Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Romney Thanks Supporter With Nursing Home Bed-Tax

Is Robert Platt still in the nursing home business? According to public records, his company, Senior Health Management (with homes in Canton, Wareham, Agawam, and Leicester), hasn't filed an annual report since 2001. (source: Office of Secretary of State) So he may be 'retired,' as often happens when the feds say you illegally diverted HUD monies. (source: Boston Herald, 6/13/2000)

So perhaps Platt is now only a nursing home lobbyist. Either way, the Fraud Governor just gave him a great big kiss by approving a $9.60 a day nursing home bed-tax. The tax, for all beds not covered by Medicare, will result in increased payments for 1 out of every 10 nursing homes in the state. (source: Boston Herald, 7/29/2003) Of course, this means that the remaining 90 percent of the state's nursing homes will end up 'making money.'

So why would Romney impose this tax when he has repeatedly stated his opposition to taxes?

Could this be a favor to Platt? Platt and his wife Shelley gave $2,100 to Romney/Healey since last July 31. (source: OCPF) But more importantly, it was Robert Platt who j'accused! union workers of illegally influencing voters in Jamaica Plain on election day. (source: Boston Herald, 11/6/2002)

Which may explain why Team Reform this week whacked the labor unions for their political PACs. (source: Boston Globe, 8/5/2003) They needed a diversion.

As Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman once said, "insiders are desperately afraid to talk about the mess on Beacon Hill and they will go to any length to distract people from their budget deficits and tax increases." (source: Boston Globe, 6/16/2002)


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