Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Fishermen Steamed at Romney's Broken Pledge

Willard Mitt claimed he had a thing for fishermen. He spent one of his first ‘work days’ hanging with the crew of a New Bedford fishing boat. (source: Off the Record, 8/16/2002) And one of his first policy statements claimed that he opposed government interference with fishermen. (source: Cape Cod Times, 5/18/2002)

Of course that was before he had any power.

Now that he can actually set policy, he’s done nothing positive for the sea-going set.

The Fraud Governor took away the 'fish cops', leaving the environmental beat unpatrolled. And he took the Fisheries and Wildlife dedicated revenues and directed them into the General Fund. Which means that the Division of Marine Fisheries is running on broken gills, and perhaps in danger of losing Wallop-Breaux Aquatic Resources Trust monies. (source: Cape Cod Times, 8/10/2003; wallop-breaux.org)

And now his Department of (MDC Job) Conservation and Recreation is about to start a dredging project off the coast of Hull that the Mass Lobstermen’s Association claims will harm critical lobster nesting areas, and that the state's Division of Marine Fisheries warns “will cause substantial long-term damage to critical fish habitat and resources.” (source: Boston Herald, 10/4/2003)

Has James Watts has joined Team Reform?

What happened to Willard's pledge to help the fishermen? And why is Romney offering no assistance to the lobstermen?

Wait a minute. Everything is fine. Romney is pulling … a Romney. He pledged to help fishermen. And everyone knows that lobsters are not fish.

As for the fishermen, Willard will be more than happy to buy them lunch, in 2006, when he kicks off his next campaign with another round of 'work days' to show how much he cares about regular guys.


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