Friday, April 20, 2007
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

According to Doonesbury, if you do an internet "search on flip-flop and Mitt Romney" you "get 5,435,000 hits."

This is obviously a mis-guided attempt by the liberal media to paint Williard Mitt in the worst possible light.

Kindly note:
if you Google <"Mitt Romney" "flip-flop"> you only get 95,500 hits.
if you Google <"Mitt Romney" flip-flop> you only get 159,000 hits.
if you Google <Mitt Romney flip-flop> you only get 180,000 hits.

That's barely more than a Google search seeking to pair the Fraud Governor with Bruce Campbell. Yep, THAT Bruce Campbell.

Even adding all three [Mitt Romney flip flop] totals together only gives you 434,500 hits. That's five million hits shy of Doonesbury's stated claim.

If Willard Mitt had any scruples he'd immediately demand a retraction.

And then, two days later, retract his demand. But only to be consistent.


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