Thursday, June 01, 2006
Wicked Mint

We remember it like it was January 14, 2003. Willard Mitt said that he would save the Realm, or at least $5,000, by not having the Highway Department repaint his name on project signs, and 'end the practice of putting up signs with the names of public officials in front of state construction projects.'

"What a waste of money to use taxpayers' funds to create monuments to the egos of public officials," Romney told the Worcester T&G. (source: Worcester T&G, 1/15/2003)

There you have it, folks: Willard Mitt is against creating monuments to the egos of public officials.


So how does he explain this:

Or this:

So Fraudo, did you use taxpayer funds to mint this monument to your ego, or were they privately purchased? And if the latter, how do you 'splain the use of the official state seal?

Or are you starting your own public transportation system and have designed these as tokens?

Good for travel both ways, of course.


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