Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Exit Ramp
with apologies to C. C. Moore

T'was the last day in office and all through the place
loyal Willard Mitt minions stared off into space.
The future that once they thought looked so darn bright
was now dimmer than dark Guatamalian night.
The leader they'd held in such proud veneraton
seemed now more consumed with his hair coloration.
His stance on abortion was firm as loose sand.
His civil support made his gay bond ban bland.
(Sure he smited the gay with direct enfilade,
but in '02 he'd helped Pink the Gay Pride Parade.)
His circle of friends and acquaintences fell
as he cozied to consorts like Jerry Falwell.

Ah well, they reasoned, all runs must soon end.
Weld, Cellucci and Swift did not Romney portend.
So they knowingly nodded as they heard him soft wheeze,
"adiĆ³s Massachusetts. Hola retiro. Aw Geez."


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