Friday, March 26, 2004
Outsourcing 101

Think that outsourcing will not be a hot political issue this year? Then you haven't been watching the off-Caper (R-Nahant) who is running for the state Senate seat from the Cape and Islands currently held by Robert O'Leary.

(Un caballo camina en una barra y el camarero dice, "hey, manera la cara larga?" Usted sabe lo que dicen: si usted desea conseguir algo hecho, pregunte a hombre ocupado. Pero si usted realmente desea conseguir algo hecho, pregunte a Joe Ganley. Él no lo hará, sino que él sabrá por lo menos quién para llamar. Usted ha sido una audiencia maravillosa. ¡Gracias por venir!)

What's-Her-Name, who muscled long-time Republican Lou Gonzaga out of the Republican Party, recently moved to the Cape and has been called a candidate of convenience and a carpet-bagger. ("She's a candidate of convenience and a carpet-bagger." There it is. Happy?)

If you can believe her web-site, She-Who-Shall-No-Longer-Be-Named-Now-That-Big-Joe-Weighed-In attended business school so she could learn how to "improve economic opportunities for families."

Guess she skipped those classes on the power of "shopping local."

Because while she is running for a seat in the Massachusetts Senate, You-Know-Who is contracting for internet services with Hostrack.net, a company that is based in Nevada.

Gee, wonder if there are any good internet service companies on the Cape?

So far, Steal-This-Name-Now has had precious little to say about outsourcing.

We're guessing she'll be making a statement in the near future.

Bush Slams Romney Gas Tax

Last night, at a Boston-based fund-raiser, George W slammed Willard Mitt who last year proposed an increase in the gas tax. (source: Boston Herald, 3/26/2004; Boston Herald, 4/11/2003; RiaF, 4/13/2003)

"He wanted you to pay extra money at the pump and he wouldn't even throw in a free car wash,'' Bush said.

The Fraud Governor had no response.

Adam Reilly

Those who think that Scott Brown's election portends a new era in Massachusetts politics should read Adam Reilly's take on the race in last week's Phoenix.

We think the race to succeed Dave Magnani (D-Framingham) will be a better gauge of public sentiment.

However, even Reilly forgets that Massachusetts is one of the most Republican states in the history of the Union as only two other states have had more Republican governors.

Which means the headline may have read: "Scott Brown won," but the sub-head should have read: "Scott Brown almost lost!"


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