Thursday, July 17, 2003
Romney Proves Listless Transportation Planner

Last year, the Fraud Candidate unveiled a Commuter Bill of Rights promising citizens the right to transportation decisions made according to clear, objective, published criteria and project ranking. (source: Romney-Healey-Murphy-Pintak-Gautier-Hudome, Commuter Bill of Rights, 9/2002)

Published criteria and project ranking. Gee. This implies a list, doesn't it? So voters in districts that did not vote for Romney, like New Bedford, Fall River and those towns along the Greenbush line, would know that they were being treated according to the merits and not according to petty politics.

Willard Mitt reiterated this stance earlier this year, when he told a Southcoast business group "We are going to do (transportation planning) on the basis of a very clear set of criteria, which we will apply to all of the projects. (We'll) lay them out on the Web site for people to look at, and make comparisons and make decisions on that basis, rather than on a political basis, going to a city and saying, 'I'm for your commuter rail expansion." (source: New Bedford Standard Times, 4/15/2003)

Well, yesterday, the Fraud Governor decided to throw all that ugly apolitical, list-making business in the hopper and pronounced the Fall River/New Bedford and Greenbush commuter rail extensions all but dead, telling a Fall River economic forum, "there is no capital for discretionary projects this year. It will be years before these projects get off the drawing board and into the ground."

This despite the fact that MBTA general manager Michael Mulhearn indicated that he had not yet provided new Greenbush cost estimates to his board of directors. (source: Boston Globe, 7/17/2003)

Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman was unavailable to explain Willard Mitt's decision to deep-six the commuter bill of rights plank to rank order transportation capital projects. He was too busy explaining why Romney's newest hack hire, Perter Torkildsen (R-$87,760 Dept of Labor & Workforce Development Director of Federal, State and Workforce Relations) is not a hack. (source: Boston Globe, 7/17/2003)


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