Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Romney Paying Arnold Back for '94?

Willard Mitt claims he cancelled his trip to California to campaign on behalf of Arnold "Horndog" Schwarzenegger because the Recall Election has become a 'sideshow.' (source: Boston Globe, 10/5/2003) But when the Fraud Governor speaks, you'd better be able to see both sides of his mouth to get the whole story.

And we think there's more to this cancellation than meets the eye.

Back in 1994, when Romney was making his bones against Sen. Ted Kennedy, Arnold Schwarzenegger threw Willard for a curve.

Let's go right to the tape:

"The campaign of US Senate hopeful Mitt Romney is apparently miffed -- in fact, speechless -- over film star hunk and Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to come to Massachusetts and campaign for his uncle-in-law, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Romney spokesman Charles Manning said the campaign would have no comment on Schwarzenegger's decision to choose family loyalty over politics. Kennedy's campaign press secretary, Richard Gureghian, says the actor has offered to be 'helpful in any way he can' to the senator." (source: Boston Globe, 10/9/1994)

How long do you think Charlie Manning and Willard have been waiting to pay Arnold and Ted back for this little slight?

We'd say ... since 1994.


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