Thursday, August 14, 2003
Bain Capital Has Ties to Romney Business Survey Group?

Willard Mitt yesterday announced that the Commonwealth will “launch a business leader survey to measure the potential for future growth and to help guide efforts to revive the economy.” (source: Office of (fraud) Gov, “Romney announces launch of business leader survey”, 8/13/2003)

Business execs will be asked if they plan to hire employees, and which externalities most impact their businesses success. In other words, businesses will be asked to fork over ‘inside information.’ All in the name of helping grow the economy, of course.

Something tells us that Bain Capital would never answer the questions that are being posed in this survey. Which is only natural. Bain is a competitive business in a competitive market.

So it struck us as odd that one of the companies that will help review the completed surveys is The Monitor Group, which appears to help rank investment opportunities for New Profit Inc, which is invested in by, among others, Bain Capital. (source: Boston Herald, 8/14/2003); forbes.com, as reprinted on bellboston.org – did we say we like Steve Forbes?)

So let us get this straight. Romney, who used to run Bain Capital, wants Massachusetts corporations to give proprietary information to The Monitor Group, which may evaluate investments for Bain Capital.

Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

By the way, last year, The Monitor Group appears to have donated $12,600 to six various and sundry politicians across several party lines. However, $10,800 went straight to Romney for Governor. (source: OCPF)

We love a good reformer.


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