Saturday, October 11, 2003
Super-Fan Showing Sign of Fraud

Back when the Iraq war was cool, Ike Romney pretended to be Super-Patriot. Now that everyone's eyes are on the Red Sox, Willard Mitt is Super-Fan. To prove it, he hung a 'wicked uge' *Go BoSox* sign on the front of the State House, featuring, of course, "Willard Mitt" in BIG FONT Red Sox red. (source: State House News, 10/9/2003)

Subtle. As was his pledge to save revenue by promising to not put his name or the names of other officials on public signs. (source: Worcester T&G, 1/15/2003)

We think Super-Fan should atone for breaking this pledge.

We think Super-Fan, who "throws like a girl, and when he catches, he uses two hands" (source: Boston Herald, 4/17/2003) should have to play catch on the front lawn of the State House for one hour, on live television.


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