Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Milli-Vanilli Mitt Lip-Syncs Legislature’s Latest Hit

Willard Mitt is at it again. His announcement introducing the Cellucci/Swift bus fleet went so well that the Fraud Governor decided to pick up the megaphone again, this time to sing about the state Legislature’s latest housing initiative.

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” blared Team Reform’s press trumpet. “Romney announces $17.6 Million to Create More Housing. Tax credits, grants and low-interest loans to produce over 548 rental apartments.” (source: Office of (fraud) Gov, 8/25/2003)

The press release was missing just one key line.

“This housing program was made possible by the Massachusetts House of Representatives and State Senate, who worked to pass the legislation despite the fact that the (fraud) Governor neglected to include it in his budget.”

Because if you look at House 1, otherwise known as ‘the House that Kriss Built,’ it does not include “$17.6 million to create more housing.” That language started in the Senate budget, and was later adopted by the joint House/Senate conference committee. (source: www.state.ma.us/legis)

And it’s a good thing it was, too, because not too long ago Eric “the good Eric” Kriss and Romney were using budget cuts as an excuse to try to get the Legislature to drain affordable housing trust funds. (source: Boston Globe, 2/4/2003)

But now they are builders. Yay.

So what neat accomplishments will the Fraud Governor high-hosey next? Howsabout “Romney Announces Sox Win”?

Nope nope nope. Too risky. The Sox’ll eventually lose. (Sorry, Kevin Millar.) Must use safe news only. Can’t touch the Red Sox, or disgraced former MDC commissioners running for local office.

In Pedro We Trust

In honor of Pedro’s big win against the Seattles yesterday, RiaF is shutting it down. Until Labor Day.

Books we’re toting to our Nahant seaside vacation manse:

-Loathsome Gods, by Louis L’amore;
-Loathsome Women, by Leopold Stein;
-Love and the Loathsome Leopard, by Barbara Cartland;
-The Trail of the Loathsome Missions, by Willis Ocker;
-888 Reasons to Hate Republicans: An A to Z Guide to Everything Loathsome About the Party of the Arrogant Rich, by Rick Mumma;
-Foul and Loathsome Creatures, by Harry Parsons;
-Are You Loathsome Tonight?, by Poppy Brite;
-The Loathsome Couple, by Edward Gorey; and,
-Swedish Land-Use Planning, by Michael Stanley.

RiaF will return in September.

Monday, August 25, 2003
Romney’s MCAS Tutorial Policy Has No Heart(s)

All hail Brenda Buote. She nailed the weasel naked.

Last fall, in a post-election education piece, Buote, a Globe reporter, mulling options to the MCAS test found that “during the current fiscal year, the state allocated $50 million for MCAS remediation, including tutoring sessions” and concluded “whether that level of funding is maintained will depend largely on (fraud) Governor-elect Mitt Romney's priorities.” (source: Boston Globe, 11/24/2002)

Repeat, "depend largely on (fraud) Governor-elect Mitt Romney's priorities.”

An aide to the Fraud Governor-elect’s future loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman defended Romney, “He strongly supports education reform. We are working, and will continue to work, with educators, principals, and parents to make sure that students in the class of 2003 have the resources and skills they need to obtain a job or continue their education." (source: Boston Globe, 11/24/2002)

Ding ding ding ding. And there you have it, folks; the ultimate weasel phrase, “students in the class of 2003.”

Because it looks like the Fraud Governor’s educational priorities do not include anyone beyond the class of 2003. Effective September 1, (howdy class of 2004!), Team Reform has decided to eliminate an on-line MCAS tutorial that was implemented under former Gov. Jane Swift (R-Flagbearer) (source: Boston Globe, 4/22/2001; 8/30/2001)

This despite the fact that recent studies show the state’s MCAS pass rate is artificially inflated. (source: Boston Herald, 8/23/2003)

But now Swift’s tutorial, which helped over 8,000 high school students during last year alone, is gone. (source: Boston Globe, 8/23/2003) On the other hand, the state should now have less problem funding Romney’s Education Commissioner’s 2.8 percent raise (on a $157,220 salary.) (source: Boston Globe, 6/25/2003)

Let’s just hope the technical meanies in Room 360 draw the line right there, and don’t also go after the suite of Microsoft Hearts games in the offices of Lt. Gov. Kerry “Sherry Staples” Healey. After all, she needs something to do all day!

Friday, August 22, 2003
Mr. Change changes Run-Mitt-Run Sponsor's Future Pension

Willard Mitt recently appointed William P. Monahan chairman of the state Civil Service Commission. Monahan, who will receive $80G for his ‘work’, is the former Belmont Selectman who we recall as having helped stage an illegal Romney political ad back in 1994 (but we can’t source it beyond the generic Globe piece of 6/9/1994, so we’ll leave it out today) and who last year organized the publicly funded “Run Mitt Run” rally. (source: Boston Globe, 8/22/2003)

An aide to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman said Monahan “was only hired as chair of the civil service commission after an extensive application process."

Sure sure. We’d love to see the applicants that Monahan bested for that job.

Just as we’d love to see the Romney/Healey eat the many lies they spewed last year about wanting to clean up the Mess on Beacon Hill.

Like Kerry “Sherry Staples” Healey, who said, “"Patronage (is) not what Massachusetts is looking for in a governor. We need strong leadership from someone who is independent of the special interests. Mitt Romney is that person." (source: Boston Globe, 9/19/2002)

Or Romney’s loathsome $150,00-a-year spokesman, who grunted that, “Mitt is Mr. Change.'' (source: Worcester T&G, 9/24/2002)

Or the Fraud Candidate himself, who said he defined himself as an outsider who would reform patronage-laden Statehouse politics. “I'll be a voice for people who need to have a voice.” (source, Worcester T&G, 10/30/2002)

And, "This campaign is about cleaning up the mess on Beacon Hill. Balancing the budget can only be achieved by first eliminating waste and the political patronage of both parties and reining in the high-growth areas of the budget." (source: Boston Herald, 5/8/2002)

And "My plan is to have the members of the Republican Party pick my running mate," Romney said. (source: Boston Herald, 3/21/2002) (Whoops – wrong fraud. Where’d that come from?)

But our favorite quote today comes from the Royal Governor himself who, not too long ago, blathered “people who dedicate themselves to public service should do so without any expectation of a financial reward when that service comes to an end.” (source: Boston Herald, 8/8/2003)

Psst. Mr. Monahan, (who is now primed to get a 13-fold pension increase (from $4,800/year to $64,000/year (source: Boston Globe, 8/22/2003)), we think he was talking about you.

Thursday, August 21, 2003
Is the Fraud Governor a Perjurer? (Or is that redundant?)

Willard Mitt, who is already on record as saying he will do anything to knock off an elected Democrat (source: Boston Herald, 7/27/2003) went to Washington and tried to show up the Fall River delegation.

Romney falsely told the House Select Committee on Homeland Security that Fall River had not applied for national security funds, then claimed he sent them some pin money on his own. He told Barney Frank (D-Newton) "We (recognized) that, gosh, this is a major hole, so we put some money aside and said, ‘we're going to send this to Fall River, even though they didn't have a request in . . ..’" (source: Boston Globe, 8/15/2003)

Except, gosh, they did have a request in. One of the Fraud Governor’s staffers later admitted that Fall River had applied for homeland security funds, but that, gosh, Team Reform had rejected their $1.2 million equipment proposal. (source: Boston Globe, 8/15/2003)

Question: did Romney mention whether Dracut or Quincy or Ayer had applied for funds? Answer: No. He only mentioned Fall River. Which means he went to Washington armed with information about … Fall River. Which means he researched Fall River’s application (or lack thereof) ahead of time.

Which means that, gosh, Romney lied when he said that Fall River had not applied, or had a memory lapse.

Gosh, a memory lapse in front of a congressional committee. Why does this sound so familiar?

One question, Congressman Frank. Was Willard Mitt under oath when he lied … er, lapsed …, er … testified? Hope not.

We’d really hate it if we had to read another round of “perjury trap” stories.


Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Yet Another Convenient Romney Memory Lapse

Willard Mitt is a hands-on guy, someone who “savors both the big picture and the smallest detail.” (source: skimag.com) Until something goes wrong. Then he is just another surprised-as-anyone, out-of-the-loop dope.

Remember last year when the Fraud Candidate was found to have taken an illegal Utah-property tax break? His excuse was that he was “unaware” of the discount. (source: Boston Globe, 6/13/2002)

Remember when Romney's Bain crony was found to have last year committed campaign finance violations? Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman mewled that "it's not a situation we're familiar with. We have nothing to say." (source: Boston Herald, 6/24/2003)

Well here we go again.

The Fraud Governor is claiming he knows nothing of his investment in DDi, an investment that may have earned him several million dollars of profit, yet been involved in a fraud that is currently being investigated by the SEC. When asked to explain the situation, the Fraud Governor refused to answer, sending instead his loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman to sneer “I don’t have any information for you, and the (fraud) governor wouldn’t be in a position to provide any information because he has zero knowledge of these matters.” (source: Boston Globe, 8/19/2003)

The guy makes several million dollars in profit, yet has zero knowledge of the matter.

And this is the hands-on Team with whom we have entrusted our $24 billion Commonwealth.

The good news is that state Treasurer Tim Cahill is about to clear Romney’s name. Cahill has pledged to investigate the DDi deal under the pretense of recouping pension loses. (source: Boston Globe, 8/20/2003)

The bet here is that the investigation will place no controlling blame at Romney’s feet. Romney will, therefore, claim he was a victim – just like every other Joe Bag-of-Doughnuts that beat the street for $2 + million. And the issue will go away. Just as the illegal Utah-residency tax break went away when the Ballot Law Commission found that Willard Mitt was qualified to run for office.

Leaving Romney free to plead ignorance about Stage Stores or AmPad or the plan to build or kill or 'fix-it-first' the Greenbush commuter rail line. (source: Boston Globe, 8/20/2003)

Friday, August 15, 2003
Romney + Tony Coelho = 1 Degree of Separation

Willard Mitt today named Paul G. Afonso chairman of the Department of Telecommunications and Energy (DTE). Afonso will oversee the regulation of the Massachusetts utility industry. (source: Office of (fraud) Gov, 8/15/2003)

Earlier this year, Romney said he would make appointments based on principle, not politics. His transition team called it “an era of inclusion," (Boston Globe, 1/12/2002) And today Team Reform made good on their word. In the past they have appointed persons associated with Republican scandals. Today, they appointed someone associated with a Democratic scandal.

Romney’s press release stated that Afonso was graduated from Boston College in 1986, and from Georgetown University Law in 1989. But it didn’t mention his work with The Bristol Group.

Hmmm. Curious omission.

After graduating from Georgetown (and serving as an aide to Senator Claiborne Pell on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and to Congressman Mike Andrews of Texas, on the House Ways and Means Committee) Afonso served as General Council to The Bristol Group, an international trade and strategic planning consulting firm with offices in Washington DC, Lisbon, Portugal, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (source: bristolgroup.net)

While with The Bristol Group, Afonso worked with Tony Coelho, who ‘used government employees and resources to raise funds to help repay a $300,000 personal loan that he obtained from a Portuguese bank.’ (source: public-i.org)

Coelho’s funds went to the Luso-American Wave Foundation, which paid for a Portuguese-American memorial wall sculpture at Lisbon’s Expo 98. (source: New Bedford Standard Time, 4/21/1998; USAToday, 3/24/2000). At one time, the foundation was nothing more than ‘a toll-free telephone number and a mailing address within the offices of a Washington lobbying firm.’ (source: public-i.org)

Afonso was executive director of the Luso-American Wave Foundation and was involved in a free air travel scheme with Coelho. (source: public-i.org) After a State Department investigation into whether he "abused his position as U.S. commissioner to the 1998 World Exposition in Lisbon, Portugal, to promote his many business dealings and a private foundation" Coelho ended up leaving the Gore campaign. (source: Wash Times, 5/12/2000; Associated Press, 6/16/2000)

And Afonso returned to Boston.

Oh. So that’s why Romney’s release didn’t mention The Bristol Group.

Unless, of course, Mitt Romney’s Paul G. Afonso (BC: ‘86; Georgetown: ‘89) is a different person than Tony Coelho’s Paul G. Afonso (BC: ‘86; Georgetown: ‘89).

Sure sure.

Thursday, August 14, 2003
Give Romney Sliver of Silver Line Credit

Willard Mitt today announced he was “revolutionizing bus service at the MBTA (by) taking an aging, polluting fleet and replacing it with ultra-new, world-class, clean energy buses.” Romney claimed this was “consistent with his ‘Fix It First’ transportation policy.” (source: Office of (fraud) Gov, “Romney introduces state-of-the-art MBTA buses”, 8/14/2003)

We hope that Paul Cellucci (R-Canada) and Jane Swift (R-Flagbearer) were involved in the announcement, because the bus purchase was actually set in motion back in September 2000.

But first, Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to April 2002.

“Over the next three years, a phenomenal transformation will take place as outdated diesel buses are systematically replaced by state-of-the-art, low-emission transit vehicles.”

(Shhh. The speaker is MBTA General Manager Michael H. Mulhern.)

“The MBTA has earmarked $352 million for Bus Operations alone over the next five years. We're certain the public will share our enthusiasm once the new buses start rolling." (source: MBTA press release titled “Major Upgrades For Bus Fleet, Service”, 4/4/2002, MBTA.com)

The purchase was in response to an administrative consent order that the MBTA signed with MA DEP in September 2000 mandating that the oldest buses be replaced by December 2004. (source: FY2003 Two Hundred Bus Procurement, Expert Panel Report to MBTA, dieselforum.org)

Okay, back to the present.

Romney’s Transportation Secretary today said, “Put simply, this investment marks a new era in the provision of transit services in the Boston area. The importance of this announcement cannot be underestimated.” (source: "Romney introduces state-of-the-art MBTA buses")

The timing, however, is off by one or four years.

But chin up, Mr. (fraud) Governor. All is not lost. We stand ready to give you full credit for part of the project. You know those hep new Silver Line bus shelters that are so thin and high they don’t block rain? (source: Boston Herald, 6/2/2003) They were your idea - we’re sure of it!

Bain Capital Has Ties to Romney Business Survey Group?

Willard Mitt yesterday announced that the Commonwealth will “launch a business leader survey to measure the potential for future growth and to help guide efforts to revive the economy.” (source: Office of (fraud) Gov, “Romney announces launch of business leader survey”, 8/13/2003)

Business execs will be asked if they plan to hire employees, and which externalities most impact their businesses success. In other words, businesses will be asked to fork over ‘inside information.’ All in the name of helping grow the economy, of course.

Something tells us that Bain Capital would never answer the questions that are being posed in this survey. Which is only natural. Bain is a competitive business in a competitive market.

So it struck us as odd that one of the companies that will help review the completed surveys is The Monitor Group, which appears to help rank investment opportunities for New Profit Inc, which is invested in by, among others, Bain Capital. (source: Boston Herald, 8/14/2003); forbes.com, as reprinted on bellboston.org – did we say we like Steve Forbes?)

So let us get this straight. Romney, who used to run Bain Capital, wants Massachusetts corporations to give proprietary information to The Monitor Group, which may evaluate investments for Bain Capital.

Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

By the way, last year, The Monitor Group appears to have donated $12,600 to six various and sundry politicians across several party lines. However, $10,800 went straight to Romney for Governor. (source: OCPF)

We love a good reformer.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Archie Bunker Romney Says ‘Stifle It!’

We like Steve Forbes. Not only does he own an island; his eponymous magazine routinely (if unintentionally) punctures the pompous, like our own Fraud Governor, Willard Mitt.

Romney’s latest gambit in his march to the sea is an across the board gag order forbidding secretariat and agency heads from communicating directly with the legislature. (source: Boston Herald, 8/13/2003)

This comes after he restricted executive branch employees from speaking with the press. (source: Boston Globe, 1/19/2003)

Now why would the Fraud Governor want to stifle communication? For that we turn to Forbes, who writes, in an article examining venture capitalists – hello Bain! – “secrecy provides good cover for managers with--shall we say?--questionable values.” (source: “By invitation only,” Forbes.com)

So that's it. Team Reform is trying to hide their questionable values. Silly us. We thought they had no values at all.

What’s strange about Romney’s ‘if they ask don’t tell’ directive is that just weeks ago, in his veto message for Section 161 (Legislative Requests for Information) of the FY2004 budget, he wrote “I am vetoing this section as it constitutes a harsh intrusion into executive branch prerogatives while violating the spirit of cooperation (between the Executive and Legislative branches).” (source: Office of (Fraud) Gov, veto message)

Cooperation?! So instead he puts forth an across-the-board communication ban?

Sure sure.

Romney and Forbes have had their share of political disagreements, specifically with regard to Forbes suggested flat tax. As you may recall, Willard Mitt once spent $50K to call Forbe’s proposal “a disservice to the Republican Party." (source: Boston Globe, 1/21/1996)

We’re confident that Forbes would return the complement today.

Romney Approves Vans Over Vials

Two weeks ago, an aide to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman refused to support a $250,000 plan to allow Massachusetts seniors from buying prescription drugs in Canada because the Fraud Governor ‘would rather not see additional costs incurred by government in a time of budget duress.’ (source: Boston Globe, 8/3/2003)

But yesterday Romney’s Highway Department announced it will spend $1.4 million for 22 roadside assistance vans to keep suburban traffic moving. The vans are being partially sponsored ($575K) by Commerce Insurance. (source: Boston Herald, 8/13/2003)

$1.4M for suburban commuters is acceptable, but $250,000 for seniors drugs is too expensive?

Okay. How’s-about if the Grey Panthers co-sponsor a fleet of roadside assistance vans. Would the Fraud Governor let them make the occasional side-trip to Montreal to bring back a couple bottles of aspirin?

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Romney's Weakening Ethics

Back when he was Olympic Games Chef, Willard Mitt Romney pretended to be on the straight and narrow, saying he would create an office to develop a code of ethics for the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. “You have to have guidelines (to) preserve the public trust,” Romney claimed. (source: Christian Science Monitor, 2/16/99)

Then, after becoming the Fraud Governor-elect, he continued his ethical charade, pronouncing, "We intend to abide by the strictest standards of ethical conduct." (source: Boston Globe, 12/20/2003)

But suddenly, in the dog days of August, when no one is reading more than box scores and Jonathan Swift beach anthologies, the Fraud Governor has changed his mind. Willard Mitt has decided to seek “sweeping exemptions to the state's ethics laws.” It seems that Team Reform wants to allow public officials to accept pricey gifts and wade into business deals that conflict with their public roles. (source: Boston Herald, 8/12/2003)

(Translation: Peter Nessen, please come home. All is forgiven.)

Romney, who once said , “there's no shame in conflict of interest" (source: Christian Science Monitor, 2/16/99), claimed his bill “would pose no genuine risk of affecting the integrity of the performance of public employees or the public's confidence in municipal or state government.” (source: Boston Herald, 8/12/2003)

Oddly, we are not reassured.

And to think we were concerned about Steve Roche!

Monday, August 11, 2003
Romney Playing Politics With Budget?

By itself, the article was innocuous. ‘Aid cut puts Plymouth in $5 million deficit.’ (source: Boston Globe, 8/10/2003) But when you stack it against Team Reform’s promise to target anti-Fraud legislators, it seems downright insidious.

After all, Willard Mitt Romney recently pledged to “do everything possible" to target unfriendly legislators. (Boston Herald, 7/27/2003)

And RSC strongman Darrell “I am not a hack” Crate said "The Massachusetts Republican Party will work overtime to identify and support candidates in 2004.” (source: RSC press release titled, “Dem Legislators Choose ‘Ego Immersion’ over English Immersion,” 7/15/2003) Senate Ways and Means chair T. Murray (D-Plymouth) was listed as a key target.

Did Team Reform push the Plymouth budget story?

Wayne Woodlief thinks the RSC has targeted Sen. Murray. (source: Boston Herald, 4/22/2003) And Fava is listed as a candidate for the Murray seat. (source: massgop.com)

Which should make residents of Plymouth nervous. After all, if Team Reform will “do everything possible” to defeat Murray, who knows where they'll stop?

In the meantime, Strongman Crate: wake up! Your website lists contact info for Fava as both a candidate (Yahoo.com) and state committee member (TFN.com). Wait a minute. Why would Fava list his company address (Thomson Financial) for Committee business? Doesn’t matter now. Fava left Thomson for State Street. (That’s statestreet.com, Crate)

Details details details.

Sunday, August 10, 2003
Romney Hires Another Malone Hack

Name someone beyond political redemption. Anyone. Chances are they are working for Willard Mitt Romney on Beacon Hill. And now the Fraud Governor is extending the hand of friendship to Steven C. Roche, who may join Team Reform as a fund-raiser. (source: Boston Herald, 8/10/2003)

Rochie’s bona-fides are in order. He lists Joe Malone as a reference. (source: Boston Globe, 3/5/2003) He was investigated by the SEC for allegedly giving investment deals to Malone campaign contributors. (source: Boston Herald, 6/1/2000) And he is pals with Rich “Embezzlement” Arrighi, who went to jail for stealing from Malone's state Treasury. (source: Boston Herald, 6/1/2000)

We guess all of the bad news surrounding Steve Roche help explain why he didn’t get the fund-raising job he applied for over at UMass. (source: Boston Globe, 3/5/2003) And in a strange way, help explain why he was picked up by Team Reform. After all, Willard Mitt hired Martin Hanaka. (source: Boston Herald, 10/18/2002)

Maybe it's not just Romney's political character that is fraudulent.

Not too long ago, Kerry 'Sherry Staples' Healey said “We need strong leadership from someone who is independent of the special interests and the lobbyists at the State House. Mitt Romney is that person." (source: Boston Globe, 9/19/2002)

Sure sure. Say it with a straight face.

Paging Joe Malone. Your table is almost ready.

Thursday, August 07, 2003
Romney Lied About Eliminating UMass Prez Office

Months after claiming he was targeting the UMass president's office for policy, and not political reasons, Willard Mitt Romney yesterday admitted acting on pure politics. Now that Bulger has tendered his resignation, Romney said he would no longer attempt to eliminate the UMass president’s office. (source: Boston Globe, 8/7/2003)

The Fraud Governor's statements fly in the face of statements that he and other members of Team Reform have made for months.

"This was not a political calculation or a personal one," (fraud) Gov. (Willard) Mitt Romney said. "The same decision would have been made regardless of the occupant." (source: Boston Herald, 2/27/2003)

The governor denied that his proposal was personal, saying the money-saving logic of his plan is so compelling that he would have pursued it regardless of who held the president's post. (source: Boston Globe, 2/28/2003)

"We'll do everything out in the open. We don't make decisions based on people or personalities," (Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman) said. (source: Boston Herald, 2/24/2003)

Romney pointedly said the move against the president's office was not personal. Nessen said Bulger's future with the new UMass rested with the new local boards of trustees. "I'm not looking to get rid of him. I'm suggesting that the office, no matter who sat there, becomes redundant," Nessen said. (source: Boston Herald, 2/27/2003)

"It's not a political calculation nor a personal one," (Willard Mitt) Romney said. "The same decision would have been reached regardless of the occupant." (source: Boston Herald, 2/27/2003)

"The key issue . . . is getting assets to campuses instead of a centralized office," said Peter Nessen, Romney's education adviser. (source: Boston Globe, 3/16/2003)

"President Bulger has been a great leader for UMass," Tocco said. "In my personal view, there could be a very important role that president Bulger could play in a new system." Two Romney administration officials said later that Tocco was speaking for himself and that Nessen and Romney still envision a new education system that does not have a UMass president's office. (source: Boston Globe, 3/21/2003)

"I believe the elimination of a central president's office, particularly one that's on Beacon Hill, represents a substantial cost savings, millions of dollars in cost savings," Romney said. "It also gives the institutions themselves a new breath of life in a sense of being able to move forward with greater energy and mission." (source: Boston Herald, 4/8/2003)

"We think we can create a better university system for the students of Massachusetts by eliminating the $14 million UMass president's office," (an aide to Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman) said. (source: Boston Herald, 4/23/2003)

Romney took pains yesterday to point out that he doesn't consider the confrontation with Bulger to be personal, saying his proposal has the best long-term interests of the UMass system in mind. "If it were a matter of him personally, I'd be dealing with the board" to remove him, the (fraud) governor said. "It's a matter of the office of the president of UMass, which I believe is an unnecessary and wasteful organization structure." (source: Boston Globe, 5/2/203)

"This (separate vote) is the most clear and stark way to have this issue considered," Romney said. "Legislators have the choice of continuing the office of the UMass president. And whether (it costs) $6 million as President Bulger suggests, or $14 million as our Office of Administration and Finance calculates, in either case it's millions of dollars for an office at 1 Beacon St., money that could go for student aid." (source: Boston Herald, 5/8/2003)

But after Bulger resigned, Romney said "I'm not looking for an elimination of the UMass president's office, as I was in the past." (source: Boston Globe, 8/7/2003)

Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Romney Thanks Supporter With Nursing Home Bed-Tax

Is Robert Platt still in the nursing home business? According to public records, his company, Senior Health Management (with homes in Canton, Wareham, Agawam, and Leicester), hasn't filed an annual report since 2001. (source: Office of Secretary of State) So he may be 'retired,' as often happens when the feds say you illegally diverted HUD monies. (source: Boston Herald, 6/13/2000)

So perhaps Platt is now only a nursing home lobbyist. Either way, the Fraud Governor just gave him a great big kiss by approving a $9.60 a day nursing home bed-tax. The tax, for all beds not covered by Medicare, will result in increased payments for 1 out of every 10 nursing homes in the state. (source: Boston Herald, 7/29/2003) Of course, this means that the remaining 90 percent of the state's nursing homes will end up 'making money.'

So why would Romney impose this tax when he has repeatedly stated his opposition to taxes?

Could this be a favor to Platt? Platt and his wife Shelley gave $2,100 to Romney/Healey since last July 31. (source: OCPF) But more importantly, it was Robert Platt who j'accused! union workers of illegally influencing voters in Jamaica Plain on election day. (source: Boston Herald, 11/6/2002)

Which may explain why Team Reform this week whacked the labor unions for their political PACs. (source: Boston Globe, 8/5/2003) They needed a diversion.

As Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman once said, "insiders are desperately afraid to talk about the mess on Beacon Hill and they will go to any length to distract people from their budget deficits and tax increases." (source: Boston Globe, 6/16/2002)

Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Romney Crony Gets Five-Year Jail Sentence for Medicare Fraud

A federal Appeals Court found Monday that William Thurston, former senior vice president of Damon Corp, will have to spend five years in prison for Medicare fraud, rather than the three-month sentence he originally received. (source: Associated Press, 8/4/2003)

Willard Mitt Romney was a member of the Damon Corp. board of directors during Thurston's crime spree. He personally made $473,000 when Damon Corp. was later sold to Corning Inc.. (Boston Globe, 10/10/2002)

The Needham-based Damon Corp. was ordered to pay $119 million in penalties in October 1996 for the fraudulent scheme, which involved deceiving doctors into ordering unnecessary blood tests, by ''bundling'' them with more common blood tests. Medicare was billed for thousands of medically unnecessary blood tests and thousands of dialysis patients were subjected to unnecessary blood draws every month. (source: Associated Press, 8/4/2003)

According to Judge Sandra L. Lynch, who wrote for the Court's three-judge panel, "'Health care fraud, a form of white collar fraud, is a serious national problem, affecting the financial integrity of programs meant to aid tens of millions of people in need of health care."

"Every dollar lost to fraud is a dollar that could have provided medical care to the elderly or the disabled," Lynch wrote, perhaps referring to Prescription Advantage, the senior drug benefit program that the Fraud Governor is mercilessly squeezing.

Sunday, August 03, 2003
Doug Foy Calls Romney Enviro-Hypocrite

The State's Chief of Commonwealth Development, Doug Foy, recently told the Martha's Vineyard Gazette "How many SUVs do we have to take off the roads on the Cape and Islands to offset the carbon dioxide that will be saved by building the Cape Wind project? I haven't done the calculation yet, but I'll bet it's every SUV. You can't be opposed to Cape Wind and drive an SUV." (source: The Vineyard Gazette, 7/25/2003)

Uh, Mr. Foy? Meet your boss, the SUV-driving Willard Mitt Romney, who is, er, opposed to the Cape Wind project. Said an aide to Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman, the Fraud Governor "supports wind power, but doesn't want it in the sound. He says you wouldn't put a wind farm in the Grand Canyon; why would you put it on the Cape?" (source: Boston Globe, 4/25/2003)

Oops. Which may be why the once-principled Foy immediately backtracked and said that he had no official position on Cape Wind, because "we don't have all the facts yet." (source: The Vineyard Gazette, 7/25/2003)

Sure sure. And as Ronald Reagan said, 'facts are stupid things.'

Pirates of the MCCA

Last year, Willard Mitt stole an old Evelyn Murphy idea and proposed that the State sell the Hynes Convention Center. (source: Boston Globe, 6/20/2002) He mentioned something about not needing two public convention centers - said he'd save money on redundant overhead. Of course, he also said this about the MDC, and we’re still stuck with Bill McKinney, but we digress.

Ace business reporter Cosmo Macero discovered that Romney’s “troubled” Convention Center Authority went out and stole business from the Bayside Expo Center. (source: Boston Herald, 7/27/2003) Which is the way they do things in the private sector. Except the MCCA is not in the private sector. They are in business to help the private sector. Provided, it appears, the private sector plays ball with the public sector.

The Bayside Expo Center is operated by a company called Corcoran Jennison. Since January 2002, Corcoran Jennison has donated $11,100 to 14 local pols, only two of which happen to be Republican. The good news is they gifted $500 to the Fraud Governor in 2003. The bad news is they neglected to pay tribute to the Fraud Candidate in 2002. They actually gave $500 to Jane Swift (R-Flagbearer) in March 2002. (source: OCPF)

Which means these guys were ripe for a beat-down, Bain style.

All is not lost, however. Corcoran Jennison can solve this 'misunderstanding' in one thirty-second lunch with Darrell Crate. At the Harvard Club - BYOP. (Bring your own pen.)


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