Thursday, October 02, 2003
Romney Goal to Assist MassMutual?

In yet another sign that the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression threatens to tear asunder very fabric of our shared commonwealth, Willard Mitt Romney yesterday traveled to Springfield to break ground on a $71 million dollar renovation and expansion of the Springfield Civic Center. (source: Office of the (Fraud) Gov, Romney breaks ground on Springfield Civic Center, 10/1/2003)

Eric “the good Eric” Kriss, Romney’s economic soothsayer, was not able to join the granfaloon. He stayed behind to listen as DOR commissioner Alan LeBovidge explained how September’s revenue numbers were five percent above last year’s receipts, and read how his frugal and persnickety boss was “eager to advance” a supplemental budget. (source: State House News, 10/1/2003)

Willard Mitt is eager to spend money? Hey Eric, turn that smile upside down, and frown, frown, frown.

As every sports fan knows, the AHL’s Springfield Falcon’s play in the Springfield Civic Center. And as every insurance fan knows, the Falcons are owned by MassMutual. And as every civic center fan knows, the facility's $71 million renovation and expansion may have a positive spillover effect on the Falcon’s bottom line - if only in their resale vaue, which would have a positive spillover effect on MassMutual's bottom line.

MassMutual, of course, claims that they deserve to reap this $71 million windfall. After all, they selflessly pledged $5 million in advertising dollars to rename the joint the MassMutual Center.

And in 2002 they gave Romney/Healey $4 for every $1 they gave O’Brien/Gabrieli. (source: OCPF)

Deserve it they do.

No wonder MassMutual didn't want the Manulife Canadians. They have the Mittforlife Utahds.


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