Monday, October 20, 2003
Romney Flips on Facilities Study, Flips Off Handicapped

In early October, Willard Mitt suspended funding of all new courthouse construction projects, claiming that decisions would have to wait until his administration completed a statewide facilities study. (source: Taunton Gazette, 10/17/2003)

Well, so much for that.

Eric ‘the good Eric’ Kriss, speaking to the Boston Chamber of Commerce, said Team Reform would spend only $3 million on courthouses this fiscal year, but that "we still need a courthouse in Worcester, so we will move forward. Some of our $3 million in FY ’04 funds will demolish an old building on the site by the end of this fiscal year, as well as engage a construction manager."

An aide to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman later said that no decision had been made on whether to fund Taunton’s $50 million project to build a new District Court building and renovate the existing buildings. However, Kriss’ statement seems to preclude any work in the Silver City.

So maybe Team Reform conducted its statewide facilities study in the days between Romney’s windy statement and Kriss' crisp conclusion, and found no need to update the Taunton facilities, despite the fact that none of the city's courts - District, Probate or Superior - are handicap accessible. (source: Southofboston.com, 10/19/'03)

Sure sure.

And maybe Willard Mitt is not a fraud.


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