Friday, October 24, 2003
Maytag Healey Pulling Her 'Wait'

Willard Mitt promised he would do great things with his lightweight lieutenant governor. He told the Republican State Convention that he was "looking forward to working closely with Kerry Murphy Healey. I value her expertise in crime and in social policy." (source: romney2002.com)

So what does the Fraud Governor have his expert in crime and social policy doing? Well, today Sherry Kerry is visiting "the home of Mark Price to provide consumers with helpful tips on how to winterize their homes in order to save money and energy." (source: mass.gov)

She even has a pretend quote. "With winter just around the corner, I encourage every resident in Commonwealth to fully explore the different ways to cut back on energy costs and consumption this winter."


Romney is certainly tapping Healey's expertise. What's next? Exploring ways to soften the impact of capital punishment through the use of tastefully designed electric chair cozys?


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