Monday, July 21, 2003
Romney Takes False Credit for Company Relocation

Where were you last November 17? According to some reports, Fraud Governor–elect Willard Mitt Romney spent part of the day eating Egg McMuffins in Worcester. (source: Boston Herald, 11/18/2002)

Why do we ask? Last November 17, Ohio-based STARBAK Communications announced that they planned to “relocate to Waltham by the first quarter of next year.” (source: Boston Herald, 11/18/2002)

No big deal, right? Until last week, when aides to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-week spokesman gussied up a press release which made it appear as though STARBAK's decision to relocate had just been made, and implied that the Fraud Governor's office had something to do with it. (source: (Fraud) Gov’s office, ‘High-tech firm STARBAK pulls up stakes in Ohio to come to Bay State’, 7/18/2003)

Are we being too picky? After all, the release does quote the Fraud Governor as saying that he is “committed to putting Massachusetts back to work.” And he did just hire Torky.

But as the November 17 2002 announcement shows, the Fraud Governor had nothing to do with STARBAK's relocation. Besides, the Boston Business Journal had this story back in January. (source: BBJ, 1/27/2003)

So why did the Fraud Governor’s press machine wait eight months to ‘welcome’ STARBAK's to Massachusetts? They weren't trying to create a smokescreen, were they?

After all, aside from the “Romney’s Insurance Commissioner wants to let insurance companies use consumers' credit scores to fix their rates for homeowner's and rental insurance’ story, not much else was happening that week. (source: Boston Globe, 7/18/2002)


Hmmm. We wonder how many other good-news-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-Willard-Mitt stories Team Reform is holding back.


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