Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Fast Talker, Faster Walker

At the end of the day, Willard Mitt played his favorite card: the joker.

Just after the General Court voted 105-92 to ban same-sex marriage while recognizing civil unions, Romney made a public statement proclaiming that he would seek a stay of the SJC decision that sanctioned gay marriage. (source: Boston Globe, 3/30/2004)

(Explainer: the Executive Branch can only seek a stay with the cooperation of the attorney general.)

And then Romney split. Without taking questions. And before anyone could ask, "er, (fraud) Governor. Will Attorney General Tom Reilly work with you to stay the decision?"

Because it turns out that Reilly had already told the Fraud Governor that he (Reilly) did not support a stay, and was now prepared to implement the law "in a very dignified and respectful manner" despite his personal objection to the law. (source: SHNS, 3/29/2004)

Wait a minute. Reilly told Romney he (Reilly) would not help him (Romney) file a stay, yet Romney claimed he (Romney) would work to file a stay through Reilly (him)? Even though he (Romney) knew he (Reilly) would not help him (Romney) help himself (himself)?

Of course, Romney would most likely parse that as his "official" motion had not yet been delivered to Reilly. As such, Reilly could not very well make an "official" ruling. Ergo, his public statement as to his pending challenge was as legitimate as anything other official action he has taken since becoming Fraud Governor.

Our thoughts exactly.

Ice Cold

James B. "Jay" Moccia has gone big time. Moccia, a local police officer, has lent his voice to a Romney/Bush radio ad that whacks John Kerry for raising taxes.

"The last thing I need is another Kerry tax increase," Moccia says in the ad. (source: Associated Press, 3/29/2004)

When he is not growing his Group IV public pension, or chasing a Quinn Bill raise, or working a legally mandated traffic detail, Moccia helps out with the
Hyde Park Youth Hockey League
, which plays its games at the taxpayer subsidized Bajko Rink.

Sounds like Moccia needs more than just one tax increase to continue the lifestyle to which he has grown accustomed. Maybe the radio ad is just his way of being independent.


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