Sunday, July 27, 2003
Nice Pick, Now Return the Ransom Money

O-yea, o-yea, o-yea, the Fraud Governor has done something right.

Willard Mitt Romney recently appointed Paul Foster to the Massport Board of Directors. (source: (fraud) Govs office, ‘Romney appoints Reebok’s Paul Foster to Massport Board, 7/17/03) Foster is a long-time good guy, and has ample experience in international trade.

The only problem is, last year, the Fraud Candidate came out strong against Massport patronage, saying, “while patronage and the employment of unqualified staff is unacceptable in every area of state government, the existence of this kind of activity in positions which directly affect public safety cannot be tolerated. If elected governor, I pledge to hire the most qualified people at Massport and at all of our authorities, agencies and departments.” (source: Boston.com/politics, “Points of View”)

And Foster is a double-dipper. Not only did he give $500 to Romney’s campaign, but his fellow Reebok-ers ponied up almost $4,000 in similar donations, then forked over another $25,000 as a “gift” for Romney’s inaugural hummus-jammed gala event – hold the gala. (source: OCPF; Boston Globe, 7/18/2003)

This ‘looks’ like payback. And while ‘looks’ may be deceiving, in the public-sector perception often becomes reality. The Carter Commission, after all, defined patronage, in part, as lending support for companies and projects that were tied to political friends. (source: Boston Herald, 12/3/2001)

Which is why the Fraud Governor should rebate Reebok’s money now, before the next incoming shipment of Nike’s gets 'lost' at Conley Terminal.


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