Monday, July 14, 2003
A Kiss From Kriss? Inc. Mag Founder Honored

Willard Mitt Romney today announced that he would be monthly awarding the Governor’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Award as "part of his ongoing campaign to grow jobs and spur the Massachusetts economy." (source: Gov's Press Office, "Romney Creates New Entreprenuerial Spirit Award" 7/14/2002) We assume this is part of the Fraud Governor's on-going effort to create new jobs for press interns.

The first recipient of this feel-good empty gesture was the founder of Inc. magazine. What Romney failed to mention during the award presentation was that Inc. magazine for several years published the writings and helped enhance the reputation of 'the former CEO of MediVision Inc. and MediQual Inc.,' - otherwise known as A&F secretary Eric Kriss. (source: www.inc.com)

Campaign Aide Still in Hack Parade

Willard Mitt Romney said it best, "In our administration, state employment needs will not be filled through a political process of patronage." (source: Boston Herald, 1/15/2003)

Note the key phrase: state employment needs. Which means that positions of waste, fraud and abuse can be filled by hacks and insiders. Which was great news to Felix Browne, former Romney campaign paid staffer who worked the media tracking room. (source: Boston Globe. 11/3/2002)

After a nation-wide search, Browne was named spokesman for the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. (source: RiaF, 3/30/2003; Boston Herald, 7/14/2003) Browne's appointment to the hack-infested EOEA is mildly ironic as the secretariat oversees what used to be the hack-infested MDC, which the Fraud Governor abolished because it was the hack-infested MDC.

Browne had telegraphed his hack appointment last year just before the election, gushing to a local reporter that "Everyone has a true interest in seeing Mitt win. And everybody knows it's for a very defined period of time." (source: Boston Globe, 11/3/2002)

Not more than four years, we hope.


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