Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Taking the Good and Giving What Kriss Deserves

Perhaps it was a case of nickname envy. Eric Kriss (nee, the good Eric) wanted to toughen up his image.

Well, consider it toughened.

Last Thursday, Kriss told the Boston Chamber of Commerce that the gap between so-called “givers and takers” - those who pay taxes and those who take services – is narrowing. He said the “unsettling” trend is making it difficult to develop a sustainable menu of government services. (source: State House News, 10/20/2003)

Recognizing a smoldering tinderbox, Willard Mitt muttered something about tuning down the rhetoric, but Sen. Richard Moore (D- Uxbridge) popped a can of spinach and put Team Reform down like Don Zimmer with, among a plethora of great lines and Dickins’ quotes, the following:

“In reality, there aren’t many people who don’t – as (Fraud) Governor Romney stated in his State of the State address, “even pay one dollar for their health care” except, perhaps infants and small children or the profoundly retarded who are unlikely to be able to work.

"Should young children, who get their health care through Mass Health or the Children’s Medical Security Plan be put to work? Are people in the Alzheimer’s Units of nursing homes freeloaders? Does the (Fraud) Governor or Secretary Kriss really believe that low birth-weight babies struggling for their lives at Children’s Hospital are slackers, carelessly living off those who work hard every day?” (source: Office of Sen. Richard Moore, 10/20/2003)

And John McDonough of Health Care For All came off the turnbuckle to write that "The Administration's rationale for (it's human service cuts) has been, in the words of Secretary Kriss, 'the greatest fiscal crisis since the Great Depression.' His recent comments suggest a different and more insidious motivation...." (source: hcfama.org)


Great points, and deserved of a response by Team Reform.

But while we wait for Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman to get his instructions from Mike Murphy, let’s tune down the rhetoric and amble over to the Cineplex where the Eric “Human Triage” Kriss Film Festival is about to get underway.


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