Monday, February 06, 2006
Conn. Man

Every night at two hours before midnight flood-lights should illuminate the State House and a stentorian voice should declaim "It's ten o'clock. Do you know where your (fraud) Governor's legal counsel is?" Then the populace could place wagers on whether Willard Mitt's loyal legal beagle is at work or at home, (and if the latter, in or outside of Massachusetts.)

Then the State Police could arrest the populace for illegal wagering, and Fraudo could use the resulting fines to help balance the local aid fund.

In the meantime perhaps someone should plumb the following questions:

-for whom does said legal counsel work, the Commonwealth or the (fraud) governor?

Because according to those who purport to know these things, the Counsel "is responsible for advising on all legal aspects of policy questions, legal issues arising in connection with the Governor's decision to sign or veto legislation, ethical questions, conflicts of interest during employment and post employment, issues related to justices of the peace, and questions regarding the standard of conduct for notaries public." (source: mass.gov/legal/)

Sounds like said advice should come from an independent voice, no? So does s/he work for the Commonwealth or for her/his liege?

If s/he works for the Commonwealth, shouldn't they at least have the appearance of independence and work out of their own office? Or are times so tight that Team Reform should be sharing common space to save on energy costs?

-what 'materials' did one Mark Neilsen of 3 Encampment Pl Sterling, CT 06377 provide to Romney/Healey Inc. that precipitated that $838.80 notation in the database of the Office of Campaign and Political Finance? (source: OCPF, 2/28/2005) And is this Mark Neilsen related to the Mark Neilsen who acts as Willard Mitt's impartial and independent legal counsel? (And if a Boston police officer has to live within the geographic confines of their employer's boundaries shouldn't also members of the (fraud) Governor's key administrative staff? But we digress.)


-does the (fraud) Governor's Legal Counsel have any other duties?

"The Office serves as the principal contact with the Office of the Attorney General...." (source: mass.gov/legal/)


Never mind.


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