Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Archie Bunker Romney Says ‘Stifle It!’

We like Steve Forbes. Not only does he own an island; his eponymous magazine routinely (if unintentionally) punctures the pompous, like our own Fraud Governor, Willard Mitt.

Romney’s latest gambit in his march to the sea is an across the board gag order forbidding secretariat and agency heads from communicating directly with the legislature. (source: Boston Herald, 8/13/2003)

This comes after he restricted executive branch employees from speaking with the press. (source: Boston Globe, 1/19/2003)

Now why would the Fraud Governor want to stifle communication? For that we turn to Forbes, who writes, in an article examining venture capitalists – hello Bain! – “secrecy provides good cover for managers with--shall we say?--questionable values.” (source: “By invitation only,” Forbes.com)

So that's it. Team Reform is trying to hide their questionable values. Silly us. We thought they had no values at all.

What’s strange about Romney’s ‘if they ask don’t tell’ directive is that just weeks ago, in his veto message for Section 161 (Legislative Requests for Information) of the FY2004 budget, he wrote “I am vetoing this section as it constitutes a harsh intrusion into executive branch prerogatives while violating the spirit of cooperation (between the Executive and Legislative branches).” (source: Office of (Fraud) Gov, veto message)

Cooperation?! So instead he puts forth an across-the-board communication ban?

Sure sure.

Romney and Forbes have had their share of political disagreements, specifically with regard to Forbes suggested flat tax. As you may recall, Willard Mitt once spent $50K to call Forbe’s proposal “a disservice to the Republican Party." (source: Boston Globe, 1/21/1996)

We’re confident that Forbes would return the complement today.


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