Monday, August 25, 2003
Romney’s MCAS Tutorial Policy Has No Heart(s)

All hail Brenda Buote. She nailed the weasel naked.

Last fall, in a post-election education piece, Buote, a Globe reporter, mulling options to the MCAS test found that “during the current fiscal year, the state allocated $50 million for MCAS remediation, including tutoring sessions” and concluded “whether that level of funding is maintained will depend largely on (fraud) Governor-elect Mitt Romney's priorities.” (source: Boston Globe, 11/24/2002)

Repeat, "depend largely on (fraud) Governor-elect Mitt Romney's priorities.”

An aide to the Fraud Governor-elect’s future loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman defended Romney, “He strongly supports education reform. We are working, and will continue to work, with educators, principals, and parents to make sure that students in the class of 2003 have the resources and skills they need to obtain a job or continue their education." (source: Boston Globe, 11/24/2002)

Ding ding ding ding. And there you have it, folks; the ultimate weasel phrase, “students in the class of 2003.”

Because it looks like the Fraud Governor’s educational priorities do not include anyone beyond the class of 2003. Effective September 1, (howdy class of 2004!), Team Reform has decided to eliminate an on-line MCAS tutorial that was implemented under former Gov. Jane Swift (R-Flagbearer) (source: Boston Globe, 4/22/2001; 8/30/2001)

This despite the fact that recent studies show the state’s MCAS pass rate is artificially inflated. (source: Boston Herald, 8/23/2003)

But now Swift’s tutorial, which helped over 8,000 high school students during last year alone, is gone. (source: Boston Globe, 8/23/2003) On the other hand, the state should now have less problem funding Romney’s Education Commissioner’s 2.8 percent raise (on a $157,220 salary.) (source: Boston Globe, 6/25/2003)

Let’s just hope the technical meanies in Room 360 draw the line right there, and don’t also go after the suite of Microsoft Hearts games in the offices of Lt. Gov. Kerry “Sherry Staples” Healey. After all, she needs something to do all day!


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