Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Wish List

If I wasn't such a fraud I'd have to admit to feeling like a fraud. Not a word to any of you in several dozen weeks. Then with Christmas just around the corner ... I skulk back into your dreary lives. It's almost as if I'm stopping by only to remind you that it's time for you to buy me your Christmas gift.

But that would be presumptuous of me. For all I know, you're not even a Christian. At least not yet! Ho ho ho.

So let's call a spade a shovel and call 'em what they are: Holiday Gifts. For me!

But enough about me. Lets talk about you. It's time for you to buy me one last Christmas present while I'm still in the public eye.

Thank you for helping me stay out of Massachusetts. At least for a few more months.

Happy holidays. And thanks for all that you do for me.


Willard Mitt
(former) Fraud Governor

This way to my Wish List ------>My Amazon.com Wish List


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