Sunday, August 03, 2003
Doug Foy Calls Romney Enviro-Hypocrite

The State's Chief of Commonwealth Development, Doug Foy, recently told the Martha's Vineyard Gazette "How many SUVs do we have to take off the roads on the Cape and Islands to offset the carbon dioxide that will be saved by building the Cape Wind project? I haven't done the calculation yet, but I'll bet it's every SUV. You can't be opposed to Cape Wind and drive an SUV." (source: The Vineyard Gazette, 7/25/2003)

Uh, Mr. Foy? Meet your boss, the SUV-driving Willard Mitt Romney, who is, er, opposed to the Cape Wind project. Said an aide to Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman, the Fraud Governor "supports wind power, but doesn't want it in the sound. He says you wouldn't put a wind farm in the Grand Canyon; why would you put it on the Cape?" (source: Boston Globe, 4/25/2003)

Oops. Which may be why the once-principled Foy immediately backtracked and said that he had no official position on Cape Wind, because "we don't have all the facts yet." (source: The Vineyard Gazette, 7/25/2003)

Sure sure. And as Ronald Reagan said, 'facts are stupid things.'


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