Friday, September 23, 2005
Spring Loaded

So we're (boing) watching the latest threat to the Gulf Coast (boing) on what passes for local news (boing) when we heard it.


It sounded (boing) like a kid in a supermarket (boing) trying to get his parent's attention.


"People standing (boing) in the middle of a (boing) roadway and inconveniencing thousands upon thousands of (boing) people, potentially putting lives at risk and (boing) causing accidents in the backup that occurs, [is] unacceptable." (source: Boston Globe, 9/23/2005)


The Boinger, of course, was Willard Mitt talking about a Newton fire-fighters demonstration that blocked a roadway and tied up traffic in the area.


And Romney was (boing) trying to look like he was able to take action during a public safety demonstration (boing) despite the fact that he did not take action (boing) during the public safety demonstration.

So he said he'd get tough on anyone who stood in a roadway inconveniencing others and potentially putting lives at risk.


Wonder if he'll tell them about his post-World Series publicity stunt when Romney stood in the middle of Storrow Drive, inconveniencing thousands of people, putting lives at risk by delaying ambulences which were reportedly stuck in the ensuing trafic jam. (source: Boston Globe, 10/31/2004; Daily Free Press, 10/29/2004)


On the plus side, the next time he does overhead bridge work Willard Mitt won't need a crane.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Romney is a Blogger

Hot! Damn! "Elect Willard Mitt in 2008!" They even attach a little flag to each post! So they've got to be great Americans!

Oddly, Willard Mitt's latest cheering section appears to come out of Kentucky. Setting to rest once and for all the argument whether or not eating squirrel meat is bad for one's reasoning skills.

The Blue Grass State must be very proud of the way the Fraud Governor has soaked up acclaim in the wake of the New Orleans Flood!

Guess they haven't heard of the great town of Peabody!

Or how Fraudo vetoed flood control monies for that once water-logged city!


To para-phrase another whiz-kid, "Fraudo, you're doing a heck of a job".


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