Friday, July 11, 2003
"Sherry Staples" Is Heavy Hitter for Romney Donor

Last year, Staples came up big for Romney. Staples executives and employees gave Romney/Healey over $10,000 in legal tender. (source: OCPF) So we were not surprised when lightweight Lt. Gov. Sherry Healey returned the favor by helping launch Tom Stemberg's campaign to encourage the easily duped into giving Staples their used inkjet and laser printer cartridges. (source: Boston Herald, 7/9/2003)

Staples is shading the grift by donating $1 to the NEA for every cartridge they get. Stemberg said he hopes to raise $5 million, which means he expects to get 5 million cartridges. In return, Staples will most likely resell the reconditioned cartridges.

Let's assume for the sake of petty politics that Staples makes $20 on each reconditioned cartridge. Or $2. That would mean the Fraud Governor dispatched lightweight LG Sherry Healey – aka Sherry Staples - to help Stemberg turn a tidy profit of between $10M and $100 M(illion) dollars!

Holy Moroni! This is outrageous! Not only is it forcing us to use way too many exclamation marks, it violates Romney's campaign precept that he would be impenetrable to special interests. Well, actually, he vowed that his administration would be impenetrable to special interests lurking in the marble lobbies of the State House. (source: Boston Globe, 5/19/2003) And technically, Staples does not lurk in the marble lobbies of the State House. But Romney once sat on the Staples board of directors. So the lightweight LG's participation in this deal still smells.

But we are being terribly one-sided. Lets give Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman the final word.

"If anybody has given Mitt a contribution on the expectation he will do something for them, they will be sorely disappointed." (source: Boston Herald, 9/4/2002)

If by 'sorely disappointed' you mean 'handsomely rewarded,' then all is right in Willard Mitt’s world.


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