Thursday, August 21, 2003
Is the Fraud Governor a Perjurer? (Or is that redundant?)

Willard Mitt, who is already on record as saying he will do anything to knock off an elected Democrat (source: Boston Herald, 7/27/2003) went to Washington and tried to show up the Fall River delegation.

Romney falsely told the House Select Committee on Homeland Security that Fall River had not applied for national security funds, then claimed he sent them some pin money on his own. He told Barney Frank (D-Newton) "We (recognized) that, gosh, this is a major hole, so we put some money aside and said, ‘we're going to send this to Fall River, even though they didn't have a request in . . ..’" (source: Boston Globe, 8/15/2003)

Except, gosh, they did have a request in. One of the Fraud Governor’s staffers later admitted that Fall River had applied for homeland security funds, but that, gosh, Team Reform had rejected their $1.2 million equipment proposal. (source: Boston Globe, 8/15/2003)

Question: did Romney mention whether Dracut or Quincy or Ayer had applied for funds? Answer: No. He only mentioned Fall River. Which means he went to Washington armed with information about … Fall River. Which means he researched Fall River’s application (or lack thereof) ahead of time.

Which means that, gosh, Romney lied when he said that Fall River had not applied, or had a memory lapse.

Gosh, a memory lapse in front of a congressional committee. Why does this sound so familiar?

One question, Congressman Frank. Was Willard Mitt under oath when he lied … er, lapsed …, er … testified? Hope not.

We’d really hate it if we had to read another round of “perjury trap” stories.



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