Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Romney Coddles Sex Offenders

We remember it like it was August 21, 2002. Willard Mitt Romney came out strong against sex offenders. "In regards to dangerous sex offenders, we will put them away forever," the Fraud Candidate howled. He then pledged to publicly reveal the names of sex offenders who had already been released. (source: Boston Globe, 8/21/2002)

Well so much for that.

The Massachusetts Legislature recently passed budget language requiring all sex offenders to pay an annual $75 registration fee, monies from which would help reduce the backlog of classifying and listing offenders. Strangely, the Fraud Governor objected to the fee, and vetoed the language. (His veto was overturned yesterday.)

Now hold on one moment. 'Tough-on-Crime' Romney wants to go easy on criminals? And isn't this the same revenue-crazed (fraud) governor who wanted to pass a fee on blind citizens? (source: Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 3/7/2003)

Hey Fraudo, here's a Gordian Knot: how would you treat a blind sex offender!?


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