Widmer had the decency to not mention the 2 1/2 cent gas tax that the Fraud Governor imposed on the good people of Massachusetts to fill up the underground storage tank cleanup fund. (source: Boston Herald, 6/28/2003)

Pop quiz: who said the following, and to whom were they seemingly referring? "There are some people who would get the bus going back to Taxachusetts." (source: Worcester T&G, 10/5/2002)

Pop answer: Willard Mitt Romney, and Willard Mitt Romney.

Monday, July 21, 2003
Romney Takes False Credit for Company Relocation

Where were you last November 17? According to some reports, Fraud Governor–elect Willard Mitt Romney spent part of the day eating Egg McMuffins in Worcester. (source: Boston Herald, 11/18/2002)

Why do we ask? Last November 17, Ohio-based STARBAK Communications announced that they planned to “relocate to Waltham by the first quarter of next year.” (source: Boston Herald, 11/18/2002)

No big deal, right? Until last week, when aides to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-week spokesman gussied up a press release which made it appear as though STARBAK's decision to relocate had just been made, and implied that the Fraud Governor's office had something to do with it. (source: (Fraud) Gov’s office, ‘High-tech firm STARBAK pulls up stakes in Ohio to come to Bay State’, 7/18/2003)

Are we being too picky? After all, the release does quote the Fraud Governor as saying that he is “committed to putting Massachusetts back to work.” And he did just hire Torky.

But as the November 17 2002 announcement shows, the Fraud Governor had nothing to do with STARBAK's relocation. Besides, the Boston Business Journal had this story back in January. (source: BBJ, 1/27/2003)

So why did the Fraud Governor’s press machine wait eight months to ‘welcome’ STARBAK's to Massachusetts? They weren't trying to create a smokescreen, were they?

After all, aside from the “Romney’s Insurance Commissioner wants to let insurance companies use consumers' credit scores to fix their rates for homeowner's and rental insurance’ story, not much else was happening that week. (source: Boston Globe, 7/18/2002)


Hmmm. We wonder how many other good-news-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-Willard-Mitt stories Team Reform is holding back.

Sunday, July 20, 2003
Five Letters To Health and Happiness

They are among the five most powerful letters in the English-speaking world. C-o-u-l-d. With these letters, you can climb mountains ('I could have done that'), romance the rich and famous ('I could have had him/her'), and wheedle your way into a state pension.

Eric "the good Eric" Kriss, pronounced fiscal years 2003 and 2004 the worst since the Great Depression. The state's "immediate budget woes" were so bad Kriss said the FY2003 shortfall *could* be hundreds of millions of dollars." (source: Boston Globe, 12/5/2002)

Cynical observers of Team Reform suggested that Kriss *could* have over-stated the revenue problem to let the Fraud Governor look better than he *should* when things turned out better than expected. (source: Boston Globe, 12/22/2002) The administration lent credibility to this theory when they began stonewalling requests for clarifying budgetary information. House Ways and Means Chairman John Rogers said Romney's budget analysts were told ''do not respond to legislative requests'' or they would be ''terminated.'' (Associated Press, 7/7/2003)

But we at RiaF had other reasons to doubt "the good Eric's" good word; he has a history of mining dark linings out of silver clouds. For example, in January 1992, Kriss henny-pennied that revenues *could* come in 40 percent below estimates. Three months later, he admitted his estimate *had* been off by more than 55 percent. (source: Boston Globe, 4/8/1992)

But that's ancient history. Today we focus on current history. Fiscal 2003 has officially come to a close. It's time to see if Kriss has improved his revenue-shortfall-projection abilities.

According to Kriss, the Commonwealth ended fiscal 2003 with budget surplus of $133 million dollars. What!? What happened to the hundreds-of-million-dollar shortfall?

"We ended in balance," Kriss mumbled. (source: Boston Globe, 7/7/2003)

Chin up, Eric. Next fiscal year *could* be worse.

Friday, July 18, 2003
Romney Attacks Seniors. Again.

A staffer to then-Gov. Jane Swift is purported to have said it first, “Why does Mitt Romney hate old people?” We can’t answer the question, but supporting evidence keeps piling up.

First Willard Mitt said he would abolish the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. (source: Boston Globe, 8/25/2002) Then he abolished Prescription Advantage. (source: Boston Herald, 2/27/2003) Then he increased health insurance costs for retirees in the town of Webster. (source: Boston Herald, 5/25/2003) Then he said he would abolish the Executive Office of Elder Affairs again! (source: Governor's office Executive Summary of the plan to reform, restructure and revitalize government, 5/14/2003; RiaF, 5/16/2003)

Now the Fraud Governor has ended the state’s 40-year policy of reimbursing retirees for the cost of the Medicare Part B payment, despite the fact that the Group Insurance Commission ended FY2003 with more than a $10 million surplus. (source: RSCMEA News, 7/2003)

Romney’s chief henchman in this latest assault on Grandma and Grandpa Voter was Under-Secretary of A&F Peter Schwarzenbach. Long-time readers of RiaF will recall that Schwarzenbach is one of Willard Mitt’s cronies from Bain Capital, where it has been alleged that no one with gray hair has ever worked. (source: RiaF, 4/1/2003) (Full disclosure: this slur has never been alleged anyplace but here, but now that it’s in print, we’re sticking with it!)

The average Massachusetts retiree in Medicare pays approximately $58.70 per month in Part B payments, payments for which they used to be reimbursed. By cost-shifting these monies, the Fraud Governor is forcing each effected retiree to eat $704 in additional health payments.

$704! This is almost as much money as Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman ‘earns’ in nine hours. Give or take an OCPF-sponsored working lunch/pedicure.

Thursday, July 17, 2003
Romney Proves Listless Transportation Planner

Last year, the Fraud Candidate unveiled a Commuter Bill of Rights promising citizens the right to transportation decisions made according to clear, objective, published criteria and project ranking. (source: Romney-Healey-Murphy-Pintak-Gautier-Hudome, Commuter Bill of Rights, 9/2002)

Published criteria and project ranking. Gee. This implies a list, doesn't it? So voters in districts that did not vote for Romney, like New Bedford, Fall River and those towns along the Greenbush line, would know that they were being treated according to the merits and not according to petty politics.

Willard Mitt reiterated this stance earlier this year, when he told a Southcoast business group "We are going to do (transportation planning) on the basis of a very clear set of criteria, which we will apply to all of the projects. (We'll) lay them out on the Web site for people to look at, and make comparisons and make decisions on that basis, rather than on a political basis, going to a city and saying, 'I'm for your commuter rail expansion." (source: New Bedford Standard Times, 4/15/2003)

Well, yesterday, the Fraud Governor decided to throw all that ugly apolitical, list-making business in the hopper and pronounced the Fall River/New Bedford and Greenbush commuter rail extensions all but dead, telling a Fall River economic forum, "there is no capital for discretionary projects this year. It will be years before these projects get off the drawing board and into the ground."

This despite the fact that MBTA general manager Michael Mulhearn indicated that he had not yet provided new Greenbush cost estimates to his board of directors. (source: Boston Globe, 7/17/2003)

Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman was unavailable to explain Willard Mitt's decision to deep-six the commuter bill of rights plank to rank order transportation capital projects. He was too busy explaining why Romney's newest hack hire, Perter Torkildsen (R-$87,760 Dept of Labor & Workforce Development Director of Federal, State and Workforce Relations) is not a hack. (source: Boston Globe, 7/17/2003)

Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Romney Rationale Unfathomably Arrogant

It’s called “the Big Lie.” Say something loud enough, and people will believe you.

Well, yesterday the Fraud Governor used the Big Lie to accuse the Legislature of “unfathomable arrogance” for amending the voter-approved English immersion law. (Boston Globe, 7/16/2003)

Unfathomable arrogance? Just last September, Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman vowed that, if elected, Romney would demonstrate unfathomable arrogance and amend Question 2. “(Willard) Mitt Romney would vote for Question 2. If it passes, however, we'd work with the Legislature to remove the punitive feature that exposes teachers to liability.” (Boston Globe, 9/25/2002)

And this was just weeks after the Fraud Candidate had displayed unfathomable arrogance for the voter approved Clean Elections law, mewling “I have been very troubled by the concept of taxpayer funding of Clean Elections at the same time when some 50,000 people have been removed from the rolls of our health care plan in the state to make ends meet in the budget.” (Boston Globe, 9/9/2002)

Romney then proposed an unfathomably arrogant amendment to the Clean Elections law that would have candidates who do not follow the law's fund-raising and spending limits be required to divert 10 percent of their own campaign funds to Clean Elections candidates. (Boston Globe, 9/9/2002)

Yet now the Fraud Governor stands up for the will of the electorate? It’s simply unfathomable.

(But at least it’s diverted attention away from Bill McKinney’s attempt to hold onto his hack job at the Dept. of (MDC Job) Conservation and Recreation.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Romney Hack Defends No-Show

William McKinney was appointed to head the MDC by Willard Mitt Romney. McKinney's impeccable credential was that he lost a congressional primary to Jo Ann Sprague, just before Sprague lost to Stephen Lynch. (source: Boston Globe, 9/12/2001)

When Romney abolished the MDC and created the Department of (MDC Job) Conservation and Recreation, McKinney became acting director of the urban parks division. Romney, of course, abolished the MDC to get rid of all those redundant management positions. (Boston Globe, 2/20/2003) So AD McKinney is either on life-support, or proof yet again that the Fraud Governor is, well, a fraud.

Yesterday McKinney made a strong case that he should be returned to the bullpen.

After learning that a full-time MDC worker is also holding down a full-time fire-fighting job in Bedford (Boston Herald, 7/14/2003) McKinney defended his soul-mate, saying the man's "expert knowledge of public safety is an invaluable asset to the Department of (MDC Job) Conservation and Recreation." (Boston Herald, 7/15/2003)

Uh-oh, Team Reform doesn't look too good on this one. Time for Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman to launch another attack on UMASS President Bulger?

Monday, July 14, 2003
A Kiss From Kriss? Inc. Mag Founder Honored

Willard Mitt Romney today announced that he would be monthly awarding the Governor’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Award as "part of his ongoing campaign to grow jobs and spur the Massachusetts economy." (source: Gov's Press Office, "Romney Creates New Entreprenuerial Spirit Award" 7/14/2002) We assume this is part of the Fraud Governor's on-going effort to create new jobs for press interns.

The first recipient of this feel-good empty gesture was the founder of Inc. magazine. What Romney failed to mention during the award presentation was that Inc. magazine for several years published the writings and helped enhance the reputation of 'the former CEO of MediVision Inc. and MediQual Inc.,' - otherwise known as A&F secretary Eric Kriss. (source: www.inc.com)

Campaign Aide Still in Hack Parade

Willard Mitt Romney said it best, "In our administration, state employment needs will not be filled through a political process of patronage." (source: Boston Herald, 1/15/2003)

Note the key phrase: state employment needs. Which means that positions of waste, fraud and abuse can be filled by hacks and insiders. Which was great news to Felix Browne, former Romney campaign paid staffer who worked the media tracking room. (source: Boston Globe. 11/3/2002)

After a nation-wide search, Browne was named spokesman for the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. (source: RiaF, 3/30/2003; Boston Herald, 7/14/2003) Browne's appointment to the hack-infested EOEA is mildly ironic as the secretariat oversees what used to be the hack-infested MDC, which the Fraud Governor abolished because it was the hack-infested MDC.

Browne had telegraphed his hack appointment last year just before the election, gushing to a local reporter that "Everyone has a true interest in seeing Mitt win. And everybody knows it's for a very defined period of time." (source: Boston Globe, 11/3/2002)

Not more than four years, we hope.

Sunday, July 13, 2003
Romney MBTA Chief: 'Romney MBTA Chief Wrong Choice?'

When Joseph C. Carter was formally sworn in last February as chief of the MBTA police force he brazenly told the Romney-beholden search committee "I greatly value the opportunity that you have provided me, and assure you that you have made the right choice." (source: Boston Globe, 2/9/2003)

Well, the early returns indicate Carter may have been a bit too brazen. For while violent crime rates are falling across the nation, violent crime rates on the MBTA have skyrocketed under his watch. (source: Boston Globe, 7/13/2003)

The problem according to Carter? There are too few police officers.

"We have a very small department. We can't be everywhere," Carter said, sounding like the Brimfield Chamber of Commerce.

In other words, despite the fact that he changed the culture of the police force from one that was pre-emptively tough on youthful offenders, Carter now wants us not to blame the managers, rather to blame the accountants.

Okay, Chief Carter, which accountant would you finger first, Eric Kriss or Willard Mitt Romney?

The good news? Team Reform now has a sure-fire reason to push for an MBTA fee increase. After all, the MBTA is among the last remaining resources that the fee-crazed Fraud Governor has not tapped.

The bad news? Safety on the MBTA is likely to remain unaddressed. After all, it's the MBTA.

Not too long ago, Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman climbed on his high horse to rail (get it?) against MBTA budget problems, sneering "Mitt Romney will insist on effective management of MBTA capital projects, including the Greenbush Line. He will have a zero-tolerance policy for cost overruns. Families in Massachusetts must live within their budget, and so should state government." (source: Boston Herald, 11/20/2002)

Now when was the last time the Fraud Governor announced a zero-tolerance against lawlessness on the MBTA?


Friday, July 11, 2003
"Sherry Staples" Is Heavy Hitter for Romney Donor

Last year, Staples came up big for Romney. Staples executives and employees gave Romney/Healey over $10,000 in legal tender. (source: OCPF) So we were not surprised when lightweight Lt. Gov. Sherry Healey returned the favor by helping launch Tom Stemberg's campaign to encourage the easily duped into giving Staples their used inkjet and laser printer cartridges. (source: Boston Herald, 7/9/2003)

Staples is shading the grift by donating $1 to the NEA for every cartridge they get. Stemberg said he hopes to raise $5 million, which means he expects to get 5 million cartridges. In return, Staples will most likely resell the reconditioned cartridges.

Let's assume for the sake of petty politics that Staples makes $20 on each reconditioned cartridge. Or $2. That would mean the Fraud Governor dispatched lightweight LG Sherry Healey – aka Sherry Staples - to help Stemberg turn a tidy profit of between $10M and $100 M(illion) dollars!

Holy Moroni! This is outrageous! Not only is it forcing us to use way too many exclamation marks, it violates Romney's campaign precept that he would be impenetrable to special interests. Well, actually, he vowed that his administration would be impenetrable to special interests lurking in the marble lobbies of the State House. (source: Boston Globe, 5/19/2003) And technically, Staples does not lurk in the marble lobbies of the State House. But Romney once sat on the Staples board of directors. So the lightweight LG's participation in this deal still smells.

But we are being terribly one-sided. Lets give Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman the final word.

"If anybody has given Mitt a contribution on the expectation he will do something for them, they will be sorely disappointed." (source: Boston Herald, 9/4/2002)

If by 'sorely disappointed' you mean 'handsomely rewarded,' then all is right in Willard Mitt’s world.

Thursday, July 10, 2003
Romney Targeting Republicans?

Remember the scene in The Jerk where Steve Martin is hunkered down in a gas station as a gunman plunks bullets into an oil display? “He hates cans!” Martin yells, oblivious to the damage heading his way. Well, y'all better start paying better attention to the bullets that the Fraud Governor is firing. Because while Romney may not like cans, he despises wayward Republican legislators!

Team Reform today announced that Alex Dunn, the master of the mailing list, will be joining Darrell “Merit Hire or Hack, You Decide” Crate at the Republican State Committee to coordinate the effort to oust Democratic legislators. (source: Boston Globe, 7/10/2003) (Crate, of course, is tight with Lightweight Lt. Gov. Sherry Healey’s husband. They are regularly seen together at a certain tax-subsidized seaside-ish office in Beverly. Excuse, us, Beverly Farms.) (source: Boston Globe, 5/19/2002, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 12/14/2002)

Now Alex is allegedly targeting “antireform Democrats” who live in districts that Romney won last year. But that would mean he’s targeting around 160 reps and senators - give or take 40. Further, we think the antireform Democrats who are at risk know who they are. And so do their constituents.

So what is Dunn’s real function? Maybe Romney is trying to send a message to someone else. Like antireform Republicans!

Willard Mitt Romney claims he wants to build a farm team. So what does he do but threaten to whack every judge that former Gov. Swift (R- Flagbearer) nominated just before she climbed to the embassy roof in January. (source: Boston Herald, 7/7/2003) Many of whom happened to be (ta-dah) Republicans.

And which sends quite a message to every Tom, Dick and Bruce E. Tarr in the state. (Willard Mitt-Speak: 'If you’re not with me on the small things, like vetoes to make the elderly in Webster pay more for their health insurance, I won’t be with you on the large things, like elections. I'll be too busy to go to Gloucester. I'll be helping ... Bob Hedlund. Wait a minute, was Hedlund with me when I tried to protect the wallets of sex offenders?')

We also recall that the Fraud Governor hired Darrell Crate’s eminently qualified brother Brad to do due diligence on executive branch office seekers. (Source: Boston Herald, 1/15/2003) Who more often than not were Republican office-holders, or failed wanna-be’s. (Actually, they were failed office-holders, ergo successful wanna-be's.) Brad had access to little things, like tax returns and employment histories. Thankfully, Team Reform is pure as a riven snowbank (look it up) and we can all trust Brad to keep that confidential information confidential, and not give it to his brother, or Mr. Dunn. Right?

Subtle as a lakeside press conference.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Romney Coddles Sex Offenders

We remember it like it was August 21, 2002. Willard Mitt Romney came out strong against sex offenders. "In regards to dangerous sex offenders, we will put them away forever," the Fraud Candidate howled. He then pledged to publicly reveal the names of sex offenders who had already been released. (source: Boston Globe, 8/21/2002)

Well so much for that.

The Massachusetts Legislature recently passed budget language requiring all sex offenders to pay an annual $75 registration fee, monies from which would help reduce the backlog of classifying and listing offenders. Strangely, the Fraud Governor objected to the fee, and vetoed the language. (His veto was overturned yesterday.)

Now hold on one moment. 'Tough-on-Crime' Romney wants to go easy on criminals? And isn't this the same revenue-crazed (fraud) governor who wanted to pass a fee on blind citizens? (source: Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 3/7/2003)

Hey Fraudo, here's a Gordian Knot: how would you treat a blind sex offender!?

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Despite Depression-like Fiscal Crisis, Romney Leaves for Out-of-State Vacation

Eric Kriss claims that Massachusetts is suffering revenue problems not seen since the days of the Depression. (Boston Globe, 12/5/2002) So what does the Fraud Governor do? V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n! In tax-free New Hampshire. (source: Boston Globe, 7/8/2003)

But that doesn't mean the state's fiscal problems go away. While Romney was taking late-night boat trips across Lake Winnipesaukee, Brockton Mayor John Yunits was unloading on the vacationing Fraud Governor's approach to leadership.

"He's acting like a politician, not a businessman,'' said Yunits, who served on Romney's transition team. "He's going about the attack on the fiscal subject the whole wrong way. A lot of people believed he was going to lead us to economic growth and not become tied down to politics. It's beginning to look like just the opposite."

Yunits said that Romney has implemented too many harmful municipal aid cuts, which will further decimate already reeling communities. (source: Boston Herald, 7/6/2003)

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Bar Association’s general counsel, said that Romney's "cuts to legal services have gone beyond the bone and down to the marrow." He also blamed the Fraud Governor for eliminating state funding of civil legal services and drastically reducing funding for the Committee For Public Counsel Services in moves that effectively eliminate all government funding for legal services to the poor. (source: Lawyers Weekly, 7/7/2003)

Romney's response? He didn't have one. He's on vacation. In tax-free New Hampshire.

Sunday, July 06, 2003
Expert: Romney Exhibited Dementia

Last year, if you asked the Fraud Candidate or his invisible running mate a policy question you would get one of two answers: a blank stare and a stoic "next?", or a quick peek at a pre-packaged PowerPoint presentation, most likely put together by Murphy, Pintak, Gautier, Hudome, Romney's Virginia-based consultants.

Now most of the rubes in the fourth estate thought that Romney's PowerPoint slide shows were pretty slick. Of course, most of the political reporters in Massachusetts also think that Chesterfields are a cool smoke, and Ray Conniff is a hep swinger. So anything not reproduced off a one-color mimeograph machine is bound to blow their white socks clean out of their penny loafers. (Yeah McGrory, we're talking to you!)

So leave it to noted information-design expert Edward Tufte to blow the lid off the Fraud Governor's favorite communication device - other than the pink slip, that is.

Tufte (whose graph of Napolean's retreat from Russia is a piece of art) says PowerPoint has one of the worst formats of any method of written communication - including, we assume, press releases issued by Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman. PowerPoint is faux-analytical, and forces presenters to intellectually mangle even the simplest topics. (source: The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint by Tufte, as described in the Boston Globe, 7/6/2003)

In short, PowerPoint is all about the pitch, not the info being pitched. Worse, Tufte says, when using PowerPoint to present statistical data, "the damage levels approach dementia."

Ah-ha! Which explains why Romney is so taken with the communication crutch; he is able to present half the picture without having to fully disclose details that would show his ideas to be fraudulent.

Tufte writes, "PowerPoint allows speakers to pretend that they are giving a real talk, and audiences to pretend that they are listening."

Sounds just like a Romney event.

Saturday, July 05, 2003
Romney Veto Dishonors University

The Fraud Governor vetoed $1.7 million in funding for the University of Massachusetts honors program. (source: Boston Globe, 7/1/2003, 7/5/2003)

Too bad the gifted and talented students were not Quinn Bill carrying police officers. Romney would have paid for their tuition, their books, their meals and their beer.

Months ago, when asked if the Fraud Governor's higher ed reforms would be shaped by political implications, Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman sneered, "We don't make decisions based on people or personalities." (source: Boston Herald, 2/24/2003)

He should have added, 'and we won't make veto decisions based on the needs of the students.'

Thursday, July 03, 2003
Pay to Play is the Romney Way

Last year, the Fraud Candidate said he was a friend of all fisherman, holding a faux-work day on the New Bedford waterfront and coming out against federal catch limits (source: Off the Record, 5/24/2002) This year he is proving to be a friend of all fishermen who make campaign contributions.

The Fraud Governor recently threw long-time fisheries advocate Jim Kendall off the New England Fisheries Management Council and piped aboard Rodney Avila.

Why was Kendall made to walk the plank? According to a local newspaper, Kendall "had industry-wide support including letters of recommendation from the Massachusetts' Fishermen's Partnership and Gloucester Mayor John Bell. Kendall also had indications that he would be reappointed from the governor himself. Gov. Romney featured Mr. Kendall in one of his campaign ads during his gubernatorial run.

Said Mr. Kendall, "It's a slap in the face that I wasn't even on the list of nominees." (source: New Bedford Standard-Times, 7/1/2003)

So why, we repeat, was Kendall made to walk the plank? Simple - Kendall failed to pay the vig.

According to OCPF, Kendall gave Team Reform $0.00 in 2002 and $0.00 in 2003. Which is exactly $700 less than Rodney Avila paid for his appointment. Avila gave Romney $400 in 2002 and $300 in 2003. (source: OCPF) Avila's 2003 payment came just days before the Fraud Governor send his list of New England Fisheries Management Council nominees to the feds.

And so ends the promising career of yet another Cellucci/Swift appointee.

Something smells fishy here.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Romney Tramples Tykes

Former Govs Paul Cellucci (R-Canada) and Jane Swift (R-Flagbearer) each helped construct a strong educational foundation. In fact, Cellucci came to be known as the Education Governor, and Swift the Education Czar. (source: Boston Globe, 8/27/2000)

Because of his 'work' with education, Willard Mitt Romney will most likely get a cool nick-name, too.

Last year, the Fraud Candidate was very (power)pointed with regard to education. Remember "K Through Job"? Romney claimed education was the key to success. (source: Boston Globe, 6/5/2002)

Well, throw away your keys, kids, because the Fraud Governor just changed all the locks. Romney yesterday vetoed $10 million in kindergarten spending. (source: Boston Globe, 7/1/2003) Which doesn't really matter because kids don't vote, and most voters don't have kids in kindergarten. But it's still a big old wad o'dough. $7 million more than Jane Swift's unimaginable veto. (source: Boston Globe, 8/23/2002)

Swift's veto almost cost her the title of Education Czar. Romney's veto might just garner him the designation of Education Dick.

As in Tricky Dick Nixon. Of course.


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