Thursday, July 03, 2003
Pay to Play is the Romney Way

Last year, the Fraud Candidate said he was a friend of all fisherman, holding a faux-work day on the New Bedford waterfront and coming out against federal catch limits (source: Off the Record, 5/24/2002) This year he is proving to be a friend of all fishermen who make campaign contributions.

The Fraud Governor recently threw long-time fisheries advocate Jim Kendall off the New England Fisheries Management Council and piped aboard Rodney Avila.

Why was Kendall made to walk the plank? According to a local newspaper, Kendall "had industry-wide support including letters of recommendation from the Massachusetts' Fishermen's Partnership and Gloucester Mayor John Bell. Kendall also had indications that he would be reappointed from the governor himself. Gov. Romney featured Mr. Kendall in one of his campaign ads during his gubernatorial run.

Said Mr. Kendall, "It's a slap in the face that I wasn't even on the list of nominees." (source: New Bedford Standard-Times, 7/1/2003)

So why, we repeat, was Kendall made to walk the plank? Simple - Kendall failed to pay the vig.

According to OCPF, Kendall gave Team Reform $0.00 in 2002 and $0.00 in 2003. Which is exactly $700 less than Rodney Avila paid for his appointment. Avila gave Romney $400 in 2002 and $300 in 2003. (source: OCPF) Avila's 2003 payment came just days before the Fraud Governor send his list of New England Fisheries Management Council nominees to the feds.

And so ends the promising career of yet another Cellucci/Swift appointee.

Something smells fishy here.


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