Thursday, October 30, 2003
Task Force Farce

What a difference a year and two weeks makes.

Back when he was Fraud Candidate, Willard Mitt disparaged his opponent, State Treasurer Shannon O’Brien, saying of her that "you see consistently rhetoric on commissions, task forces, new committees, new departments, new agencies - not action.” (source: Boston Globe, 10/15/2002)

Romney was portraying himself a Man of Action, not one who'd dabble in commissions or task forces.

One week later, during a gubernatorial debate, Romney derided O’Brien for suggesting that she would convene a task force to measure the impact of casino gambling on the Commonwealth. (source: Boston Globe, 10/25/02)

Of course, that was then. It is now apparent that Romney was Romneyizing - spinning a fraud - because since becoming Fraud Governor, the Willard Mitt action figure has created:

-the Governor’s Commission to Prevent Homelessness (February, 2003);
-the Governor’s Affordable Housing Task Force (February, 2003);
-the Governor’s Ocean Management Task Force (March, 2003);
-the Governor’s Task Force on Building and Fire Safety (April, 2003);
-the Governor’s Task Force on Wind Farms (July, 2003);
-the Governor’s Commission on Criminal Justice Innovation (July, 2003);
-the Governor’s Task Force to Evaluate Emergency Preparedness (August, 2003);
-the Governor’s Council on Capital Punishment (aka – Willard’s Death Squad) (September, 2003);
-the Governor’s Commission on Corrections Reform (October, 2003); and,
-the Governor’s Education Task Force (October, 2003). (source: Office of the (Fraud) Governor)

What was that you were saying about 'action over rhetoric' there, Fraudo?

Oh yeah, one year and two weeks ago Romney Romneyized that he would cut state spending by as much as 12 percent by completely restructuring state government rather than relying on incremental cuts, like those Gov. Jane Swift (R – Flag Bearer) used. (source: Boston Globe, 10/15/2002)

Maybe Willard Mitt should convene a task force to expunge his fraudulent statements.


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