Friday, October 31, 2003
Fie on $50M Unfair Fare Fee

Willard Mitt loves forceful statements – at least when he is addressing an audience. However, take away the audience and Romney looks less forceful than fraudful.

Recently, for example, the Fraud Governor did the Khrushchev-thing in front of an editorial board, saying “We should manage state government as effectively and efficiently as we can to be fiscally responsible, and not to hit our citizens with a tax increase to solve our problems.” (source: Quincy Patriot Ledger, 10/23/2003)

But just days later Romney’s MBTA was “pleased” to accept the T’s Advisory Board’s recommendation that a $50 million fare increase be adopted. (source: State House News, 10/27/2003)

To fill a $20 million shortfall.

Huh? The MBTA needs $20 million to close a budget gap, so Team Reform reaches out and grabs $50 million?

Close enough for fraud government work.

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Thursday, October 30, 2003
Task Force Farce

What a difference a year and two weeks makes.

Back when he was Fraud Candidate, Willard Mitt disparaged his opponent, State Treasurer Shannon O’Brien, saying of her that "you see consistently rhetoric on commissions, task forces, new committees, new departments, new agencies - not action.” (source: Boston Globe, 10/15/2002)

Romney was portraying himself a Man of Action, not one who'd dabble in commissions or task forces.

One week later, during a gubernatorial debate, Romney derided O’Brien for suggesting that she would convene a task force to measure the impact of casino gambling on the Commonwealth. (source: Boston Globe, 10/25/02)

Of course, that was then. It is now apparent that Romney was Romneyizing - spinning a fraud - because since becoming Fraud Governor, the Willard Mitt action figure has created:

-the Governor’s Commission to Prevent Homelessness (February, 2003);
-the Governor’s Affordable Housing Task Force (February, 2003);
-the Governor’s Ocean Management Task Force (March, 2003);
-the Governor’s Task Force on Building and Fire Safety (April, 2003);
-the Governor’s Task Force on Wind Farms (July, 2003);
-the Governor’s Commission on Criminal Justice Innovation (July, 2003);
-the Governor’s Task Force to Evaluate Emergency Preparedness (August, 2003);
-the Governor’s Council on Capital Punishment (aka – Willard’s Death Squad) (September, 2003);
-the Governor’s Commission on Corrections Reform (October, 2003); and,
-the Governor’s Education Task Force (October, 2003). (source: Office of the (Fraud) Governor)

What was that you were saying about 'action over rhetoric' there, Fraudo?

Oh yeah, one year and two weeks ago Romney Romneyized that he would cut state spending by as much as 12 percent by completely restructuring state government rather than relying on incremental cuts, like those Gov. Jane Swift (R – Flag Bearer) used. (source: Boston Globe, 10/15/2002)

Maybe Willard Mitt should convene a task force to expunge his fraudulent statements.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Romney Courts Trouble in Taunton

Less than a month after the Fraud Governor formed his Council on Capital Punishment to bring back the death penalty (source: Boston Globe, 9/24/2003) his Public Safety Secretary announced that Team Reform would move from a tough-on-crime philosophy to a more progressive criminal justice policy focused on reentry and rehabilitation programs. Secretary Edward Flynn monotoned that "It is not enough to be tough on crime, we must be smart on crime." (source: State House News, 10/28/2003)

However, judging from the way that the Fraud Governor is treating the Taunton Court House, it is apparent that Flynn forgot to read the part about being cheap on crime.

For despite the fact that a tour of the Court House by the Senate President found no space to separate criminals from victims, no access to the facilities for the disabled, no lockup facilities, water damage, and overcrowding, the Fraud Governor refuses to pay for repairs.

In fact, Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman simply said the Court House is “in bad shape, as are other courthouses in the Commonwealth. We have 112 courthouses in Massachusetts, which is more than we need.” (source: State House News, 10/28/2003)

So what happened to Romney’s claim that he would decide whether or not the Court House should be fixed after a statewide needs assessment was conducted? (source: Taunton Gazette, 10/17/2003)

And what fact sheet was Romney’s spokesman working from as he made sweeping conclusions as to the state’s judicial needs? This just one year after the Fraud Candidate promised to “grant real independence to the 3rd branch” of government. (source: "Courts, Crime & Community," Romney/Healey Inc, 8/20/2002)

Sen. Marc Pacheco (D – Taunton), who arranged the tour exposing the crumbling hallways of justice, implied that if Romney continues to refuse funding, a pending federal lawsuit could force action. (source: Taunton Gazette, 10/28/2003)

We, however, prefer a more direct route.

A bill should be filed, transferring the Taunton Court to the renamed “Massachusetts Sports, Entertainment and Judicial Partnership.” Headed, of course, by Chief Justice Soosie L. Lazenby.

Eric "Human Triage" Kriss would bury the Taunton Court House in state funds in no time!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Give to Romney, Take What You Want

In honor of Eric “Human Triage” Kriss’ soliloquy on Givers and Takers, RiaF proudly introduces “Give and Take” - an occasional feature highlighting the Romney/Healey Inc. givers, and what they take from the taxpayers.

Today we spotlight the Massachusetts Sports and Entertainment Partnership, which received $250,000 from Mr. And Ms. Taxpayer for fiscal year 2004. (source: EOA&F) Congratulations. You must be very proud.

The Partnership is headed by the improbably spelled Soosie Lazenby, who has also been affiliated with: the Sports Matters Foundation; Sports and Entertainment Matters, Inc; and some figure skating association. (source: office of Sec. Of State)

Soosie’s bona fides include contributions of $250 and $200 which she gave to Willard Mitt on May 31, 2002 and September 30, 2003, respectively. (source: OCPF)

In return, her Partnership takes $250,000 in public funds. Had these monies been otherwise budgeted, Kriss could have paid for 13 new social workers, or 1.5 new loathsome spokesmen.

Contrary to press reports (i.e. the Boston Herald, 9/14/2003) the Fraud Governor never vetoed the Partnership funding. He vetoed line item 7006-0067, then line item 7030-1005. And he vetoed language in line-item 6000-0100 and 7053-1925. But he skipped right over 7007-0950, which included Soosie’s loot.

Which means Soosie owes Team Reform another payment or so. And God Save the Commonwealth if she maxes out and grifts Willard Mitt the full $500.

Kriss’ll probably give her Fort Devins!

Monday, October 27, 2003
Mike Murphy, Where Art Thou?

Whom do we blame? Mike Murphy? The Coen Brothers? Or Willard Mitt himself?

A perceptive reader asked the Rat Line if we'd write about their “favorite lie of all, (that) Romney's favorite film is ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?’.”

As you may recall, back in February, Willard Mitt did the guest host thing for a right-wing, small-time, NY-based, no-name on an FM talk station. The Globe wrote that 'Romney later said he modeled his radio stint on his father and a character in his favorite film, "O Brother Where Art Thou?" who addressed a crowd with "Is you is or is you ain't my constituents?"' (source: Boston Globe, 2/19/2003)

Wow. The “Is you is or is you ain’t…” character was Homer Stokes, who was the grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. He says “Is you is or is you ain’t…” as he is being pelted with food after making racists remarks. (source: film transcript) And Willard Mitt used him as a role model?

Excepting the fact that there is a Taggert Hall in Romney, West Virginia (source: historichampshire.org), don’t you think that if Romney actually watched ‘O Brother…’ he would have remembered that the role model of which he spoke was a KKK member?

Or maybe he just didn’t care. After all, there is a Taggert Hall in Romney, WV ....

But wait. There’s more.

Remember the broom that Homer Stokes used in the movie as a symbol that he'd Clean Up the system?

Romney/Healey Inc. used brooms as a symbol that they'd Clean Up Beacon Hill. (source: BostonHerald, 10/30/2002)

And Arnold ‘Horndog’ Schwarzenegger used brooms as a symbol that he'd Clean Up Sacramento. (source: Washington Post, 10/8/2003)

Of course, Mike Murphy was the political consultant for both Romney/Healey Inc., and Schwarzenegger.

Anyone care to guess the name of Wispy Murphy’s favorite film? Anyone care to guess “O Brother Where Art Thou”?

As Homer Stokes would say, “Get me a mike-a-phone! Some body tellin’ lies, and not ol-timey lies, neither!”

Friday, October 24, 2003
Maytag Healey Pulling Her 'Wait'

Willard Mitt promised he would do great things with his lightweight lieutenant governor. He told the Republican State Convention that he was "looking forward to working closely with Kerry Murphy Healey. I value her expertise in crime and in social policy." (source: romney2002.com)

So what does the Fraud Governor have his expert in crime and social policy doing? Well, today Sherry Kerry is visiting "the home of Mark Price to provide consumers with helpful tips on how to winterize their homes in order to save money and energy." (source: mass.gov)

She even has a pretend quote. "With winter just around the corner, I encourage every resident in Commonwealth to fully explore the different ways to cut back on energy costs and consumption this winter."


Romney is certainly tapping Healey's expertise. What's next? Exploring ways to soften the impact of capital punishment through the use of tastefully designed electric chair cozys?

Thursday, October 23, 2003
Romney Breaks Municipal Revenue Pledge

The Fraud Governor’s Department of Education is cutting special education payments to cities and towns. Rather than the 75 percent it was to reimburse for the cost of educating severely disabled students, it will instead pay but 27.6 percent. (source: Boston Globe. 10/22/2003)

Team Reform is justifying their broken promise by braying that the lower rate will save the State $150 million dollars. Oddly, they have not admitted that someone else will have to pick up the now unfunded $150M cost. Perhaps Eric “Human Triage” Kriss will start buying space on Alaskan icebergs.

The 75 percent reimbursement is not some new-fangled handout passed by wide-eyed liberals from Sturbridge. It passed into law under Gov. Cellucci (R – Andy Card) three years ago as part of the state's so-called circuit breaker law to help districts pay for the growing expenses of special education.

Three years ago.

Question: does anyone know when May 2002 happened to occur? Was it more or less than three years ago?

Because on May 15, 2002, Willard Mitt “promised a meeting of Massachusetts mayors to commit to a multi-year guaranteed minimum level of local aid to assure predictability in local budgeting.” (source: Romney/Healey Inc, “Romney calls for guaranteed minimum local aid in address to Mass Mayors Association,” 5/15/2002)

Yes, the press release reads “promised.”

Now we understand that the special ed circuit breaker is not part of Cherry Sheet local aid. But the Fraud Candidate was (fraudulently) calling for a predictable relationship between the State and the municipalities.

How do we know that? We read the press release.

“Predictability makes your difficult job a little easier. In business, CEOs must rely on their sales forecasts. In local government, you must rely in part on disbursements from the state. No executive likes sharp economic fluctuations, and no mayor likes here-today, gone-tomorrow local aid," Romney said.” (source: Romney2002.com)

Hey, remember that special ed circuit breaker revenue that was on the books when Romney made this speech? If Willard Mitt gets his way, most of it will be ... here-yesterday, gone-tomorrow.

So much for predictability.

Wait a minute: Romney pledged, Romney broke his pledge.

Guess he is predictable!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Romney's Support of Libraries At Odds With His Claimed Library Support

Willard Mitt yesterday took credit for a $19.3 million capital spending plan that will benefit libraries across the Commonwealth. (source: Office of the (Fraud) Gov, “Romney invests $19.3 million in libraries statewide,” 10/21/2003)

He also feigned warmth by reciting that "When we invest in your libraries, we are investing in our future. There is no denying the power that literacy unlocks in each individual "

Lovely. By the way, for the record, we again agree with Willard Mitt.

Because we remember a time when Romney was not quite so library friendly. And the power of literacy has unlocked our ability to pronounce the (fraud) Governor a Fraud.

For just eight short months ago, in his FY04 budget submission, Romney tried to eliminate the Board of Library Commissioners, the very entity that is scheduled to fund the grants he yesterday announced. And just eight short months ago, in his FY04 budget submission, Romney and Eric “Human Triage” Kriss tried to set state aid to public libraries at a rate that was fully 21 percent below the FY01 state aid level. (source: Library Journal, 3/24/2003)

But now Romney is claiming to be the Friend of the Libraries.

All hail literacy. Imagine having to rely on Team Reform for the facts!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Taking the Good and Giving What Kriss Deserves

Perhaps it was a case of nickname envy. Eric Kriss (nee, the good Eric) wanted to toughen up his image.

Well, consider it toughened.

Last Thursday, Kriss told the Boston Chamber of Commerce that the gap between so-called “givers and takers” - those who pay taxes and those who take services – is narrowing. He said the “unsettling” trend is making it difficult to develop a sustainable menu of government services. (source: State House News, 10/20/2003)

Recognizing a smoldering tinderbox, Willard Mitt muttered something about tuning down the rhetoric, but Sen. Richard Moore (D- Uxbridge) popped a can of spinach and put Team Reform down like Don Zimmer with, among a plethora of great lines and Dickins’ quotes, the following:

“In reality, there aren’t many people who don’t – as (Fraud) Governor Romney stated in his State of the State address, “even pay one dollar for their health care” except, perhaps infants and small children or the profoundly retarded who are unlikely to be able to work.

"Should young children, who get their health care through Mass Health or the Children’s Medical Security Plan be put to work? Are people in the Alzheimer’s Units of nursing homes freeloaders? Does the (Fraud) Governor or Secretary Kriss really believe that low birth-weight babies struggling for their lives at Children’s Hospital are slackers, carelessly living off those who work hard every day?” (source: Office of Sen. Richard Moore, 10/20/2003)

And John McDonough of Health Care For All came off the turnbuckle to write that "The Administration's rationale for (it's human service cuts) has been, in the words of Secretary Kriss, 'the greatest fiscal crisis since the Great Depression.' His recent comments suggest a different and more insidious motivation...." (source: hcfama.org)


Great points, and deserved of a response by Team Reform.

But while we wait for Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman to get his instructions from Mike Murphy, let’s tune down the rhetoric and amble over to the Cineplex where the Eric “Human Triage” Kriss Film Festival is about to get underway.

Monday, October 20, 2003
Romney Flips on Facilities Study, Flips Off Handicapped

In early October, Willard Mitt suspended funding of all new courthouse construction projects, claiming that decisions would have to wait until his administration completed a statewide facilities study. (source: Taunton Gazette, 10/17/2003)

Well, so much for that.

Eric ‘the good Eric’ Kriss, speaking to the Boston Chamber of Commerce, said Team Reform would spend only $3 million on courthouses this fiscal year, but that "we still need a courthouse in Worcester, so we will move forward. Some of our $3 million in FY ’04 funds will demolish an old building on the site by the end of this fiscal year, as well as engage a construction manager."

An aide to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman later said that no decision had been made on whether to fund Taunton’s $50 million project to build a new District Court building and renovate the existing buildings. However, Kriss’ statement seems to preclude any work in the Silver City.

So maybe Team Reform conducted its statewide facilities study in the days between Romney’s windy statement and Kriss' crisp conclusion, and found no need to update the Taunton facilities, despite the fact that none of the city's courts - District, Probate or Superior - are handicap accessible. (source: Southofboston.com, 10/19/'03)

Sure sure.

And maybe Willard Mitt is not a fraud.

Thursday, October 16, 2003
New Low for SuperPatriot & Co

Samuel Johnson never met Willard Mitt. But we don’t think he would have liked him.

Johnson, of course, said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

It’s also the last refuge of a grotesque press machine, as headed by Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman, and his assistant, a cheap, Reese Witherspoon-wannabe dye-job.

On Tuesday, Team Reform threw a hissy fit when the Legislature overturned Romney’s plan to name the ‘Liberty Tunnel’ to honor “the sacrifices made in the name of liberty." (source: enr.construction.com, 4/07/03)

So they sent out the assistant to Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman to spat that “Over the last month, (Fraud) Governor Romney has attended a funeral a week for servicemen killed in Iraq. He feels strongly we should honor the men and women who sacrificed for our nation by naming the I-93 tunnel ‘Liberty.’ Clearly the Transportation Committee has a different priority than the (Fraud) Governor.” (source: State House News Service, 10/14/2003)

The Committee clearly does have a different priority. They proposed that a tunnel be named the ‘Veteran’s Tunnel’ in honor of veterans. Romney’s ‘Liberty’ appellation could very well be honoring a Wakefield-based insurance company. (And knowing Romney, it probably is!)

What we find repulsive is that Romney, who dodged the Vietnam draft by fleeing to France (source: Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 3/24/2002), waved the ‘bloody flag’ to ... win a naming rights contest. His staff invoked the memory of dead soldiers for the grand and noble purpose of ... spotting the legislature. Their action exposed Romney as a base, pathetic creature - so focused on the singular ideal of winning that no means are too extreme.

Further, Team Reform's statement indicates that Romney’s attendance at the funerals was but political strategy. Every politician regularly attends funerals. But only the craven use them to score cheap political points.

Finally, if Romney truly wanted to honor veterans, he would have fully funded the veteran’s outreach centers and cemetery accounts that he vetoed for FY04. Instead, SuperPatriot Willard cut veteran’s centers by $165,000 (line item 1410-0012) and veteran’s cemeteries by $86,018 (line item 1410-0630).

Yes, the Legislature over-rode each of these vetoes.

Much, we are sure, to Team Scoundrel’s chagrin.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Fishermen Steamed at Romney's Broken Pledge

Willard Mitt claimed he had a thing for fishermen. He spent one of his first ‘work days’ hanging with the crew of a New Bedford fishing boat. (source: Off the Record, 8/16/2002) And one of his first policy statements claimed that he opposed government interference with fishermen. (source: Cape Cod Times, 5/18/2002)

Of course that was before he had any power.

Now that he can actually set policy, he’s done nothing positive for the sea-going set.

The Fraud Governor took away the 'fish cops', leaving the environmental beat unpatrolled. And he took the Fisheries and Wildlife dedicated revenues and directed them into the General Fund. Which means that the Division of Marine Fisheries is running on broken gills, and perhaps in danger of losing Wallop-Breaux Aquatic Resources Trust monies. (source: Cape Cod Times, 8/10/2003; wallop-breaux.org)

And now his Department of (MDC Job) Conservation and Recreation is about to start a dredging project off the coast of Hull that the Mass Lobstermen’s Association claims will harm critical lobster nesting areas, and that the state's Division of Marine Fisheries warns “will cause substantial long-term damage to critical fish habitat and resources.” (source: Boston Herald, 10/4/2003)

Has James Watts has joined Team Reform?

What happened to Willard's pledge to help the fishermen? And why is Romney offering no assistance to the lobstermen?

Wait a minute. Everything is fine. Romney is pulling … a Romney. He pledged to help fishermen. And everyone knows that lobsters are not fish.

As for the fishermen, Willard will be more than happy to buy them lunch, in 2006, when he kicks off his next campaign with another round of 'work days' to show how much he cares about regular guys.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Ticket to Right

A reader asks: “what’s the big deal about the tickets? (Sat.) That was stupid.”

If you mean insightful yet unclear (Rummyvision rocks!) we agree. We’ll clarify.

Willard Mitt was a registered lobbyist for the Salt Lake (Olympic) Organizing Committee. In late 2001, however, Willard turned in his lobbyist card. Reason? His lobbying work was done. So he said.

In January 2002, SLOC was asked to provide free tickets to the widows and orphans of firefighters who died on 9/11. SLOC refused.

A spokeswoman said “We can not sponsor any groups with free tickets. We made a commitment to the public some time ago that no tickets would be given away.”

'No tickets would be given away.'

A SLOC spokesman confirmed that no one was getting free tickets, not even the Legislature. “If we offered tickets to the Legislature – if we offered, say, 104 Opening Ceremony tickets to them – we would be subject to severe criticism. Mitt has taken the high road on everything we do.”

'On everything we do.'

However, in January, Willard Mitt told Senate President Al Mansell that he would provide free tickets to (a spokeswoman explained) “thank the officials and others who had helped make (the Games) a success.”

'Thank the officials …' (Stop that already!)

This smells like a quid pro something.

SLOC ended up giving 135 free tickets to state legislators and officials: 100 free tickets to the Winter Games closing ceremony valued at $885 apiece; 24 Paralympic Opening Ceremony tickets, valued at $100 apiece; and 11 tickets to the Paralympic Closing Ceremony, valued at $50 apiece.

The widows and orphans got to watch the Games on TV.

But that’s not the best part.

Utah state law says that any lobbyist or organization that gives a legislator a gift exceeding $50 must file an ethics report, which neither Romney nor SLOC ever filed. Ethics personnel said that SLOC had violated Utah ethics law.

But Romney skated. Why? Because …when Willard Mitt handed out the free tickets, he was no longer a lobbyist. Remember, the wily one had cancelled his lobbyist registration just weeks before.

Survey says … Loophole!

This from a (fraud) governor who wants to ‘clarify’ Massachusetts’ ethics laws by loosening restrictions on executive staff. And who says that legislators shouldn’t be able to pay full price for Red Sox playoff tickets.

Romney ran for the wrong job. He should have been the bench coach for the New York Yankees.

(sources: Salt Lake Tribune, January 11, 2002; Salt Lake Tribune, 4/11/2002; Boston Globe, 4/4/2002; BostonGlobe, 4/12/2002)

Saturday, October 11, 2003
Super-Fan Showing Sign of Fraud

Back when the Iraq war was cool, Ike Romney pretended to be Super-Patriot. Now that everyone's eyes are on the Red Sox, Willard Mitt is Super-Fan. To prove it, he hung a 'wicked uge' *Go BoSox* sign on the front of the State House, featuring, of course, "Willard Mitt" in BIG FONT Red Sox red. (source: State House News, 10/9/2003)

Subtle. As was his pledge to save revenue by promising to not put his name or the names of other officials on public signs. (source: Worcester T&G, 1/15/2003)

We think Super-Fan should atone for breaking this pledge.

We think Super-Fan, who "throws like a girl, and when he catches, he uses two hands" (source: Boston Herald, 4/17/2003) should have to play catch on the front lawn of the State House for one hour, on live television.

Thursday, October 09, 2003
Romney Scalps His Own Sports Tix Policy

On the cusp of the BoSox-Yankees ALCS games in Boston this weekend, Willard Mitt told Channel 25 Fox-TV News that politicians should not receive preferential tickets to sporting events. (source: WFXT-TV News, 10/8/2003)

Really? So what happened to this shining policy when Romney was the Winter Games chef?

Sherman, set the Not-So-Way Back Machine for 2002....

"On January 7, A. Jason Barto, a Salt Lake City fire-fighter, asked Romney to consider providing tickets for 43 to 48 family members of FDNY firefighters killed Sept. 11. Romney’s assistant, Donna Tillery, sent an e-mail reply a day later. "I’m afraid we do not have the resources to host these guests for the Games." (source: Salt Lake Tribune, April 11, 2002)

"If we offered tickets to the Legislature – if we offered, say, 104 Opening Ceremony tickets to them – we would be subject to severe criticism. Mitt has taken the high road on everything we do." Bill Shaw, SLOC director of local government relations, (source: Salt Lake Tribune, January 11, 2002)

"We can not sponsor any groups with free tickets. We made a commitment to the public some time ago that no tickets would be given away. Even sponsors that pay upwards of $50 million for an Olympic sponsorship have to pay additional money for their Olympic tickets. Regretfully, we can provide you no assistance at all on this project." -- Donna Tillery, January 13, 2002 (source: Salt Lake Tribune, April 11, 2002)

"On February 22, Romney asked if there were legislators who might be interested in using tickets. “He said, ‘Do you want some?’ and I said, ‘I’m sure some of the Senators would like them because some of them probably can’t afford them.’ He said, ‘Well, we’ll get you some.’”" -- Utah State Senate President Al Mansell

To fill empty seats at the Closing Ceremony, SLOC gave 100 tickets to state lawmakers. “The seats would have gone empty, and we owe a lot to the legislature.” -- Caroline Shaw, SLOC spokeswoman, Feb. 26, 2002

"There was a change in policy. The Games were finished and successful and we wanted to thank the officials and others who had helped make them a success." --Caroline Shaw, April 3, 2002

"It was very difficult for us to gauge in January where we would be with ticket sales and revenue and ticket sales remained strong." -- Caroline Shaw, SLOC, April 12, 2002

"House Speaker Stephens said that Romney indicated lawmakers might be offered seats at the Closing Ceremony, viewed as more of an official state function." (source: Salt Lake Tribune, January 11, 2002)

Batter up.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Romney's Changing Tax Policy

In June, Willard Mitt proposed three new tax increases: one on IRS closing agreements, another coming on changing diversified savings and loan company definitions, and a third hitting late-filed refund returns. The hikes are expected to bring in tens of millions of dollars in new state revenue. (source: State House News, 10/7/2003)

But Team Reform is officially against taxes - or so they said.

Remember Willard Mitt flapping his arms and screeching to the Republican State Convention that "Democrats want to raise your taxes, and my friends, they are wrong." (source; Boston Herald, 4/7/2002)

Which is why we so confused by the explanation ushered up by the DOR spokesman, who said of Romney's changes that "I don't think they are necessarily tax increases. There isn't anything here that raises rates or does anything of that sort. They are all trying to fix, clarify, or formalize policy at the state level." (source: State House News, 10/7/2003)

We would have bought the statement, except he said "necessarily." The changes are not "necessarily" tax increases. It all depends on how you define 'define.'

Personally, we liked it when things were simpler, and people made clear cut statements, like when Romney's now loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman said that if elected, Willard Mitt “will not raise taxes” because the state is hampered not so much by a fiscal crisis but by a "leadership crisis." (source: Boston Herald, 3/20/2002)

Much easier to understand. And like all great statements, truer today than when it was first uttered, at least with respect to the corner office.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Romney Paying Arnold Back for '94?

Willard Mitt claims he cancelled his trip to California to campaign on behalf of Arnold "Horndog" Schwarzenegger because the Recall Election has become a 'sideshow.' (source: Boston Globe, 10/5/2003) But when the Fraud Governor speaks, you'd better be able to see both sides of his mouth to get the whole story.

And we think there's more to this cancellation than meets the eye.

Back in 1994, when Romney was making his bones against Sen. Ted Kennedy, Arnold Schwarzenegger threw Willard for a curve.

Let's go right to the tape:

"The campaign of US Senate hopeful Mitt Romney is apparently miffed -- in fact, speechless -- over film star hunk and Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to come to Massachusetts and campaign for his uncle-in-law, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Romney spokesman Charles Manning said the campaign would have no comment on Schwarzenegger's decision to choose family loyalty over politics. Kennedy's campaign press secretary, Richard Gureghian, says the actor has offered to be 'helpful in any way he can' to the senator." (source: Boston Globe, 10/9/1994)

How long do you think Charlie Manning and Willard have been waiting to pay Arnold and Ted back for this little slight?

We'd say ... since 1994.

Saturday, October 04, 2003
FeddeMitt's Flatulence Faulted

Proving his depravity yet again, Willard Mitt employed the Surrogate Shuffle to drag Sen. Ted Kennedy into the Fraud Governor’s endorsement of Arnold “Horndog” Schwarzenegger.

A cheap, Reese Witherspoon-wannabe dye-job named Shawn Feddeman conspired with Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman, and Charlie Manning, a former big-time wrestling columnist, to drag Ted Kennedy into the Arnold “Horndog” Schwarzenegger crisis. (source: Boston Globe, 10/4/2003) Schwarzenegger is alleged to have committed sexual assault over the past thirty-years. Feddeman’s boss, Willard Mitt, has endorsed Schwarzenegger in an attempt to lend his supposed mantle of moral purity to the embattled California candidate.

Romney later stepped away from Feddeman’s foul flatulence by claiming 'the statement was made without (his) knowledge and certainly without (his) authorization.' He said ‘it was a mistake to in any way associate Kennedy with the allegations relating to the Schwarzenegger campaign’ and expressed his ‘real concern that this was a real mistake.' He then purred, "I apologize." (source: Boston Globe, 10/4/2003)

We find it ironic Romney is being held up as a moral exemplar as his great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, was a polygamist who took four or five wives and fled to Mexico to escape prosecution under U.S. law. It is unclear if Romney’s great-grandfather was also a statutory rapist. (source: Boston Globe, 8/8/94)

posted by Neb.


Neb’s statement was made without our knowledge and certainly without our authorization.

We think it is a mistake to in any way associate Romney’s polygamist, possibly statutory rapist great-grandfather with the allegations relating to Romney’s cheap Reese Witherspoon-wannabe dye-job aide, and express our real concern that this was a real mistake.

We apologize.

Friday, October 03, 2003
Romney Humping the Horndog –PLUS- Rocky Anderson Watch

He hate to say we told you so; unless we are talking about the Fraud Governor.

Just days ago, Willard Mitt coyly claimed he would ‘at some point decide who I think stands the best chance of being elected governor, and who'd be the best governor of the state, and expect to support them any way I can’ in the California Recall Election. Of course, we promptly claimed that Romney was either waiting for a poll … or lying, and predicted Fraudo would support Arnold “Horndog” Schwarzenegger. (source: RiaF, 9/22/2003)

Well, we were partially right. Romney has come out of the closet for the Horndog. But it appears his timing was not entirely self-directed. Romney was waiting for Mike Murphy, his balding political advisor, to tell him when to jump; Wispy Murphy is Schwarzenegger’s political advisor, too. (source: Boston Globe, 10/2/2003)

The Fraud Governor’s coy demurral seemed so sincere, too.

We told you so.

We have to wonder, though, why Romney is headed for California, and not to Salt Lake City to help Rocky Anderson, the Utahrd Democrat who cut a commercial for his fraud friend last year, much to the dismay and anger of Massachusetts Democrats who promised to 1) get even the next time Anderson ran for re-election and 2) discourage run-on sentences. (source: Boston Phoenix, 10/17/2002)

The Salt Lake City’s last Mayoral Primary Election is said to have been decided by 32 votes.

So, as a public service to the Massachusetts Friends of the Opponents of Rocky Anderson, we present the web-sites of the other candidates for the Mayor of Salt Lake City: Frank Pignanelli, and Molonai Hola.

Democrat Pignanelli is running a close second to Anderson in the polls.

(We) will at some point decide who (we) think stands the best chance of being elected (mayor), and who'd be the best (mayor) of the (city), and expect to support them any way (we) can.

That was easy. Hey Wispy, we’re ready for our close up!

Thursday, October 02, 2003
Romney Goal to Assist MassMutual?

In yet another sign that the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression threatens to tear asunder very fabric of our shared commonwealth, Willard Mitt Romney yesterday traveled to Springfield to break ground on a $71 million dollar renovation and expansion of the Springfield Civic Center. (source: Office of the (Fraud) Gov, Romney breaks ground on Springfield Civic Center, 10/1/2003)

Eric “the good Eric” Kriss, Romney’s economic soothsayer, was not able to join the granfaloon. He stayed behind to listen as DOR commissioner Alan LeBovidge explained how September’s revenue numbers were five percent above last year’s receipts, and read how his frugal and persnickety boss was “eager to advance” a supplemental budget. (source: State House News, 10/1/2003)

Willard Mitt is eager to spend money? Hey Eric, turn that smile upside down, and frown, frown, frown.

As every sports fan knows, the AHL’s Springfield Falcon’s play in the Springfield Civic Center. And as every insurance fan knows, the Falcons are owned by MassMutual. And as every civic center fan knows, the facility's $71 million renovation and expansion may have a positive spillover effect on the Falcon’s bottom line - if only in their resale vaue, which would have a positive spillover effect on MassMutual's bottom line.

MassMutual, of course, claims that they deserve to reap this $71 million windfall. After all, they selflessly pledged $5 million in advertising dollars to rename the joint the MassMutual Center.

And in 2002 they gave Romney/Healey $4 for every $1 they gave O’Brien/Gabrieli. (source: OCPF)

Deserve it they do.

No wonder MassMutual didn't want the Manulife Canadians. They have the Mittforlife Utahds.


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