Wednesday, March 31, 2004
G-Oh Canada

According to the Mass Biotech Council, the biotech industry is concerned about legislation that would allow the importation of cheaper drugs from Canada (source: Boston Globe, 3/20/2004) imports that would undercut drugs made in Massachusetts, and possible cost the industry jobs.

So what is Willard Mitt doing to strengthen the biotech industry and save jobs?

Well, last October, after AG Tom Reilly called on the US Food and Drug Administration to set up secure channels for Americans to get discount medicine from Canada an aide to Romney?s $150,000-a-year loathsome spokesman said the administration was studying the prescription drug issue but had taken no position. (source: Boston Globe, 10/14/2003)

And recently, when a legislative panel gave preliminary approval to a bill allowing Canadian drugs to be imported to Massachusetts, the self-same aide said Willard Mitt had not seen the latest bill and had no comment. (source: Boston Globe, 3/18/2004)

Meanwhile, Scott Sarazen, who is Romney's 'life-science development official' (is that a civil service designation?) admits that Massachusetts has "historically been complacent" about the biotech industry, but claims the state is trying to do better. (source: Christian Science Monitor, 12/26/2003)

Yet when it comes to one of the most important bills to ever face the biotech industry, Willard Mitt has not taken a position, and has no comment.

Who knew the Fraud Governor was such a stickler for historical precedent.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Fast Talker, Faster Walker

At the end of the day, Willard Mitt played his favorite card: the joker.

Just after the General Court voted 105-92 to ban same-sex marriage while recognizing civil unions, Romney made a public statement proclaiming that he would seek a stay of the SJC decision that sanctioned gay marriage. (source: Boston Globe, 3/30/2004)

(Explainer: the Executive Branch can only seek a stay with the cooperation of the attorney general.)

And then Romney split. Without taking questions. And before anyone could ask, "er, (fraud) Governor. Will Attorney General Tom Reilly work with you to stay the decision?"

Because it turns out that Reilly had already told the Fraud Governor that he (Reilly) did not support a stay, and was now prepared to implement the law "in a very dignified and respectful manner" despite his personal objection to the law. (source: SHNS, 3/29/2004)

Wait a minute. Reilly told Romney he (Reilly) would not help him (Romney) file a stay, yet Romney claimed he (Romney) would work to file a stay through Reilly (him)? Even though he (Romney) knew he (Reilly) would not help him (Romney) help himself (himself)?

Of course, Romney would most likely parse that as his "official" motion had not yet been delivered to Reilly. As such, Reilly could not very well make an "official" ruling. Ergo, his public statement as to his pending challenge was as legitimate as anything other official action he has taken since becoming Fraud Governor.

Our thoughts exactly.

Ice Cold

James B. "Jay" Moccia has gone big time. Moccia, a local police officer, has lent his voice to a Romney/Bush radio ad that whacks John Kerry for raising taxes.

"The last thing I need is another Kerry tax increase," Moccia says in the ad. (source: Associated Press, 3/29/2004)

When he is not growing his Group IV public pension, or chasing a Quinn Bill raise, or working a legally mandated traffic detail, Moccia helps out with the
Hyde Park Youth Hockey League
, which plays its games at the taxpayer subsidized Bajko Rink.

Sounds like Moccia needs more than just one tax increase to continue the lifestyle to which he has grown accustomed. Maybe the radio ad is just his way of being independent.

Monday, March 29, 2004
Expanding Problem Calls For Dwindling Solution

Willard Mitt has seemingly decided to indicate that he'll try to propose a suggested plan to possibly create jobs. Maybe.

To prove it, he last week announced a new "jobs initiative" to "stimulate the economy and spur job growth." (source: office of (fraud) gov, "Romney announces new anti-outsourcing initiative," 3/22/2004)

Romney wants to:

-recapitalize "the dwindling Economic Stabilization Trust" to provide loans next year to Massachusetts companies;

-use $11 million from the Workforce Training Fund to provide grants to companies that hire workers who have been out of work for at least a year; and,

-direct $10 million from the Emerging Technology Fund into a new Insourcing Initiative to provide grants to companies who create 250 or more jobs in Massachusetts.

Personally, we think it's hep that Willard Mitt is basing a large part of his job stimulation plan on the "dwindling Economic Stabilization Trust." Hey, any boob can use hard and fast resources to put a plan into the proposal stage. It takes guts to base an economic stimulus plan on a dwindling resource.

But we digress, because that's not our biggest problem with this tentative proposal.

As described by the Fraud Governor, the Economic Stabilization Trust grants would not create any jobs until ... next year (2005 to you and we.) Which means that the Hynes Convention Center could displace the Enchanted Village before this proposal creates one measley job.

Plus, if Romney's proposed $2,000 Workforce Training Grants get spread around to the maximum number of companies in the Commonwealth, fewer jobs will be created by the $11,000,000 than were lost in February alone.

But wait. It gets better.

Because the Fraud Governor also wants to tap the Emerging Technology Fund for $10 million. The very same Emerging Technology Fund from which he vetoed $12.5 million late last year! (source: Boston Herald, 11/27/2003)

The good news: gay marriage is back and unemployment is off the front page!

Outsourcing (and out-censoring) 101-A

[The-name-was-censored?-What-censor?] has a champion.

On Friday, we wrote that [You-know-her-you-love-her-you-just-can't-remember-her-name] (R-Nahant) is running for a Massachusetts State Senate seat, yet using an out-of-state company "for internet services" - i.e. to process campaign contributions. (see RiaF, 3/26/2004)

Shortly thereafter we received a note from [Enter-Ole-What's-Her-Name's-Name-Here]'s champion who wrote that the campaign site was actually "done" by Compass Rose Web Solutions, a local company.

Groovy. So why does [yep-here-too]’s site link to a Nevada company to process campaign contributions?

"(Compass Rose) has been doing business with Hosttrack.com for over 5 years."

Which means Hostrack.com is or is not from Nevada?

"There is no competitively priced wholesale hosting available on Cape Cod."

Which means, we presume, that while wholesale hosting is available on the Cape, [Lady-Nameless] simply prefers to shop elsewhere.

Thank you for proving our point about the power of shopping local.

By the way, Compass Rose has created websites for several other candidates to the General Court. [Name-Removed-By-A-Whacky-Virus]’s site, however, is the only one that outsources work to an out-of-state firm.

Thanks for writing.

Friday, March 26, 2004
Outsourcing 101

Think that outsourcing will not be a hot political issue this year? Then you haven't been watching the off-Caper (R-Nahant) who is running for the state Senate seat from the Cape and Islands currently held by Robert O'Leary.

(Un caballo camina en una barra y el camarero dice, "hey, manera la cara larga?" Usted sabe lo que dicen: si usted desea conseguir algo hecho, pregunte a hombre ocupado. Pero si usted realmente desea conseguir algo hecho, pregunte a Joe Ganley. Él no lo hará, sino que él sabrá por lo menos quién para llamar. Usted ha sido una audiencia maravillosa. ¡Gracias por venir!)

What's-Her-Name, who muscled long-time Republican Lou Gonzaga out of the Republican Party, recently moved to the Cape and has been called a candidate of convenience and a carpet-bagger. ("She's a candidate of convenience and a carpet-bagger." There it is. Happy?)

If you can believe her web-site, She-Who-Shall-No-Longer-Be-Named-Now-That-Big-Joe-Weighed-In attended business school so she could learn how to "improve economic opportunities for families."

Guess she skipped those classes on the power of "shopping local."

Because while she is running for a seat in the Massachusetts Senate, You-Know-Who is contracting for internet services with Hostrack.net, a company that is based in Nevada.

Gee, wonder if there are any good internet service companies on the Cape?

So far, Steal-This-Name-Now has had precious little to say about outsourcing.

We're guessing she'll be making a statement in the near future.

Bush Slams Romney Gas Tax

Last night, at a Boston-based fund-raiser, George W slammed Willard Mitt who last year proposed an increase in the gas tax. (source: Boston Herald, 3/26/2004; Boston Herald, 4/11/2003; RiaF, 4/13/2003)

"He wanted you to pay extra money at the pump and he wouldn't even throw in a free car wash,'' Bush said.

The Fraud Governor had no response.

Adam Reilly

Those who think that Scott Brown's election portends a new era in Massachusetts politics should read Adam Reilly's take on the race in last week's Phoenix.

We think the race to succeed Dave Magnani (D-Framingham) will be a better gauge of public sentiment.

However, even Reilly forgets that Massachusetts is one of the most Republican states in the history of the Union as only two other states have had more Republican governors.

Which means the headline may have read: "Scott Brown won," but the sub-head should have read: "Scott Brown almost lost!"

Thursday, March 25, 2004
Walking Small

Remember that commercial that came on between the Banana Splits and Dark Shadows? The one where the guy in the convertible pulls up next to the young woman, whips out his Mister Microphone and says, "Hey, good looking! We’ll be back to pick you up later!"

Did you ever wonder what became of him?

We think he’s working for Team Reform.

Because yesterday, we read an astounding story about how Jay Garrity, who advances events for Willard Mitt, was (allegedly) cited for having a car that was decked out with red and blue flashing lights, a siren, a PA system, strobe lights, and tinted windows. (source: Boston Globe, 3/24/2004; Boston Herald, 3/24/2004))

The Fraud Governor’s advance man is a Fraud Cop - a Frop!

Just what type of advances was this Frop making? And why would an advance man need flashing lights and a PA system?

An aide to Romney’s $150,000-a-year loathsome spokesman said that the Frop formerly worked for the federal government. So does our mailman.

She was quick to note, however, that Garrity "never used the equipment in Massachusetts."

Yeah? And she knows this how? And if not in Massachusetts, where did Garrity use the equipment? To zip between the Fraud Governor's New Hampshire lakeside manor and the motorcycle races in Loudon? Does Garrity have a WOW sticker on the back of his car?

One last question: did Garrity ever use the equipment when Willard Mitt was in the car?

One last last question: is the Fraud Governor willing to release an entire list of the trips he took in Garrity's car?

Oh yeah, and also (another last last question) would someone please explain why the Frop had a State Police "Official Business" patch, and a billy club emblazoned with the seal of Connecticut?

Or does Garrity need it for a night job?

Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Cutting Remarks

A couple of hundred years ago, if you didn’t appear to age you were typically called a vampire, or dead.

Today you’re more likely to be called Willard Mitt.

Now we’re not generally inclined to look into dark closets, but after Team Reform threw their Karl Rove-copywritten BoTox brickbats at John Kerry, we decided to take a second look at the Fraud Governor.

Have you ever stood really close to the man? And not 'how-ya-doin' close, but 'brush the salt off your tie, there, Fraudo' close. Because if you do, you'll notice he has tiny little scars around his face.

To be fair, we admit that Romney could have been wounded while bravely defending the patisseries of Paris during the Vietnam War.

However, some have suggested that perhaps, just perhaps, the Fraud Governor is boasting a fraud face.

We already know he colors his hair; he's already admitted to using Grecian Formula. (source: Worcester T&G, 3/29/2002) Although to Willard Mitt’s way of parsing, he’d probably claim he does not 'color' his hair as Grecian Formula is clear.

But what about surgery? Has Romney tucked his chin? Repositioned his ears? Shaped his nose?

Or is he just naturally preserved?

Only his stratum basale knows for sure.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004
In "W" We (Maybe Shoulda Mighta Hada Bita) Trust

Call us silly, but we think "W" was trying to tell us something.

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, George W came to Massachusetts and said "You need somebody who knows what they are talking about when it comes to making sure that people in this important state find work." (source: Boston Herald, 10/5/2002)

Silly us. All we had to do was listen.

First, Willard Mitt said we could grow jobs if only we fixed the housing problem. "New Hampshire is creating jobs at twice the rate as Massachusetts, largely because housing is affordable there," Romney said. (source: Cape Cod Times, 8/3/2002)

Then it was traffic congestion. (source: Worcester T&G, 10/10/2002)

Then taxes. (source: Boston Globe, 10/17/2002)

Then unemployment insurance. (source: Boston Globe, 3/19/2004)

Now, of course, it's outsourcing. (source: Boston Globe, 3/23/2004)

But hey, why quibble with details. Willard Mitt obviously had all the answers. Let's flip all the cards and find out how many jobs he's created since becoming Fraud Governor.

(You should read the next paragraph in a very busy, weaseley, self-important mutter. Pretend Pat Whitley is speaking to you.)

In January 2003, 2,789,000 people were employed in Massachusetts. And as of December 31, 2003, 2,758,300 people employed in Massachusetts. (source: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, New England Economic Indicators, February 2004) Which means that Willard Mitt has created ... minus 30,700 jobs.

Uh-oh. That's not good. We wonder, if Romney were a salesman for say ... Stage Stores, what type of commission do you think he'd earn for losing 30,700 units?

But there we go again, focusing on the negative.

So to be fair, rather than looking at what Romney has lost, let's look at what he's created.

In January 2003, 180,300 people were listed as unemployed in Massachusetts. Twelve months later, 195,700 were listed as unemployed. (source: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, New England Economic Indicators, February 2004)

Which means Romney has created 15,400 unemployed people.

See? George W was trying to tell us something. We needed somebody who knew what they were talking about when it came to making sure that people in Massachusetts found work.

Unfortunately, we listened to Romney!

Monday, March 22, 2004
Funny Money

Lightweight LG Sherry Kerry Healey joked at the St. Patrick's Day Breakfast that at this year's Democratic National Convention, "N-Star will be organizing a dog-walking clinic - sure to be more electrifying than Kerry's anticipated acceptance speech." (source: WLVI-TV)


Last year, N-Star gave Romney-Healey Inc $9,475. (source: OCPF) Fully $5,725 was raised at a 'time' for the Fraud Governor in May; the balance for Healey in September.

We've heard that invitations to another "private event" featuring the Fraud Governor will be sent to Tom May and company sometime in late April. Do you think the invite will mention Sherry Kerry?


Ghost Writer

Last week we published a broadside listing reasons why the Fraud Governor should give Public Safety Secretary Ed 'Easy-on-Crime' Flynn a raise. Reason 7 read:

"PSComm used Flynn's influence to obtain another no-bid contract from the MBTA for $115,675 and parlayed that into still another no-bid contract with the MBTA for an additional $18,767. (Boston Globe, February 10, 2004)"

The next day, the MBTA watch-dog Bad Transit sent the following to the Rat Line:

"Your readers may not know it, but the $18,767 went into the writing of the Fraud MBTA Police Chief Joseph Carter's 'Plan of Action for the MBTA Police.' It was widely held that Carter wrote it and when he delivered it, leather-bound, to the media last July, it was proclaimed as such.

"It wasn't his work, but that of PSC Comm, and the cost was $18,767.

"The 'Plan of Action' took 6 months to draft, and nearly ZERO of it has been implimented. One of the core components of the plan was to install T Police at certain outlying district areas. They would be dispatched from these locations and work within a specific 'sector.' One of the 'sectors' has been host to a wild shooting (1 dead 2 injured) last November, and the recent stabbing death of a 15 year old.

"In response, the T wheeled in an old rented trailer and plopped it at the Dudley T station with the intent of using it as their 'substation'."

There you have it. MBTA Police Chief Joseph Carter, the Mike Barnicle of Team Reform.

When Carter was sworn in back in February 2003 he told the Fraud Governor, "I greatly value the opportunity that you have provided me, and assure you that you have made the right choice." (source: Boston Globe, 2/9/2003)

Wonder how much PSC Comm charged for that line.

Friday, March 19, 2004
Cruise Control Part Deux - The Sequel

We recently received a tip that the New Hampshire-plated car purportedly receiving a State Police escort on Route 2 near Belmont earlier this month (see RiaF, 3/16/2004) may not have contained the Fraud Governor after all as Willard Mitt was said to be "in his office at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday, March 11." (source: Rat Line)

(Which begs the answer (see Cheese Factory 'Beggar's Choice'): who was in that New Hampshire-plated car purportedly receiving a State Police escort on Route 2 near Belmont? If it wasn't the Fraud Governor, why would they need a State Police escort? Unless it was someone Tagg-ing along with a Dignitary; perhaps (gasp) the Prime Minister of New Hampshire?)

The tipster suggested that rather than containing the Fraud Governor himself, the memorable motorcade may have been ferrying Romney's "doppelganger."

Probably the self-same imposter who said he wouldn't submarine the Democratic National Convention.

Quote of the Week

A lackey to the US Park Department today is quoted as saying that Massachusetts historic sites may have to be shuttered during up-coming tourism months. "We're all going to have to scale back. We're all going to have to tighten our belts," Boston National Historical Park public affairs officer Sean Hennessey told a local reporter. ''Inflation is obliviously killing us." (source: Boston Globe, 3/19/2004)

Among other things.

Thursday, March 18, 2004
Break from Convention

Willard Mitt wants to move the Democratic National Convention from the FleetCenter to the (unfinished) Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Say, do you think this has anything to do with the Bain Capital Celtics' inability to get Jeremy Jacobs to let them reap any of the concession monies during home basketball games?

We don’t either.

We think Romney meant it when he said "I would not want to do anything that detracts from a highly successful convention. I won't be pulling any dirty tricks or shutting the water off. I want people around the country to recognize this is a great place to hold a convention, and we will be gracious hosts." (source: Boston Globe, 11/4/2003)

Which is why we didn’t criticize Willard Mitt’s decision to break the MBTA’s pledge to provide up to $512,000 worth of bus service to conventioneers. (source: Boston Globe, 3/6/2004) After all, Romney promised not to turn off the water, not to keep the buses running.

By the same token, Team Reform has decided not to dismantle the elevated Green Line structure outside the Fleet Center in time for the Convention (source: Boston Globe, 2/28/2004) which some interpret as bad form. But not us. We think this is just Romney’s way of upholding his vow to not spend any taxpayer money on the showcase event.

To which we say, "Bully!"

So when Republican Willard Mitt says he wants to move the Democratic Convention from Jeremy Jacobs' FleetCenter to Gloria Larson’s (unfinished) Convention Center because of security concerns (source: Boston Herald, 3/17/2004) we believe him.

There’re just two things we don’t understand.

Remember last May when the Feds designated the Democratic Convention a National Special Security Event, and Romney said the designation would "ensure that Boston will have the best security plans available"? (source: Boston Globe, 5/13/2003)

Why didn’t the Fraud Governor use that occasion to suggest that the Convention be moved from the FleetCenter?

Remember last February when Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge came to Massachusetts to promise that his department would take "extraordinary measures" to provide the Convention "the same level of security we bring to inaugurals"? (source: Boston Globe, 2/12/2004)

Why didn’t the Fraud Governor use that occasion to suggest that the Convention be moved from the FleetCenter?

Remember last November when Romney said, "I do think people would recognize that I'm from the opposition party, and they'd expect me to be campaigning for the president. And I will of course indicate any weaknesses I find in the opposition”? (source: Boston Globe, 11/4/2003)

If you don’t, you will in July.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Poster Post

The following was found on a poster that was posted to a post on Beacon Hill earlier this month. No, we did not write it (other than the parenthetical additions.) Yes, we wish we had.

How Big A Pay Raise
Should (Fraud) Governor Romney
Give Public Safety Secretary Ed Flynn?

On December 18, 2003, Shawn Feddeman, the $85,000 press secretary to (Fraud) Governor Romney’s $150,000-a-year (loathsome spokesman) announced that $118,000-a-year Public Safety Secretary Edward Flynn would soon be receiving a raise in pay from the governor. This was in addition to the $5,500 raise Flynn received a year ago.

Since taking office, (Fraud) Governor Romney has given a pay raise to every single one of the 2,700 managers who work for him. He has given pay raises of as much as $50,000 to members of his own staff (e.g. (loathsome spokesman)). Not a single one of the state’s unionized plumbers, state police finger print technicians, attorneys, hearing officers, accountants, electricians, programmers, economists or tax fraud investigators has received a raise from the Romney administration. The same is true of thousands of employees performing vital and valuable public services.

Why is it that Secretary Flynn will receive his second pay raise when so many thousands of others have received nothing but layoff notices or increased health insurance bills? Perhaps it will be based on the fine job Secretary Flynn has done this year.

For more than a year, Secretary of Public Safety Edward Flynn has presided over an organization beset with scandal. Lost body parts in the Medical Examiner’s Office...cronyism and possible corruption in the granting of licenses...insider dealing in the awarding of contracts and grants, including possible wrongdoing by Flynn himself...retaliation against whistleblowers...allegations of inmate abuse surrounding a highly-publicized murder in a state prison. Rarely a week goes by without some new scandal being reported. Although Flynn knew about most of these problems, he took no action until the Boston media exposed them.

While we believe that (Fraud) Governor Romney should be thinking about firing Secretary Flynn instead of giving him a raise, we do want to give him a fair shake. As a labor union, we admit to a strong bias in favor of pay raises over firings.

In that spirit, we offer the top ten things (Fraud) Governor Romney should consider when deciding how big a raise to give to Ed Flynn:

Reason # 10: Before he even took office, Flynn received a $5,500 raise over the salary paid to his predecessor. Flynn was the only employee within the entire Secretariat of Public Safety to receive such a raise. (Boston Herald, January 1, 2003)

Reason #9: One of Flynn’s first official acts was to grant a no-bid $200,000 contract to a firm (PSComm) with whom he had previous ties, and which was founded by Flynn’s "personal advisor." (Boston Globe, January 22, 2004)

Reason #8: Flynn ordered his staff to make payments on the contract even when they objected because of a lack of documentation that the services had been provided. (Boston Globe, December 23, 2003 and January 22, 2004)

Reason #7: A few months later, PSComm used Flynn’s influence to obtain another no-bid contract from the MBTA for $115,675 and parlayed that into still another no-bid contract with the MBTA for an additional $18,767. (Boston Globe, February 10, 2004)

Reason #6: When several career state employees reported their concerns about bid-rigging, financial irregularities, conflicts of interest and mismanagement to Flynn and his top aides last spring, Flynn took no action. (Boston Herald, Boston Globe, January 17, 2004)

Reason #5: Flynn and his team fired two employees of the Medical Examiner’s Office who had been among those who reported wrongdoing by their superiors to Flynn and his top aides. (Boston Herald, October 30, 2003, November 7, 2003, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, January 17, 2004)

Reason #4: The "independent" investigation team Flynn picked to investigate the murder of Father Geoghan consisted entirely of people that worked for Flynn or were serving as consultants to him. (Boston Herald, Boston Globe, various articles, October, November 2003)

Reason #3: After a full year on the job, Flynn had the gall to describe himself to the Boston Globe as having "initiated" investigations into alleged wrongdoing. He initiated those investigations only after his employees went directly to federal investigators, frustrated by his lack of action on their reports to him and his top aides. In that same interview, Flynn described himself as "the new kid on the block" in a weak attempt to explain why he had failed to act on these problems for a full year. (Boston Globe, December 23, 2003)

Reason #2: On January 13, 2004, Flynn defended leaving the Medical Examiner in his $128,000 a year post, even though Flynn says Medical Examiner Evans has "…reached the Peter Principle" in his ability to run the besieged office. (Boston Herald, January 17, 2004)

And the #1 thing (Fraud) Governor Romney should consider when deciding how big a raise to give Public Safety Secretary Ed Flynn ….

Flynn would probably really like to have the extra money to bid on that 60-inch, $17,000 plasma TV that has been in his office for over one year - or, better still, buy it on a no-bid basis!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Cruise Control, Part I

Remember the story last year that Willard Mitt was driving around in a vehicle with Utah license plates? And how Team Reform claimed while the vehicle was parked in Romney's garage at his Belmont home in 2002 because he just drove it back and forth to New Hampshire? (source: Boston Herald, 4/20/2003)

Well look at what came in to the Rat Line last week?

"I commute on Route 2 through Belmont... and yesterday (Thursday – March 11) at 2:45 p.m., galloping in a little late in his quest to "defend" marriage..., for what must be the sixth or seventh time - often mornings, sometimes at other times - traffic was stopped, very nearly causing several accidents, so that (the Fraud Governor) in a white Explorer WITH NH PLATES could get on Route 2 in Belmont and head towards Boston.

"This is a way to save money for the Commonwealth? With four Staties?

"Does His High Fraudness really need a police escort to go to and from work?"

Good questions all.

Here are three more questions: should the Fraud Governor of Massachusetts be commuting to work in a car with New Hampshire plates?

And is this why Romney has talked a good game but done nothing to lower the cost of auto insurance in Massachusetts?

And does Willard Mitt even pay auto insurance in Massachusetts?

Inquiring minds want to know.

(to be continued....)

Monday, March 15, 2004
Clear and Present Danger

In early February, the following letter-to-the-editor appeared in a Cape Cod newspaper:

"How much cash did Clear Channel Entertainment give to the taxpayers of Massachusetts for wrapping the front of the Massachusetts Statehouse with a "Go Pats!" sign Jan. 29? The bottom of the sign indicated it was sponsored by Clear Channel Entertainment, an outdoor billboard and media mogul. Was this just free advertising for a very emotional and acceptable issue as the New England Patriots?

"Is the Massachusetts Statehouse for rent or for sale to other organizations who have the cash? And why not?

"I'd like to know who authorized approval for this great new billboard outdoor sign. Was it the big-business-friendly Republican Gov. (Willard) Mitt Romney? Great idea, (Willard) Mitt! How much do we pay for our chance to have our issue cover the front of the Statehouse and get the same rights as Clear Channel Entertainment? How much for the U.S. Capitol building, or is that already rented to Halliburton Corp.?"

John J. Bangert
East Harwich
Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, MA)
February 9, 2004

To our knowledge, no one has yet answered Mr. Bangert's question.

Until today.

How much cash did Clear Channel Entertainment give to wrap the front of the State House? Looks like $5,000.00.

Talk about indecency in the media!

Friday, March 12, 2004
Equal, if not Better

Boston Globe
Gays Split in Governor Race - Both Weld and Roosevelt are laying claims for support
by Don Aucoin, 10/17/1994

... there are bipartisan signs that the gay community has arrived as a political force to be reckoned with in Massachusetts:

- Shortly after he won the GOP nomination to run against US Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, conservative businessman Mitt Romney -- who is viewed with suspicion by some gays -- wrote to the Log Cabin Club, a group of politically active gay Republicans, to assure them that "as we seek to establish full equality for America's gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent." The group has since endorsed Romney.

Bay Windows
Gay GOP touts Romney as good for the community
By Laura Kiritsy, 3/28/2002

Mitt Romney rode his wild success organizing this year's Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, all the way back to Massachusetts and right onto center stage as the Republican candidate for governor. But the Olympic gold dust has begun to settle -- Democrats have already taken aim at his inconsistent stance on abortion and criticized his positions on a host of other issues, from fixing the state's budget crisis to managing the Big Dig. And now that gay-friendly Governor Jane Swift has bowed out of the running, gay voters may also be wondering: Is Mitt good for gays?

Good enough, said several gay Republicans who spoke with Bay Windows, including Abner Mason, Swift's deputy chief of staff. "I am absolutely confident that as governor he would continue the commitment to gay equality that was started with [former Republican Governor William] Weld and continued with [former Republican Governor Paul] Cellucci and Swift," said Mason. "He will equal, if not better, the record of Weld, Cellucci and Swift." Mason recently met with Romney in his capacity as Swift's chief policy adviser, and said they discussed ``a wide range of policy issues including gay rights." He declined to disclose the details of that conversation.

Lt. Governor candidate Patrick Guerriero, Swift's gay former running mate, agreed that Romney would be appealing to gay voters. Guerriero noted that Romney did receive support from gay Republicans in his failed 1994 bid for U.S. Senate and currently has gay Republican Jon Spampinato, who actively worked to recruit Romney in the governor's race, on his campaign staff. "The reality is there's a difference between 1994 and now," Guerriero told Bay Windows. "The issues are much more talked about. All the candidates will be called upon to clearly state their positions on gay issues" and the next few months will be a defining period, said Guerriero. "I think you'll see that his policies and stands are going to be rooted in the party of Abraham Lincoln."

Romney got his first chance to prove himself when, just days after announcing his candidacy in the driveway of his Belmont home, it was revealed that his wife, son and daughter-in-law had signed a petition to put the anti-gay "Protection of Marriage" constitutional amendment on the statewide ballot in 2004. Romney campaign spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom told Bay Windows that the family members signed the amendment petition -- which would not only ban gay marriage, but all legal protections for same-sex couples in Massachusetts -- without realizing how restrictive the amendment actually is. "They read the bold print," said Fehrnstrom. "They did not read the fine print."

Romney was unaware his family members had signed the amendment petition, said Fehrnstrom, and he does not support the "Protection of Marriage" amendment. "He is opposed to gay marriage, but in the case of the 'defense of marriage' amendment Mitt believes it goes too far in that it would outlaw domestic partnership for non-traditional couples. That is something he is not prepared to accept." Asked whether Romney supported the domestic-partnership legislation -- which would provide health insurance benefits to the same-sex partners of state employees and give municipalities the choice to do the same -- currently pending before the state legislature's House Ways and Means Committee, Fehrnstrom said he was unsure. In the week since announcing his candidacy, he added, Romney has been involved in "an intense series of issues briefings" intended to bring him up to speed on issues currently facing Massachusetts citizens.

"I think it's very good that Mitt Romney came out and said he opposes the ballot initiative because it goes too far and is extreme," said Gary Daffin, co-chair of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, a non-partisan organization. But he also adds, "I think we have some more work to do with Mitt Romney" on gay issues.

While Romney's stance against gay marriage -- which is consistent with his position during his '94 senate campaign -- is typical of many political candidates of both major parties, Daffin may have a point. Romney has had to fend off accusations from his fellow members of the Mormon Church that he called gays "perverse" in 1993, and has repeatedly denied the charge. In 1994 he expressed support for "don't ask, don't tell," the U.S. military's ban on openly gay soldiers.

He did, however, pledge to support the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would ban job discrimination based on sexual orientation, and other civil rights protections for gays in the areas of housing and credit. He also promised to bring the initiatives begun in Massachusetts to protect gay and lesbian youth to the federal level.

But what struck the gay GOP during that campaign, according to Massachusetts Log Cabin Republicans (LCR), was Romney's accessibility to and comfort within the local gay community. Romney and his Republican primary opponent, John Lakian, attended an LCR-sponsored candidate's forum during the campaign, where they both competitively vied for the organization's endorsement -- which Romney eventually won. During the course of his campaign, LCR member and former president Mark Goshko told Bay Windows, Romney held several meetings with group members and at least two LCR members joined his staff. Though gay Republicans were by no means running Romney's campaign, "it was really a multi-level involvement," Goshko stated. "Our people were very involved officially and outside of [the campaign]." Given that past level of involvement, said Goshko, "I have no reason to think that things won't develop similarly this time." Goshko and LCR's current president Chris Ferguson, said they have spoken with Romney campaign advisers and are hoping to schedule a sit-down meeting in the coming weeks.

Romney has also come under suspicion for his Mormon beliefs, given the church's leadership on anti-gay efforts in the U.S., and its generally conservative reputation. His opponents have attempted to use his religion to paint him as conservative on social issues, a characterization both Fehrnstrom and Ferguson said is unfair. "There's a rush to characterize Mitt Romney as a right-wing social conservative. I don't think that's entirely fair," said Ferguson. "There may be a lot of reasons at the end of the day not to support him or not to like him, but he should have the opportunity to define for himself what his positions are and not to have people mischaracterize him," he said.

Thursday, March 11, 2004
Show Me The Money

Imagine someone came up to you and said, 'psst, can I have $100?' Would you give it to them?

How about $1,000?

You have to like someone a lot to give them $100, and an awful lot to give them $1,000, right?

So guess who liked Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry an awful lot?

Type Fehrnstrom "HERE".

And guess who really liked Matt Amorello?

Hey Janet Fogarty and Anne Hilbert: you wuz robbed.

With thanks to the Rat Line.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Neutral Zone Trap

Just when you thought it was safe to be a Republican in Massachusetts....

Last week, Polly Logan (Tory - Cohasset) beat back a challenge by Janet Fogarty (R-Cohasset) and Anne Hilbert (R-Weymouth) and won her seven-hundredth straight election to the Republican State Committee.

Logan received some late assistance from Lightweight LG Sherry Kerry Healey who recorded an auto-call message that was blasted to GOP faithful late in the campaign. (source: Boston Globe, 3/7/2004)

The only problem was … Willard Mitt and Healey promised Fogarty and Hilbert that they would remain neutral and not get involved in the race.

Neutral and not get involved? Sounds a bit like Romney’s promise to stay neutral and not get involved in the lieutenant governor’s way back in 'aught-aught-two.'

(Back then, Romney’s position was succinctly stated by his loathsome (now) $150,000-a-year spokesman who said “(Romney is) 100 percent focused on his own race for governor. He is neutral in the lieutenant governor's race.” (source: Cape Cod Times, 3/21/2002) Which, of course, led to one of our favorite equivocations, when, after flipping and deciding to endorse a candidate, Romney parsed, "I indicated that my plans were not to endorse either one of the candidates; I did not endorse either one of the candidates." (source: Boston Herald, 4/4/2002))

So Romney lied, and lent a hand to Polly Logan, after pledging not to lend a hand to Polly Logan. The question is, 'why did he hurt Fogarty and Hilbert?'

The answer is … follow the money.

Records indicate that in May 2002, Janet Fogarty and Anne Hilbert gave campaign contributions to … Gentleman Jim Rappaport. (source: OCPF)

Fogarty gave $100. Hilbert gave $25.

And they say politicians don't notice small donations.

After Rappapport lost his campaign to Healey, he did the adult thing and endorsed Team Reform, saying, "(Willard) Mitt is the type of leader who reaches across the political divide and will attract to his administration folks of all political stripes." (source: Boston Globe, 9/30/2002)

Provided, of course, they are not of your stripe, Jim.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Financial Flop Seeks Senate

Dr. [Uh-oh, here go those signal problems again] (R-Nahant) recently announced that she would be a candidate for the Robert O'Leary, (D-Barnstable) state Senate seat.

[Homonym to 'Anti-More'] joins Lou Gonzaga as challenging O’Leary.

(You may recall that Gonzaga, a long-time Republican activist from the Cape, had announced his campaign to run for the O'Leary seat in January. Inexplicably, Team Reform got [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh] to muscle Gonzaga out of the race. Gonzaga is now running as an Independent.

[Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh], who recently moved to the Cape after failing to win a spot in the White House Fellows program, stated in her 'hey look me over' press release that "from January, 2001 until January, 2003, she was Fund Manager of the $100 million Fidelity Select Food and Agriculture Portfolio."

Her release features Barnstable County Sheriff James Cummings gushing that "we could use a doctor on Beacon Hill, and having a doctor who is also a financial manager as our senator would give the Cape an extra edge in getting its fair share from the state." (source: [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh] for Senate Committee, “Cape Cod Republican Dr. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh] to run against O'Leary for state Senate,” 3/8/2004)

Do you really think so, Sheriff?

Because we checked out Dr. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh]’s performance as a fund manager, and found that not only was her overall track record bad, but that she still holds the Fidelity Select Food and Agriculture Fund's "worst quarter ever" record.

According to Fidelity, the Select Food and Agriculture portfolio lost -.46 percent in 2001, and lost another –6.67 pecent in 2002. However, the portfolio's worst single quarter return is listed as that ending September 30, 2002 when the fund lost –13.69 percent, and when Dr. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh] was fund manager. (source: fidelity.com)

Hey Sheriff Cummings, want to tell us again how Dr. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh]’s financial expertise will give Cape residents "an extra edge in getting its fair share from the state?"

We didn’t think so.

Monday, March 08, 2004
Mob Hit

What's in a name? More than you'd think, particularly to those who think Willard Mitt's reformers are just another Beacon Hill Gang running amok.

Mitt Romney is ... the Mannequin.

Eric Kriss is ... the Heartbreaker.

Kerry Healey is ... Baby Buns.

W Bush is ... The Hobo Clown.

Loathsome Spokesman is ... Cedar Teeth.

And Dom Ianno is ... we'll let you check that one yourself.

The Verdict Is In

The answer to whether Ben will live or die can be found by answering one last question:

"Is Ben a Fraud?"

Friday, March 05, 2004
Post-Pozen Re-Position

What a difference a resignation makes.

Under Robert Pozen, Team Reform proposed to create jobs with Fuji by leveraging tax credits – despite Willard Mitt's previous pledge not to leverage tax credits to create jobs. (see RiaF, 5/20/2003; Boston Globe, 5/9/2003)

Okay, so Romney lied about the not leveraging tax credits thing. But at least he created jobs. Okay, so the Fuji expansion created 90 jobs. In a state of over 6 million people. But at least he created jobs.

But now Pozen is out.

So how does Romney propose to create jobs post-Pozen?

He doesn't. He's instead restructured the argument from creating jobs, to not losing jobs.

In other words, he lowered the bar.

Two days ago, Willard Mitt pledged to stop the outflow of jobs from Massachusetts by lowering unemployment benefits. (source: Boston Globe, 3/3/2004)

Which, we assumed, meant Romney planned on not losing jobs by lowering employer costs.

His plan lasted one day.

Yesterday, Revenue Commissioner Alan LeBovidge admitted the Fraud Governor directed him to 'scour the tax code in search of provisions that can be tightened to bring in more money,' and that by scouring corporate loopholes, Team Reform can generate upwards of $95 million in new revenue. (source: SHNS, 3/3/2004; Boston Globe, 3/4/2004)

Wait a minute. Jobs were being "outsourced" from Massachusetts due to existing UI tax costs, so Romney proposes we increase corporate tax costs?

And this will create, er ... 'not lose' jobs how, please?

Did Robert Pozen quit, or was he eaten?

Oh yeah, and in case you are counting, it's only been seven weeks since the Fraud Governor stood before the citizens of the Commonwealth and said, "in case anybody has any other ideas: I will not raise taxes." (source: office of (fraud) gov, State of the State address, 1/15/2004; Worcester T&G, 1/16/2004)

"In case anybody has any other ideas: I will not raise taxes"?

In 2003, the Fraud Governor increased fee’s by $500 million and raised taxes (through code changes) by $128 million.

In 2004, Romney increased fees by $16.5 million, and is increasing taxes by $95 million. (source: Boston Globe, 3/4/2004)

Hey – how ‘bout this? If we admit that no one has any other ideas, do you think he’ll stop raising taxes, already?

Death Poll Continues

If you have already weighed in, thanks for voting – and for your kind words, or kind kicks to our teeth, whichever is appropriate.

And if you haven’t yet had your say, drop us a note. The polls will remain open until they close.

Thursday, March 04, 2004
Hidden Winners and Losers in L'Affair de Beefcake Brown


Sen. Jo Ann Sprague: now that Scott Brown has ascended to the Upper Chamber, Sprague can relinquish the lead shoe weights she's been forced to wear as "the lightest lawmaker."

Michael Alan Krupka, Chris Collins, Herb Collins, Mary Kirsch, Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz, and Betty and James Knott: they laundered upwards of $5,000 each through the Republican State Committee, and now have access to the freshman senator from Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex.

Howie Carr: look whose candidate finally won! Sources claim that Cap'n Conservative may have helped raise campaign cash for Beefcake Brown, and point to an awful lot of Wellesley-centric donations that came in to the Boy-Toy's coffers in early February. (source: OCPF) So now that Cheryl Jacques is out of office, what are you going to do, How? Other than chat about TV-Land and eat free ribs, of course.

Angus McQuilken: the former chief of staff to former Sen. Cheryl Jacques was viewed for a brief and shining moment as a legitimate player.

Beacon Hill Lobbyists: never again will they have to call Angus McQuilken "Chief," a nickname he gave himself that was almost as revolting as Willard Mitt's "Ike."

Finneran and Travaglini: the Speaker and the President always win. Always have, always will. Even when it looks like they've lost, they win. That's just the way it is. Get over it.


Michael Alan Krupka, Chris Collins, Herb Collins, Mary Kirsch, Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz, and Betty and James Knott: they laundered upwards of $5,000 each through the Republican State Committee (source: MA Money and Politics Project, 2/24/2004), and all they get for their money is access to the freshman senator from Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex. How ignoble! Worse, now that they have been publicly spotted as major donors to the RSC, they'll never get anything from Team Reform without incurring a charge of quid pro fraud. Great investment, guys.

Angus McQuilken: the former chief of staff to former Sen. Cheryl Jacques was viewed for a brief and shining moment as a legitimate player. Now he's just the former chief of staff to former Sen. Cheryl Jacques who lost to that former nude model. Worse, McQuilken is now predicting that Brown will be unbeatable come a November rematch, saying "The outcome (of a recount) is going to affect voters in this district for years to come." (source: Boston Globe, 3/4/2004) We hope he meant dog-years.

Sherry Kerry Healey: if Brown had lost, and Romney honored our offer of 3/2/2004, she would today be acting governor of the Commonwealth. Hey, we tried. The good news is the Lightweight LG now has more time to download MP3s from her favorite band, the Buzzcocks. (source: Boston Globe, 12/8/2003)

The Buzzcocks: the once hep-band now boasts fans like Lightweight LG Sherry Kerry Healey. We wonder if they will play their feel-good hit "Orgasm Addict" at Team Reform's next sock hop?

Howie Carr: look whose candidate finally won! A 'source' said that Cap'n Carr may have helped raise cash for Beefcake Brown. Looks like Bill Bulger was right when he said Carr was just an unregistered influence peddler.

Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman: he is now reduced to pretending that a Scott Brown victory is actually a noteworthy event. Sure sure. Now tell us, is that three-year salary average truly worth this humiliation?

Voters in the Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex district: Congratulations. Your state Senator is one of seven Republicans in a 40-member Senate. You have just disenfranchised yourselves from getting anything more important than a bridge-naming through the chamber. Looking for help from a sympathetic Legislature? Move to New Hampshire.

survey SAYS?

Yesterday, someone who should know better wrote, "Isn't it a great day! I was surprised to see your (sic) still writing . . . "

We presume he was referring less to our wooden prose than our bloviation that if Beefcake Brown won his election, we'd resign, put RiaF in cement shoes, and sink "Ben" to the bottom of Frog Pond.

To which we now say, "Poppymalechicken!" After all, who are we to say whether Ben should live or die?

If gay marriage, Clean Elections, bi-lingual ed and the legitimacy of a nude model are fodder for public decision-making, then so is RiaF.

So we'll leave it up to you.

If you think "Romney is a Fraud" and Ben should live, send us a note with "Let 'em live" in the subject line.

And if you think we should pull the plug on the little guttersnipe, send us a note with "Rot in hell you bastard you" in the subject line.

We'll post (unattributed) excerpts from your responses and the final results on Monday.

Operators are standing by.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Foolish Statements By Stupid People

Jon Keller – who used to be smart – this morning said that while the potential for a recall exists, Scott "Beefcake" Brown may have won his state Senate race because the voters are upset about service cuts. (source: WBZ-radio, 3/3/2004)

And Romney/Brown have nothing to do with service cuts, right Jon-o?

Sounds like Keller’s been spending too much time in Florida with Gary LaPierre. Hey Keller, start wearing a hat – the sun is baking your brain.

"The big picture is that we beat the machine," said Dominick Ianno, (junior strongman) of the Massachusetts Republican Party. "They threw everything at us but the kitchen sink, but Scott's reform message won, and the voters of Massachusetts won." (source: Metrowest Daily News, 3/3/2004)

Hey Ianno – you work for the (fraud) governor of the Commonwealth. You are the machine, you moron.

“Reform won," said (Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman.) "This shows what happens when independent voters cast the ballot for change."

What happens, lightweights get elected? Hey, he’s right!

Coming Tomorrow

Hidden winners and losers and ...

the end of Ben?

Tuesday, March 02, 2004
En Garde!

On the eve of his election for a state Senate seat, Scott 'Beefcake' Brown took a page from Team Reform’s campaign book and rented a sheep suit to embarrass his opponent. (source: Boston Herald, 2/28/2004) (You may recall that, in 2002, Willard Mitt had a reportedly misogynistic college student (source: Boston Herald, 6/30/2002) dress up like a chicken and a dinosaur to harass Democrat Shannon O’Brien’s campaign.)

Too bad Brown’s opponent didn’t respond in like fashion.

We can think of at least one mascot that could have suitably floated around Beefcake Brown’s campaign.

We'd suggest the mascot be used next time, but we don’t think that there will be a next time for Brown, because we have a feeling he is going down like a bad burrito.

The Romney Revolution is about to die its second of several dozen deaths. (The first was Matt Sisk, the alleged plagiarist from Braintree. (source: Boston Herald, 5/14/2003))

Why do we predict doom? Because, to our eyes, Romney is little more than a badly paginated press package, grounded in airy rhetoric and light-weight fluff like … Scott Brown.

So here’s what we propose: if Scott Brown wins, we will admit that we've over-stayed our welcome and resign. Romney is a Fraud will be outta here.

And if Scott Brown loses, Romney will admit that he is a fraud, and resign.

Call it simple, succinct seppuku.

And the Kerry Healey Era will begin.


Monday, March 01, 2004
1,200 - 53,000 = Uncompetitive Competitiveness

It was one of those “Willard Mitt knows best” statements the Fraud Governor is so fond of making.

“In the past, state government has had a poorly coordinated approach to identifying our strengths and weaknesses, and as a result, our public policy has been clumsy in terms of maximizing our overall growth potential.”

So what did Romney do to maximize the state’s overall growth potential? Why, create Regional Competitiveness Councils, of course, to ‘provide the information needed to boost regional growth and bring more jobs to the state.’ (source: office of (fraud) gov, “Romney targets job growth through regional councils,” 2/13/2003)

So how’d that work out you, Fraudo?

Well, not only did the Commonwealth not create 1,200 jobs in 2003, as the state’s Division of Unemployment Assistance had previously, (albeit erroneously) reported, but it actually lost 53,000 jobs. (source: Boston Globe, 12/21/03)

53,000 jobs. That's approximately the population of the city of Chicopee. Zounds. Take that you.

Okay, so Romney's Regional Competitiveness Councils have been a failure.

Thankfully, Romney has a fall-back plan to par the state’s unemployment rolls. He wants to shorten the time an out-of-work worker can stay on unemployment and reduce the pool of workers eligible for UI. (source: Boston Globe, 12/21/03)

Works for us. As we've always said, if you can't create a solution, redefine the problem!

And if that doesn't work, there's always a fall-back fall-back plan.

Blame gay marriage!


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