Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Romney's Weakening Ethics

Back when he was Olympic Games Chef, Willard Mitt Romney pretended to be on the straight and narrow, saying he would create an office to develop a code of ethics for the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. “You have to have guidelines (to) preserve the public trust,” Romney claimed. (source: Christian Science Monitor, 2/16/99)

Then, after becoming the Fraud Governor-elect, he continued his ethical charade, pronouncing, "We intend to abide by the strictest standards of ethical conduct." (source: Boston Globe, 12/20/2003)

But suddenly, in the dog days of August, when no one is reading more than box scores and Jonathan Swift beach anthologies, the Fraud Governor has changed his mind. Willard Mitt has decided to seek “sweeping exemptions to the state's ethics laws.” It seems that Team Reform wants to allow public officials to accept pricey gifts and wade into business deals that conflict with their public roles. (source: Boston Herald, 8/12/2003)

(Translation: Peter Nessen, please come home. All is forgiven.)

Romney, who once said , “there's no shame in conflict of interest" (source: Christian Science Monitor, 2/16/99), claimed his bill “would pose no genuine risk of affecting the integrity of the performance of public employees or the public's confidence in municipal or state government.” (source: Boston Herald, 8/12/2003)

Oddly, we are not reassured.

And to think we were concerned about Steve Roche!


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