Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Romney Approves Vans Over Vials

Two weeks ago, an aide to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman refused to support a $250,000 plan to allow Massachusetts seniors from buying prescription drugs in Canada because the Fraud Governor ‘would rather not see additional costs incurred by government in a time of budget duress.’ (source: Boston Globe, 8/3/2003)

But yesterday Romney’s Highway Department announced it will spend $1.4 million for 22 roadside assistance vans to keep suburban traffic moving. The vans are being partially sponsored ($575K) by Commerce Insurance. (source: Boston Herald, 8/13/2003)

$1.4M for suburban commuters is acceptable, but $250,000 for seniors drugs is too expensive?

Okay. How’s-about if the Grey Panthers co-sponsor a fleet of roadside assistance vans. Would the Fraud Governor let them make the occasional side-trip to Montreal to bring back a couple bottles of aspirin?


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