Monday, August 11, 2003
Romney Playing Politics With Budget?

By itself, the article was innocuous. ‘Aid cut puts Plymouth in $5 million deficit.’ (source: Boston Globe, 8/10/2003) But when you stack it against Team Reform’s promise to target anti-Fraud legislators, it seems downright insidious.

After all, Willard Mitt Romney recently pledged to “do everything possible" to target unfriendly legislators. (Boston Herald, 7/27/2003)

And RSC strongman Darrell “I am not a hack” Crate said "The Massachusetts Republican Party will work overtime to identify and support candidates in 2004.” (source: RSC press release titled, “Dem Legislators Choose ‘Ego Immersion’ over English Immersion,” 7/15/2003) Senate Ways and Means chair T. Murray (D-Plymouth) was listed as a key target.

Did Team Reform push the Plymouth budget story?

Wayne Woodlief thinks the RSC has targeted Sen. Murray. (source: Boston Herald, 4/22/2003) And Fava is listed as a candidate for the Murray seat. (source: massgop.com)

Which should make residents of Plymouth nervous. After all, if Team Reform will “do everything possible” to defeat Murray, who knows where they'll stop?

In the meantime, Strongman Crate: wake up! Your website lists contact info for Fava as both a candidate (Yahoo.com) and state committee member (TFN.com). Wait a minute. Why would Fava list his company address (Thomson Financial) for Committee business? Doesn’t matter now. Fava left Thomson for State Street. (That’s statestreet.com, Crate)

Details details details.


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