Thursday, March 18, 2004
Break from Convention

Willard Mitt wants to move the Democratic National Convention from the FleetCenter to the (unfinished) Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Say, do you think this has anything to do with the Bain Capital Celtics' inability to get Jeremy Jacobs to let them reap any of the concession monies during home basketball games?

We don’t either.

We think Romney meant it when he said "I would not want to do anything that detracts from a highly successful convention. I won't be pulling any dirty tricks or shutting the water off. I want people around the country to recognize this is a great place to hold a convention, and we will be gracious hosts." (source: Boston Globe, 11/4/2003)

Which is why we didn’t criticize Willard Mitt’s decision to break the MBTA’s pledge to provide up to $512,000 worth of bus service to conventioneers. (source: Boston Globe, 3/6/2004) After all, Romney promised not to turn off the water, not to keep the buses running.

By the same token, Team Reform has decided not to dismantle the elevated Green Line structure outside the Fleet Center in time for the Convention (source: Boston Globe, 2/28/2004) which some interpret as bad form. But not us. We think this is just Romney’s way of upholding his vow to not spend any taxpayer money on the showcase event.

To which we say, "Bully!"

So when Republican Willard Mitt says he wants to move the Democratic Convention from Jeremy Jacobs' FleetCenter to Gloria Larson’s (unfinished) Convention Center because of security concerns (source: Boston Herald, 3/17/2004) we believe him.

There’re just two things we don’t understand.

Remember last May when the Feds designated the Democratic Convention a National Special Security Event, and Romney said the designation would "ensure that Boston will have the best security plans available"? (source: Boston Globe, 5/13/2003)

Why didn’t the Fraud Governor use that occasion to suggest that the Convention be moved from the FleetCenter?

Remember last February when Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge came to Massachusetts to promise that his department would take "extraordinary measures" to provide the Convention "the same level of security we bring to inaugurals"? (source: Boston Globe, 2/12/2004)

Why didn’t the Fraud Governor use that occasion to suggest that the Convention be moved from the FleetCenter?

Remember last November when Romney said, "I do think people would recognize that I'm from the opposition party, and they'd expect me to be campaigning for the president. And I will of course indicate any weaknesses I find in the opposition”? (source: Boston Globe, 11/4/2003)

If you don’t, you will in July.


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