Monday, March 31, 2003
The Globe reported today that Romney is trying to declassify a large number of state employees from union positions. Romney is seemingly taking revenge on the unions who supported Shannon O'Brien during the campaign. (Police unions, which supported the Fraud Governor, are being rewarded with a fully-funded Quinn Bill.)

What the Globe failed to report, however, is that Romney's reclassification move will only hurt his people. Most non-union supervisors in State government today are Dukakis hold-overs. Romney could arbitrarily whack them all right now if he wanted to.

Most of the union supervisors that Romney wants to de-classify, however, are Republicans who were hired by Weld, Cellucci or Swift. If Romney wants to take these jobs out of the union and fill them with his own people I say 'go right ahead.' When the Fraud Governor leaves office, his hack hires will be that much easier to whack.


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