Sunday, August 10, 2003
Romney Hires Another Malone Hack

Name someone beyond political redemption. Anyone. Chances are they are working for Willard Mitt Romney on Beacon Hill. And now the Fraud Governor is extending the hand of friendship to Steven C. Roche, who may join Team Reform as a fund-raiser. (source: Boston Herald, 8/10/2003)

Rochie’s bona-fides are in order. He lists Joe Malone as a reference. (source: Boston Globe, 3/5/2003) He was investigated by the SEC for allegedly giving investment deals to Malone campaign contributors. (source: Boston Herald, 6/1/2000) And he is pals with Rich “Embezzlement” Arrighi, who went to jail for stealing from Malone's state Treasury. (source: Boston Herald, 6/1/2000)

We guess all of the bad news surrounding Steve Roche help explain why he didn’t get the fund-raising job he applied for over at UMass. (source: Boston Globe, 3/5/2003) And in a strange way, help explain why he was picked up by Team Reform. After all, Willard Mitt hired Martin Hanaka. (source: Boston Herald, 10/18/2002)

Maybe it's not just Romney's political character that is fraudulent.

Not too long ago, Kerry 'Sherry Staples' Healey said “We need strong leadership from someone who is independent of the special interests and the lobbyists at the State House. Mitt Romney is that person." (source: Boston Globe, 9/19/2002)

Sure sure. Say it with a straight face.

Paging Joe Malone. Your table is almost ready.


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