Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Romney Courts Trouble in Taunton

Less than a month after the Fraud Governor formed his Council on Capital Punishment to bring back the death penalty (source: Boston Globe, 9/24/2003) his Public Safety Secretary announced that Team Reform would move from a tough-on-crime philosophy to a more progressive criminal justice policy focused on reentry and rehabilitation programs. Secretary Edward Flynn monotoned that "It is not enough to be tough on crime, we must be smart on crime." (source: State House News, 10/28/2003)

However, judging from the way that the Fraud Governor is treating the Taunton Court House, it is apparent that Flynn forgot to read the part about being cheap on crime.

For despite the fact that a tour of the Court House by the Senate President found no space to separate criminals from victims, no access to the facilities for the disabled, no lockup facilities, water damage, and overcrowding, the Fraud Governor refuses to pay for repairs.

In fact, Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman simply said the Court House is “in bad shape, as are other courthouses in the Commonwealth. We have 112 courthouses in Massachusetts, which is more than we need.” (source: State House News, 10/28/2003)

So what happened to Romney’s claim that he would decide whether or not the Court House should be fixed after a statewide needs assessment was conducted? (source: Taunton Gazette, 10/17/2003)

And what fact sheet was Romney’s spokesman working from as he made sweeping conclusions as to the state’s judicial needs? This just one year after the Fraud Candidate promised to “grant real independence to the 3rd branch” of government. (source: "Courts, Crime & Community," Romney/Healey Inc, 8/20/2002)

Sen. Marc Pacheco (D – Taunton), who arranged the tour exposing the crumbling hallways of justice, implied that if Romney continues to refuse funding, a pending federal lawsuit could force action. (source: Taunton Gazette, 10/28/2003)

We, however, prefer a more direct route.

A bill should be filed, transferring the Taunton Court to the renamed “Massachusetts Sports, Entertainment and Judicial Partnership.” Headed, of course, by Chief Justice Soosie L. Lazenby.

Eric "Human Triage" Kriss would bury the Taunton Court House in state funds in no time!


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