Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Poster Post

The following was found on a poster that was posted to a post on Beacon Hill earlier this month. No, we did not write it (other than the parenthetical additions.) Yes, we wish we had.

How Big A Pay Raise
Should (Fraud) Governor Romney
Give Public Safety Secretary Ed Flynn?

On December 18, 2003, Shawn Feddeman, the $85,000 press secretary to (Fraud) Governor Romney’s $150,000-a-year (loathsome spokesman) announced that $118,000-a-year Public Safety Secretary Edward Flynn would soon be receiving a raise in pay from the governor. This was in addition to the $5,500 raise Flynn received a year ago.

Since taking office, (Fraud) Governor Romney has given a pay raise to every single one of the 2,700 managers who work for him. He has given pay raises of as much as $50,000 to members of his own staff (e.g. (loathsome spokesman)). Not a single one of the state’s unionized plumbers, state police finger print technicians, attorneys, hearing officers, accountants, electricians, programmers, economists or tax fraud investigators has received a raise from the Romney administration. The same is true of thousands of employees performing vital and valuable public services.

Why is it that Secretary Flynn will receive his second pay raise when so many thousands of others have received nothing but layoff notices or increased health insurance bills? Perhaps it will be based on the fine job Secretary Flynn has done this year.

For more than a year, Secretary of Public Safety Edward Flynn has presided over an organization beset with scandal. Lost body parts in the Medical Examiner’s Office...cronyism and possible corruption in the granting of licenses...insider dealing in the awarding of contracts and grants, including possible wrongdoing by Flynn himself...retaliation against whistleblowers...allegations of inmate abuse surrounding a highly-publicized murder in a state prison. Rarely a week goes by without some new scandal being reported. Although Flynn knew about most of these problems, he took no action until the Boston media exposed them.

While we believe that (Fraud) Governor Romney should be thinking about firing Secretary Flynn instead of giving him a raise, we do want to give him a fair shake. As a labor union, we admit to a strong bias in favor of pay raises over firings.

In that spirit, we offer the top ten things (Fraud) Governor Romney should consider when deciding how big a raise to give to Ed Flynn:

Reason # 10: Before he even took office, Flynn received a $5,500 raise over the salary paid to his predecessor. Flynn was the only employee within the entire Secretariat of Public Safety to receive such a raise. (Boston Herald, January 1, 2003)

Reason #9: One of Flynn’s first official acts was to grant a no-bid $200,000 contract to a firm (PSComm) with whom he had previous ties, and which was founded by Flynn’s "personal advisor." (Boston Globe, January 22, 2004)

Reason #8: Flynn ordered his staff to make payments on the contract even when they objected because of a lack of documentation that the services had been provided. (Boston Globe, December 23, 2003 and January 22, 2004)

Reason #7: A few months later, PSComm used Flynn’s influence to obtain another no-bid contract from the MBTA for $115,675 and parlayed that into still another no-bid contract with the MBTA for an additional $18,767. (Boston Globe, February 10, 2004)

Reason #6: When several career state employees reported their concerns about bid-rigging, financial irregularities, conflicts of interest and mismanagement to Flynn and his top aides last spring, Flynn took no action. (Boston Herald, Boston Globe, January 17, 2004)

Reason #5: Flynn and his team fired two employees of the Medical Examiner’s Office who had been among those who reported wrongdoing by their superiors to Flynn and his top aides. (Boston Herald, October 30, 2003, November 7, 2003, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, January 17, 2004)

Reason #4: The "independent" investigation team Flynn picked to investigate the murder of Father Geoghan consisted entirely of people that worked for Flynn or were serving as consultants to him. (Boston Herald, Boston Globe, various articles, October, November 2003)

Reason #3: After a full year on the job, Flynn had the gall to describe himself to the Boston Globe as having "initiated" investigations into alleged wrongdoing. He initiated those investigations only after his employees went directly to federal investigators, frustrated by his lack of action on their reports to him and his top aides. In that same interview, Flynn described himself as "the new kid on the block" in a weak attempt to explain why he had failed to act on these problems for a full year. (Boston Globe, December 23, 2003)

Reason #2: On January 13, 2004, Flynn defended leaving the Medical Examiner in his $128,000 a year post, even though Flynn says Medical Examiner Evans has "…reached the Peter Principle" in his ability to run the besieged office. (Boston Herald, January 17, 2004)

And the #1 thing (Fraud) Governor Romney should consider when deciding how big a raise to give Public Safety Secretary Ed Flynn ….

Flynn would probably really like to have the extra money to bid on that 60-inch, $17,000 plasma TV that has been in his office for over one year - or, better still, buy it on a no-bid basis!


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