Thursday, October 23, 2003
Romney Breaks Municipal Revenue Pledge

The Fraud Governor’s Department of Education is cutting special education payments to cities and towns. Rather than the 75 percent it was to reimburse for the cost of educating severely disabled students, it will instead pay but 27.6 percent. (source: Boston Globe. 10/22/2003)

Team Reform is justifying their broken promise by braying that the lower rate will save the State $150 million dollars. Oddly, they have not admitted that someone else will have to pick up the now unfunded $150M cost. Perhaps Eric “Human Triage” Kriss will start buying space on Alaskan icebergs.

The 75 percent reimbursement is not some new-fangled handout passed by wide-eyed liberals from Sturbridge. It passed into law under Gov. Cellucci (R – Andy Card) three years ago as part of the state's so-called circuit breaker law to help districts pay for the growing expenses of special education.

Three years ago.

Question: does anyone know when May 2002 happened to occur? Was it more or less than three years ago?

Because on May 15, 2002, Willard Mitt “promised a meeting of Massachusetts mayors to commit to a multi-year guaranteed minimum level of local aid to assure predictability in local budgeting.” (source: Romney/Healey Inc, “Romney calls for guaranteed minimum local aid in address to Mass Mayors Association,” 5/15/2002)

Yes, the press release reads “promised.”

Now we understand that the special ed circuit breaker is not part of Cherry Sheet local aid. But the Fraud Candidate was (fraudulently) calling for a predictable relationship between the State and the municipalities.

How do we know that? We read the press release.

“Predictability makes your difficult job a little easier. In business, CEOs must rely on their sales forecasts. In local government, you must rely in part on disbursements from the state. No executive likes sharp economic fluctuations, and no mayor likes here-today, gone-tomorrow local aid," Romney said.” (source: Romney2002.com)

Hey, remember that special ed circuit breaker revenue that was on the books when Romney made this speech? If Willard Mitt gets his way, most of it will be ... here-yesterday, gone-tomorrow.

So much for predictability.

Wait a minute: Romney pledged, Romney broke his pledge.

Guess he is predictable!


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