Monday, March 15, 2004
Clear and Present Danger

In early February, the following letter-to-the-editor appeared in a Cape Cod newspaper:

"How much cash did Clear Channel Entertainment give to the taxpayers of Massachusetts for wrapping the front of the Massachusetts Statehouse with a "Go Pats!" sign Jan. 29? The bottom of the sign indicated it was sponsored by Clear Channel Entertainment, an outdoor billboard and media mogul. Was this just free advertising for a very emotional and acceptable issue as the New England Patriots?

"Is the Massachusetts Statehouse for rent or for sale to other organizations who have the cash? And why not?

"I'd like to know who authorized approval for this great new billboard outdoor sign. Was it the big-business-friendly Republican Gov. (Willard) Mitt Romney? Great idea, (Willard) Mitt! How much do we pay for our chance to have our issue cover the front of the Statehouse and get the same rights as Clear Channel Entertainment? How much for the U.S. Capitol building, or is that already rented to Halliburton Corp.?"

John J. Bangert
East Harwich
Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, MA)
February 9, 2004

To our knowledge, no one has yet answered Mr. Bangert's question.

Until today.

How much cash did Clear Channel Entertainment give to wrap the front of the State House? Looks like $5,000.00.

Talk about indecency in the media!


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