Thursday, July 10, 2003
Romney Targeting Republicans?

Remember the scene in The Jerk where Steve Martin is hunkered down in a gas station as a gunman plunks bullets into an oil display? “He hates cans!” Martin yells, oblivious to the damage heading his way. Well, y'all better start paying better attention to the bullets that the Fraud Governor is firing. Because while Romney may not like cans, he despises wayward Republican legislators!

Team Reform today announced that Alex Dunn, the master of the mailing list, will be joining Darrell “Merit Hire or Hack, You Decide” Crate at the Republican State Committee to coordinate the effort to oust Democratic legislators. (source: Boston Globe, 7/10/2003) (Crate, of course, is tight with Lightweight Lt. Gov. Sherry Healey’s husband. They are regularly seen together at a certain tax-subsidized seaside-ish office in Beverly. Excuse, us, Beverly Farms.) (source: Boston Globe, 5/19/2002, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 12/14/2002)

Now Alex is allegedly targeting “antireform Democrats” who live in districts that Romney won last year. But that would mean he’s targeting around 160 reps and senators - give or take 40. Further, we think the antireform Democrats who are at risk know who they are. And so do their constituents.

So what is Dunn’s real function? Maybe Romney is trying to send a message to someone else. Like antireform Republicans!

Willard Mitt Romney claims he wants to build a farm team. So what does he do but threaten to whack every judge that former Gov. Swift (R- Flagbearer) nominated just before she climbed to the embassy roof in January. (source: Boston Herald, 7/7/2003) Many of whom happened to be (ta-dah) Republicans.

And which sends quite a message to every Tom, Dick and Bruce E. Tarr in the state. (Willard Mitt-Speak: 'If you’re not with me on the small things, like vetoes to make the elderly in Webster pay more for their health insurance, I won’t be with you on the large things, like elections. I'll be too busy to go to Gloucester. I'll be helping ... Bob Hedlund. Wait a minute, was Hedlund with me when I tried to protect the wallets of sex offenders?')

We also recall that the Fraud Governor hired Darrell Crate’s eminently qualified brother Brad to do due diligence on executive branch office seekers. (Source: Boston Herald, 1/15/2003) Who more often than not were Republican office-holders, or failed wanna-be’s. (Actually, they were failed office-holders, ergo successful wanna-be's.) Brad had access to little things, like tax returns and employment histories. Thankfully, Team Reform is pure as a riven snowbank (look it up) and we can all trust Brad to keep that confidential information confidential, and not give it to his brother, or Mr. Dunn. Right?

Subtle as a lakeside press conference.


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