Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Romney is a Pinko!

This is for y'all in South Cackalacky who think Willard Mitt is a good ole boy in waiting, looking protect the hinderlands from the evils of homer-saxuals.

See, back in aught two, Team Reform distributed BRIGHT-PINK fliers at the Boston (gasp) Gay Pride (gasp gasp) Parade.

And as if the color's not bad enough, Romney even had some pesky text printed up as well: "All citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual preference."

So next time you're at a Ree-publican fund-squeezer and you see Willard Mitt working the room, sue-press the desire to bend over your plate of baby-back ribs until Fraudo sidles his past your trough. Never know what's gonna fly out of his hand.

And yes, we're offering a free meat-pie to anyone who sends in a color picture of the 'Protect A Woman's Right To Choose' pamphlets that Fraudo undoubtedly handed out at Pro-Choice Rallys across the Commonwealth ....


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